Prom Dress Hem Up – Tutorial Video

Okay, I am working on a prom dress, it’s a separate. Here’s the top and here’s the skirt. The skirt is a little too long, so I had her put it on and marked and pinned to where she wants it. And I already marked it with the blue disappearing ink. Now, I just need to take the pins off and sew it. I marked this a quarter of an inch lower than it should be so I have an allowance for the hem. This would be just a rolled hem, but I don’t like to use the rolled hem foot. I just do it manually. Okay, almost there! It’s a full dress! Next is, I’m going to cut it off! Just cut it all the way around, and turn it over again and sew it. Almost there! See? Look how full this skirt! A lot of material there! It took me a while to cut it all around. There! It’s a lot of material!!! See that! Just goofing around!! I have a scarf! And then just turn it once more and sew…sew it on the edge. “Don’t sew your fingers!” my daughter said. And just sew it all the way around and then start with the lining. The lining…is we have to do the same. It’s been marked. Now, we’ll take the pins off… and do the same thing like what we did with the outer shell. So I pinned and marked the lining half an inch shorter than the outer shell. This has two layers of lining but, I won’t show everything so it’ll keep my video a little shorter. Just to give you an idea! Now, I’m going to cut this thing off, just like what I did earlier. Being careful not to cut my fingers off. Just keep cutting until you get to the other end. Just cut it all the way around! See how much I cut? Just enough to turn it over and then sew it like that. Here it is!!! All layers are hemmed. I got all three layers hemmed up. and that’s what it look like. I want to show you how it looks. Then after this I’m gonna iron it. And the third layer is right here. Okay!!! It took me an hour to hem all three layers. But there’s a lot of fabric here. Usually, it would take me… for a normal prom dress or
bridesmaids dress would only take me 30 minutes to do it. But it’s done! This is what the hem look like after I ironed it, or press it. Here it is!!! It look so good on her! It’s gorgeous! So she’s happy with the hem, look at the length. And this is Jiex, sharing the joy of sewing one stitch at a time!


  1. Boy your machine takes off with a quickness…lol
    that's for the video, I'm about to do the same with my daughters prom dress.

  2. Great job Jiex, I was a little nervous to try fine material but you showed how easy it can be done, thank you so much for showing easy way to fix hem on these formal dresses! Keep up good work! 👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻❤️️😍

  3. Thank you for sharing your techniques. Would you please make a video demonstrating how to find the new hems for each layer (lining and chiffon)? How do you decide what the length difference is for each of the layers? Thank you again! It is so kind of you to help those of us, like myself, with less experience. ☺☺☺

  4. Thank you! This is the easiest technique that I've seen ! I'm using it for my daughter bridesmaid dress thank you

  5. Thank you so much. I am ready to cut and sew my Granddaughters prom dress now. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. You seems like Filipino if I am not mistaken.. Your video is great ma'am.. Also for the people like me which is beginner who like sewing and making dress . this video is just for you. Godbless po and hope more videos about sewing comes

  7. Once pinned, would it be easier to press the hem to help with sewing the first stitch line? Thanks for sharing.

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