hey guys I'm here with my wife Chelsea Morgan handsome and today we're gonna go over some qnet you guys asking for it so we are delivering it to finally and I'm super happy I feel good doing this I don't sell it I'm ready I think like so we first address like to address my name I hide away you know Frances these people are your stats yeah there's people like people like to know these things yeah so my name is hop foolish person I'm 30 years old and I weigh opportunity right now for the penny pounds I'm 60 my name is Hanson I am from Alberta Canada I am 29 years old I am 5 foot 2 inches tall yeah approximately 1 you got it guys do when I ski 5 minutes all right the first question is how did you meet I think that's a good person for you so we've answered this impacts but yeah so um where I was living in Canada there's a huge fire um so how Claire actually came up to the city that I was living in to raise money for the people who had lost their homes in the fire and their insurance wasn't covering the loss of their home at the time I was working in an office and an oil field base job and I was also working at Earl's serving three nights a week how I came in and with one leg and mm-hmm I was the Big Game of Thrones fan I actually read all the novels before the TV series thing so I asked him for a quick picture he was walking out the door and I ran up to him quickly and I said can I just get a quick picture and he said yeah sure smiling is very kind and he was like make sure to tell me you're so beautiful I said thank you and took a picture later that evening I posted it on my Instagram and I take a minute myself his name wrong which gave him the opening to slide into my dance and let me know next purchase what lifts does Chelsea be thorn all right I know one life lives actually one lived yeah that's what you call a girl yeah and it's actually quite embarrassing yeah can beat me in that hashtag access that when when I'm supposed to be one of the you know strongest people on earth for the Ewing you already saw we always thought of it like a man woman thing like maybe it was easier for women but then we had very wheels into place to come Larry was around her level and Chalisa was like 20 times less enchanting no and then we had Martine come and he actually was it was so funny he was very good at it so I don't think it's a mad woman thing I think it just has to do with me – your mobility flexibility yeah you know yes only cause I think that's the truth you know yeah that's basically the access that you can't beat me in the live favorite foods for me I really like something basics a little lot like good steak the good potatoes and some axles you know if I ever go to a very good steak house they get a very good steak and a good potatoes eventually with it you're not very happy but they were talking about some some cheat meals then I would have to go with pizza so I like to eat healthy and enjoy eating healthy and I'm really good at staying on schedule eating healthy but my pimples are bad it's junk food content cheeseburgers Pizza poutine which is a new thing yeah just like feta Stratus and cheese busy angry yeah just bad deep fried food that's my family for sure so the most embarrassing moment with her due to your size I don't think the same thing I don't think yeah well I can but yeah you know yeah you know that was like my way to call coverage you know like yeah okay but there were super children that they they fix the bathrooms like that an awkward though because we were like there was like people coming in and they were all speaking in Spanish and hmm and we were lucky actually the sweet we had to yeah that's probably the most embarrassing my video for sure sure sure yeah that's that coerced act so basically good yeah nice time we don't have family names one for example when meeting else we'll have kids see that our kids will take my name they will well they Canada they would take my son would be half of song and my daughter would be to star their father's first name with daughter or son and that's their last name yeah so women do not take their husband's last name they keep their last name yeah so that's basically it you know why she hasn't taken my name it would be really awkward if you would be like pretty much saying that I am the son of his father my chance anyways okay you know who is more romantic definitely rude who okay the last two times that somebody received flowers it was half they're receiving flowers for me you like you giving yeah yeah I mean oh isn't it romantic to have a coaching I did Kevin saw you know her pits I you know we do that we do that bag of them you know but I mean yeah you giving me a lot of flowers later you know that's two times actually there's no other things about you yeah yeah does your wife get annoyed sleeping next to your see pop okay so definitely not it is way worse the CPAP actually turns more into like like I don't know there's any basically to like become farm like a lullaby background noise it actually helps me to sleep yeah the snark is way worse yeah and I love the chibok because you know I sleep 10 times better if it's someone happy that you're not really so much more happy so it's a win-win situation here the CPAP is key to a good relationship yes right all right children I guess that's a question are you guys from the harbor children yeah yeah we are we do yeah yeah favorite lifts and why they work lifting why for me it isn't where you know well I like a lot of it but if I pick one fairly it would have to be ducted use a scissor lift it works on so many muscle groups that I really enjoy that flip I think like yeah that's that lift Tulsa busy house on you are so I I think the next next person this is not take this one here do you thinking beat I think it's good differential death vision do you think we beat the family of types of Records I definitely think it beat that record it obviously has like takes a lot of training and practice and then and your product preparation before big gifts like that happen perfect completely perfect you know our pools I had a good preparation for the album's on classic this year and I was actually aiming for whole show I solved just training for the decade of training to to win the whole show so it's not you know I couldn't focus completely on whatever I still was able to break the elephant world record through some very proud to have and I was so close to pulling the 501 I pulled it to her knees and that's was our suit I believe with the right preparation you know wearing a suits in training I just straining productive like I know that I'd give all here's the world record then know when he trained for it I believe that he only drinks with desert while he'd only competed that when it broke you know dinner I competed in a whole show so I think one thing what I'm ready to break that record I'm gonna actually prepare my song for Jim synthetic or even maybe next right here can bring it up because you know there at least this year to have that first event so that actually surprised you very fast on the floor if you think about it guys when we move like that with suits of way the risk of injuries are huge I was just super happy that didn't into myself and of course the weight went down because I'm moving while lifting there's no way I can finish that platino so considering everything else is very happy and to answer the question I won't talk you forever yes I think you can beat the fact that I'm trying drugs he's never there's one very good one that I remember Laura – do you wanna tell the guys about that I maybe we should news I'll just post it I will post this video of this prank on my in ceramics I'm coming like next week after this video pass okay Jimmy's going to check out this awesome prank that I don't have future goals future goals it's very simple with mean on my future goal is to be compatible person better strength of the hope of the church grows for affirming more you know half family you know children with with with you and yeah that's no big circles yeah like more people trying to be you know try to inspire other people to do good to battery-less person that's question I think should take this one here who to do more pull-ups and how many now we haven't actually you don't know me and I haven't gone against you so I like now challenge can't see Megan handsome talk to go pull chance against me do you observe I do doll yeah okay it's still down okay guys no cure on the gym and we're gonna do our pull up Chalmers and I think if like to be fair we will do rock-paper-scissors to find out who go first after three or or this one absence goddamnit that's not good all right are we allowed to use just those who are not useless can we move with us I've never I've never done I mean nah I mean can you move your legs I mean I way let's check your hummus away right now good day yeah 1 91 and a half was a busy told you guys were waiting on correct all right as well time pools closed Wow this rain is really kicking in right now I think rain came that's a five rubs for sure I mean let's let's call the referee here I'm going to close every Stelzner Pearson well you you watch my reps where they weren't even good with reps yours let's see what's not recess got every ring oh my god it's fine six rocks well done good that's good but I guess on the winner must heed pull up you know I'm love a little bit you know but nothing crazy I think I'll just relax by the bed slight dad guys please comment below and tell us your opinion on or who warned this thomas i just gave me the way but I want the people's opinions well anyways guys that's that's it thank you so much for watching make sure you subscribe and like and and de lesson thank you


  1. really enjoyed the video and you should do more like this. Have to agree that Kelsey may have one, she gets points for style and getting her chin above the bar. The two of you are amazing

  2. I'm saying the misses took the win ont the pullups… There was a lot more control lol… Anyway you both are well suitedπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š

  3. You guys are awesome! You both seem so genuine. Thor you are amazing! But I have to give the pull ups to your wife. She got her chin over the bar.. thanks for doing the Q& A

  4. Your chins 10 inches away from the bar Thor hahahahaπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ she got you on that 1 horse. Kelsey 6 Thor a generous 3.

  5. I think your good lady won the challenge big man(strict)πŸ˜‰ But hats off to you doing any kind of pull up at 190+. Nice seeing you two together

  6. You are such an inspiration for me, kind, care about other, good, hard worker, thanks you for sharing this part of your life. I love putin (the food)

  7. Kelsey won . Her form was much better , and Thor jumped his first pull up . Love you guys , you are an inspiration for all the fitness comunity .

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