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let’s meet the latest addition to my sewing room why hello everyone and Jennifer Moore with the Sewing Report helping you discover your love of sewing we’re going to be unboxing this dress form I got off of amazon want to come along with me? I know you can barely see my trying to untape this box and see how to put this thing together so i got this dress form off of amazon it was about a hundred and fifty dollars and it’s fully pinnable comes with the rolling base and it’s fairly close to my size and measurements are 36 and a half for 27 in half and then I believe 37 waist or 37 hip and that’s really close to my size the only thing that’s not correct is the waistline i bought this is a bit of an aspirational weight loss waistline to motivate myself to drop a couple of inches to hopefully i’ll be able to do that and get down to that 27 and a half inch waist dress form actually have i’m pretty excited because I’ve been wanting a dress form for some time we’re gonna take everything out of the box number in a ditch the box here alright well yeah so we’ve got the shoulders we got the pole probably the base in it and then over here at the actual dress form part boy might be heavy me no instructions say okay unpack the metal base and install the four wheels into the base ok so this is the instructions that came with a little one sheet hopefully i can do this for myself here and the reason i wanted a dress form is just because I want to take my dress making and garment making to the next level it’s kind of hard to fit something and I want to try to do some drinking and whatnot it’s hard to actually really see the garment come to life one less stressful like if you don’t have a dress from the kind of lay it flat and then you can’t really see the shape of the government really how it’s going to look so hopefully this will help me and I will be honest with you in a few months down the road i’ll do an update video and let you know if I think this thing the money i looked at quite a few dress forms like the adjustable ones by dritz and singer and I’d also looked at the more expensive ones i didn’t really feel I needed the collapsible shoulders so that’s why i thought the magnetic shoulders would be fine and i really wanted I really did want a pinnable dress form because I would eventually like to maybe do some drinking and try to construct a garment or tight dress and I think the adjustable dress form it’s even been and to do that because you really can’t pin anything thing is this cast-iron okay I’m a little surprised the base of this is literally cast-iron I thought it was gonna be like plastic or metal know it’s like real like pan seasoned pan cast-iron wanna just go mark on it will to clean up later alright this is the first thing to do is put the wheels on doing a screwdriver hope not i don’t really want to get out of it ok alright think this thing is probably for don’t really know that’s like halfway up for something ok ok I’m sort of confused already okay so four wheels into the base ok wow seriously this base is like 10 to 15 pounds i don’t even know we’re going to put this I guess upside down here alright so i put this back into that styrofoam they try to search put the wheels on like that thank you doing I don’t even know right all right okay and just a heads up there does seem to be oil on that so just be careful not to yeah i’m probably get up to like wipe this down you know if I can really deal with this is working we’re going to come back in a few minutes okay after figure this out and we’re back and that was pretty embarrassing it took me a really long time to get the wheels on three of them on on relatively easy the fourth just did not want to go in so as i showed you the wheels all have like like a little bit on the end you’re supposed to put it into the base but real number four I don’t know what it was about the whole I kind of ended up having to twist it a bunch of times and then it’s sort of eventually was convinced to fit together but it took me awhile and it was been embarrassing so let’s move on it says insert the middle base then fastened tightly with the provided t-bolt okay so which one are you supposed to put in first ok i’m not really sure okay not really sure which one is supposed to go where ok i really have no idea i think they’re supposed to be where’s the button ok button supposed to go down at the bottom this supposed to go in here and think okay sure ok believe ok and then supposed to go in here ok so got this oh yeah I don’t really help so what’s going on here I think ok so i think that’s supposed to go in here I believe I you say the quality this item is better than expected the parts don’t feel cheap particularly not this cast iron base you can definitely use that as a weapon or something jeez you’re heavy ok dress for anything comes up like a little ribbon waist interesting alright more fabric there okay yeah about right for me except for except for the waistline but again as I mentioned this is this is an aspirational lease line so we’re gonna we’re gonna drop some pounds so i can match this stress form and I got a size 10 so there are quite a few sizes online and B and actually i’ll actually measure this to see if it actually does match the measurements that they told me okay so here’s the bottom all i have to do is put this on top of the pole like yes and here we are we could be twins right well let me take my tape measure and do the measurements just to see if the measurements on the packaging and the advertisements matched up with the actual measurements ok actually score alright this says the waistband is actually about 28 inches so yeah me 28-inch waist line let’s see what the bust is the bus was advertised as being 36 and a half ok and it is about thirty six and half so this ok so this is definitely this is definitely correct actually you know what the bust seems to be yeah about 36 and a half that’s about right see the hips the hips are supposed to be 37 and a half ok and that seems to be seems to be correct so the only measurement that didn’t seem to be totally accurate was the waist line but it sort of works in my favor because it’s bigger than what was on the chart so it’s sort of a plus so yeah this is my unboxing and first impressions of the size 10 dress form i got from amazon i will link to where you can find it below and I’m looking forward to stepping up my clothing game i’ll see you next time i’m jennifer moore for the sewing report


  1. Jennifer, this was so helpful. I'm wanting one of these for Christmas. This could not have come at a better time – thank you so much. This one looks to be just the one for me. I just hope I get the correct size. Thank you – you have the cutest personality and I really enjoy your channel.

  2. I'm catching up and this is very interesting. One of the reasons I haven't bought a commercial dress form is that I am Petite with Narrow Shoulders/Small frame. I always have to alter the shoulders and shorten everything on any pattern I make, save maybe for SBCC (Petite) and Lekala/Boostrap Fashion (custom sizing).

    Do you have standard shoulders? And, if so, does the dressform match your shoulder width? I'm also curious about the back length. Mine is 39cm and I don't really see this on Dritz forms and a few others. Would love to hear your comments on these measurements. TIA!

  3. Hi! Thanks for posting this video! Really helpful. Would you have time to let me know what the UNDER bust measurement is? That would be great if you could. Cheers!

  4. Hi
    Really enjoyed yr video THANK YOU
    I am fairly new to yr channel ….but will slowly but surely catch up with all of yr interesting topics.
    I was unwell and while being totally bored in bed found yr channel ….So thanks dear !
    Can u pls tell me where u got yr dress form from ? Could not find the link u spoke about . Sorry !
    Very pleased u r so passionate about dress making …. I too love it and after seeing yr videos decided to get out my sewing machine after 15 yrs ! All this tks to YOU !

  5. Hi! Have you had trouble getting garments on and off due to the shoulders not being collapsible? If you had it to do over again, would you spring for one with the collapsible shoulders or even the bottom cage? Thanks!

  6. Thank you for posting,
    I dont know what size dress form to buy,
    Im hoping you could help me. My measurements are B-35 1/2 ; W-27; H-38.

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