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hi my name is Michi owner of headlines by DeFranco salon Barbara's by DeFranco barbershop and posh collection today I'm going to be doing a tutorial on how to add extensions in a short haircut I'm going to use some blonde hair as well as some black hair to make it blend and then I'm going to taper her sides and back down a little bit shorter just sort of lay down nice and neat what I've already done as you can see is moded the hair down which I demonstrated in a previous tutorial on YouTube for hair molding I use the gel the white Pro necks or senac reps whatever you like to call it and then the black stocking cap this is to protect the hair from extreme glue and keep it from breakage you want to leave some of her natural hair out around the perimeter area where you'll be gluing because that helps kind of anchor the tracks down if you cover the entire top with the stocking cap and they sweat or anything like that then it can the entire thing can come off so you want to make sure you leave some of the perimeter off to make sure that it stays down nice and secure I'm going to be using some blonde hair mostly blonde hair and I'm going to go over the top with the black hair since her natural hair color is black we wanted to blend in and then I'm going to make sure our tape for her sides and back down nice and neat and what you want to do is make sure you leave some hair out around the edges because you always want it to look natural so that way she wants to kind of lift it up you won't see any tracks and then I left enough out on the side because we're going to use some of this hair to cover up the tracks that we're going to be sewing or I'm sorry that we're going to be gluing in I think I'm going to go ahead and actually taper her down first and after I taper her down then I'm going to go in and glue the tracks in but the order that you do it in is of your preference it doesn't matter you can glue the tracks and first and then taper or you can taper first when you're tapering hair down you always want to start off using like a larger guard just in case they have thin hair you don't want to cut too much off so you want to start off by just cutting a little bit at a time and then if you can possibly cut more off then go down to a smaller guard the guards and the Clippers allow a cleaner cut versus going through it and using the shears so if you haven't used the guards or the Clippers before I recommend that you start practicing with them because it will make your job of cutting so much faster and easier and I want her bottom a little lower so I'm going to go in with a smaller guard I'm just going to go in with my razor because I don't want to take any more off the top with the Clippers so I want it to kind of blend in so I'm just going to go in with my razor and just blend this in the Clippers will take too much off so the razor allows me just to go in and take off exactly what I need when you're using the razor you don't want to press hard you want to be gentle to avoid cutting any bald spots and the client hit we're just going to line her up okay now I'm going taper in our here and I left a little bit of fullness right here because once again this is the hair we're going to use to cover her tracks we're going for a nice thick swing bang so you want to make sure when you're putting your tracks in that you take them towards the front that'll give her a nice swoop in the front and we're just going to continue land the tracks the same way and put them really close together sort of be nice and full now if her natural hair was blonde the same color as the lead I would use white glue but since we're going on top of it with black hair it really doesn't matter which color glue you choose to use okay so now we have all the tracks glued in and I'm just going to comb that over to cover up her tracks and now I'm going to go in with the razor because that's what I like to use when I'm cutting my leaves I'm going to go in with the razor and shape it and then we're going to curl it and then we'll be all set I'm not quite sure what length I want it yet but it was going to kind of go in and freestyle it's like it's a lint that I like I think I want it a little bit past her ear okay so her cut is pretty much set I'm going to start styling her and if there's anything that I want to take off then I can take it off once I start fitting her girls I'm going to go in with the thinnest years and just take a little bit of this thickness out of here okay so I'm just going to smooth her natural hair out a little bit just to blend I like a soft lip so I don't really use like the smaller curls unless the client requests it okay so there you have it we're all set my clients quick weave is finished this is something that's quick easy and simple for a client who wants to transition from a short look to maybe a longer or medium length it's also good for clients who are trying to let their hair grow out and their natural hair may not be in a style you could just do a partial quick weave add a few tracks and give them a totally different look again my name is Michi you can follow me on IG at Mad About Michi you can go to my website I love posh collection.com to purchase any posh products we have lipsticks a for makeup line as well as hair products if you're a stylist because I noticed I have a lot of stylists that follow me or watch my YouTube videos you guys as soon as you're done what you need to do is create a Facebook page if you don't already have one IG page and any other social media pages if you are current hair stylist or you're inspiring to be a hair stylist the number one thing you want to do in this business is market yourself and right now social media is a free way to put your name out there and put your styles out there so anything that you see that I do on YouTube I need you guys to go to IG and if you try the hairstyle tag me at mad about Michi so I could take a look at it and give you your props thanks again for watching my channel


  1. I hate clippers in my hair… Besides shape up… Call me old school that's to be able to cut hair with shears… Lay it and slay it… That's what I'm used but can't find any more

  2. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Handsdown. Awesome hair style.. I just wish she would've used more blonde in the front with layers to bring a little more the hair out of her face… Just my opinion

  3. I want to become a cosmetologist one day 💕💇🏽‍♀️thanks for advice I’m only 14 ☺️

  4. Wow . you are awesome. Fantastic I need to find you. I'm white and you have blew us out of the water. I would want you to do my hair

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