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hey guys welcome back to my youtube channel if you're new here my name is Marta or my DA if you can roll your R's but either way it's fine I don't know if you can tell but I dyed my hair pink with a temporary semi-permanent hair dye it's Cal Arista by L'Oreal it's this very soft pink I love it you'll be able to see it better in another video where my hair's down but today is my day v hair so I threw it up in a bun but it's still so shiny and healthy and I'm loving the pink hair everyone I know is dyeing their hair colors and I'm loving this pink look so yes my hair is pink anyway today I am so excited about today's video I am working with pretty little thing a brand that I have been dying dying to review for you guys I have shopped there before but not in this quantity let me show you I have so many things here you guys have been requesting that I review pretty little things since I do a lot of online clothing store reviews so it's perfect time for summer I'm doing a very summery clothing haul vacation like a little bit of festival like modge podge of denim you have denim we have animal prints I have body suits crop tops dresses things for all summer occasions so you guys have a wide variety of things to see I'll be sure to link everything below as well as my measurements and with that being said let's begin this trial on haul also if you're not subscribed already go ahead and subscribe my channel it's all about clothing hauls product reviews and travel vlogs so join the family I brought the smokey eye back today have not done a smokey eye in a very long time because it's usually a winter thing but I was feeling it today okay I don't know I like it anyway let's get busy all right by the way this dress is very old it's from American Eagle and I found it in the bottom of my closet I'm gonna do this one all right so this is fancy this I want it for like a work brunch because I do a lot of that with my job I do a lot of brunches a lot of events where we need to look nice oh so pretty little thing has these um singer my bobbers how am I supposed to put this on with that okay I'll just throw up a picture of what the model looks like in this because it's very hard to tell what it is right now it's basically a romper little jumpsuits thing with ruffles on it and so it's like fancy but summer fancy you know don't saying so I had issues with sizing I made sure I read the measurements and I picked the size that was my measurements but it was strange like I had to get a US size 8 when I'm not a US size 8 I'm a US size like 4 or 6 but they said 8 so we're gonna try it on and maybe on their site I'm just a size bigger so don't be alarmed if you are a size bigger on their site read the measurements okay let's try this on high fashion high fashion high fashion okay um yeah this fits perfectly it's a little loose but I like that I like that it's a little bit loose um the bum is a little loose and I think that's how it fit the model as well like not skin tight on the shorts area which I love this is so extra oh my gosh we have a lot of cleavage going on YouTube do not do you monetize me this is not intentional look at this I'm just a freaking piece of art that's what this bodysuit is it's a piece of art you walk in you walk in to end we're wearing this all the chatter stops everyone stops in their tracks Wow Wow Wow I didn't know where to put my hand there we go couldn't find my waist in all of this there it is I love this fabric here in the pattern and I love the color cuz it's like nude colors making me look tan Wow it had a zipper that went all the way up the back I wish the zipper was a little more subtle it's pretty obnoxious but I still like it you guys are gonna see a picture of me in this for sure love it I'm gonna try to pieces on together we have a skirts here so the fabric is stretchy so it's I can get see-through to a degree do you see that we it can get see-through so make sure you're not wearing any like lime green striped underwear with this but stretchy is key I was worried this is going to be more of a suit material which is not that stretchy but this is it stretchy and it has this jacket so again this now this I did want to be a fancy material it's stretchy it's not a fancy material it's kind of thin it's a very very thin and loose so hey get what you pay for you're not buying like a $200 thing this suit jacket was $22 you know $22 um has buttons has a little bit of buttons but why don't we try these on together I have a little white cami I can put with them and see guys oh my gosh I so wish I had this last weekend oh my gosh I so would have worn this for my work event this is very summery because this is super lightweight okay so what I did is I got the top in a six which I'm really glad that I did it fits perfectly but I got the skirt in an 8 okay and it's stretching fitting perfectly it is a little bit short so mine that's where you're going this isn't for the office this is for the office party not for the office so it does not button the buttons are a facade if so it does not button loving this silhouette winner I'm gonna be brave and try on some denim again with this site I had to get a different size than I normally do I got these jeans in an 8 but I'm normally not named I'm normally a 6 if they're super stretchy before but more so now at 6 so I hope these I'm so nervous I've never tried pretty little sake jeans I really don't venture out of jeans further than American Eagles so I'm very curious to see how these are gonna work they look like they're gonna fit pretty nice they are a little bit see-through so definitely wearing nude underwear with this I'm wearing black underwear so we'll see how that works but it has buttons it's very high rise and its flared I really wanted a pair of flared jeans everyone's been wearing them all summer and it's been killing me because I wanted some so now I have some do you pair with this I'm going to put on one of the shirts that I sell papers falling out everywhere so it's official it is officially a pretty little thing can you look at this cute little ruffled number okay let's see how this fits it looks a little loose but I'm not really sure no I got it in a six so I got this in a six I don't know we'll see if it fits the way that I want it to fit I can always tuck it into my white pants but it has a zipper down the back and the front it has a bow that you can tie and these sit kind of like right here I actually don't have a shirt like that that that neckline is very popular and I've been dying to try something like that so here we go let's try some flared jeans with a flirty now oh my gosh this is just darling and I've never called something darling before Wow okay so this keeps friggin falling off so I'm trying to like pull it down without getting too much cleavage but this is so cute I feel like it's like super like early but also a little sexy because we got a lot of clavicle a little cleavage moment so I love that but anyway the zipper fit perfectly so it fits perfectly around here and it flares out just like it's supposed to I think though I want to talk on it tuck what language that I just speak I think I want to tuck it into these pants and then we'll talk about the pants alright let's talk about the pants let me lower this so these pants are so comfortable so stretchy they went on like a glove like a frickin glove now are see-through so be warned do not wear black underwear like I am wearing you definitely want to wear a nude color I want to show you the pants awesome I love them I love them I love them I love them this is such a cute outfit too until I go out for brunch these are just such like summer buy it was such summer outfits perhaps s Abby just slammed its way into my window like bounced off it stunning oh my god I didn't even tie this um just ignore me for being stupid but there I tied it there we go I've not dyed this all time it looks cute regardless but okay I'm going to try something a little more so see we have a full effort of prints of course it stop stuck pretty little thing has so many things to let you know that it is pretty little thing that this is legitimate so if you ever order something from somewhere else and it's not on pretty little thing website and it doesn't have all these things on it you know it's not the real thing so order from the website people whoa what sides did I get this in okay I got this in a six why do these things look why is this look big I don't know I guess we'll just try it on have to see and you don't wear a bra with this so we're gonna see how the girls look in this top and this keeps falling so anyway this was a winner let's try this on with the white pants might as well right okay guys so jokes on me it fits perfectly uh-huh I tend to judge things and think they're too big until I put them on I'm like oh no that's me that's my size um so because it is a corset it's like has those lines its shapes you're really nice I'm gonna try to tuck it in but like and actually my chest doesn't look that bad I thought my boobs were gonna look like saggy because of the tech materials GameChanger game changer game set match wow I have so many going out outfits I need plans everybody message me on Instagram I need plans oh crap I need plans I need friends any plans it has stickies like all around the top so I feel pretty secure I don't feel like it's going to fall down and then the zipper in the back it was hard to put on I'll give it that it was hard to put on but once you put it on me oh my god it forces you to have good posture remember when everyone was using waist trainers and corsets I was one of everyone I was using it a lot to workout in it made me sweat so much more but it also makes you have better posture because when you hunched it like stabs you in the boob with the lining so you have to have good posture so I'm loving this with my smoky eye this is a good one okay so this is aware next I'm going to try out shorts so I've been loving the long shorts look I'm very happy it's in because I don't like what my thighs touch so this makes me very happy so I'm gonna actually do it two and one I'm gonna try these shorts on these shorts I got they smell interesting they smell like a swimming pool I got these in an 8 I don't know why do they look big to me when I'm holding them up then they fit fine it's all in my head then I think we're gonna try this one with it yep it's a bodysuit okay so it's very sheer it's very sheer but this bodysuit has buttons down the center kind of like a corset so really snatch you in the boobs it's very loose material I'm going to try it without a bra on and see if I like it give it a go and then it's off the shoulder with a big bell sleeves I love that and we love what a body suit is a thong because then you don't see it when you're wearing pants so this I got in a size 6 6 8 because I have a bigger caboose than I have up here I used to be pretty even but now it's just like I always have to get a bigger size in the bottom than I do on the top it's fun okay so what let's try that on I'm obsessed with this I see what seriously I need plans let's let's hang out okay this top is so cute and my babies don't look weird that's a good thing this was easy but the zipper I had to go downstairs and have my sister help me you can't zip her this on your own this is a team effort bodysuit team effort the underwear part of it is super stretchy and comfortable I'm loving that so let's and this is just it snatches you in I love this but let's talk about pants they are clearly too big I'm confused because they're the same size as the white ones but they are just there now I'm gonna give them to my sister hopefully they fit her I I'm upset because I bet these would have been really cute but they're so big not to go out and they're too big yeah I got these in a size 8 so I guess I should have got these in a size 6 note to self the shorts run big that never happens the shorts shorts never run big I would put a neon dress on because I'm tan right now from my Bally body my body body but long bali-ba do he'll been obsessed with that stuff this summer satin silky Oh moment I don't even know I have to look up the pictures I don't remember how this looks when you wear it it wears off the sleeve and then you put a belt around it and has it tie in the front it's coming off as yellow on the screen but I promise you it's green it is green on the website it is green and in person is green is it green oh yeah at screen okay let's try this one okay I know I was like a little sketchy going into it it fits beautifully up here the thing is is I got this an a6 okay so the shorts that I tried on wearing eight that were too big so then I got this in a six and it's too small so it's splitting in the center I mean that's what it looks like on the model but like mine splitting to the point where you see my black underwear like I can't I would be way too afraid to wear this like the second I walk with this leg it's out there so I'm trying to zipper this up but it won't zip or it'll close but it's like again a tag team we need a team effort here to get this on but it's so pretty I'm just at an awkward stage in my life with sizing but I also think that pretty little thing can be a little bit inconsistent with our sizing so um struggle bus but love how it looks up here I wish this was like a shirt may turn this into a shirt just might turn in to a top Sweden theme so this dress I also got a size six so I got this one fit oh look we got a snake print oh my gosh whoa it is long it is luscious I am here for it the straps are like this though kind of like a bathing suit they crisscross in the back it looks like it's gonna be tight around the waist but loose everywhere else which is what I want I think this is a perfect dress to like go out to dinner with on vacation when you're super tan so I've been loving the neon if you can't tell alright let's try this one on this is stunning it's weird up here though you have a lot of boobage happening on the straps are not adjustable so yeah I'm not really sure what to do about that it had a zipper all the way up so that's the zipper all the way up there so this is gonna need some alterations there we go if it's like this then we're golden and there's no like leg splits in it at all so fully covered you can grab it up for a moment like this yeah definitely need some shots in this Oh God look there is alikes am I gonna just realize there is any slice of her your leg to come out I'm dumb okay so there is a little slice in there pretty just so I'm not holding this the whole time we're gonna move on to the next item the next item is a cover-up so it is a crochet bathing suit cover-up so I'm gonna toss a bathing suit on throw the cover-up over it I've been dying for a crochet full-body cover-up that I can wear to the beach but then I can like go to the boardwalk in grab some lunch and still be like super cute not just where a large t-shirt or anything soon you know so I'm gonna try that on now alright guys so this is so cute oh my gosh it's adorable it's very stretchy like down here I like the links on it I mean it's a bathing suit cover-up we're not trying to cover up completely have some bell sleeves but I will say is this took a while to get on the tightest part is right here under the arms yeah right here so when I was putting it over my head first I tried was my butt my butt was like not having it so then I went with it over my head and when I did that it was really tough so this isn't something that's easy to throw on and throw off so I wouldn't use this as a bathing suit cover-up because you want it to be something can easily throw on and throw up at this I would use if you know that you're going to be wearing clothes the whole time like if you go to the beach at sunset it's like a little bit chilly but you still want to wear a bathing suit wear this and you won't take it off obviously you can even go in the water with this on you get all wet I think that'd be really cool look cool umm photo shoot moment but yeah I'm pretty sure I got this in eighth I can't remember what size I got this in but I'll put it in the description box but I think it's a size 8 I want to say the size 8 yeah so this one is cute but not practical but I will say I am very impressed with pretty little thing Wow let's wrap this up with my final thoughts woo you guys see me okay my lighting is a little bit choppy here okay so pretty little thing this is my first time really diving into pretty little thing and trying out various different things we try to cover up shorts jeans dresses fancy things non fancy things body suits crop tops corsets oh my gosh we tried so many things I hope this cleared up any questions or concerns you had about pretty little thing I'm certainly going to continue shopping there because wow I loved a lot of things just be careful with the sizing definitely look at what size the model is wearing look at the measurements make sure you know your measurements your measurements of your waist your chest shoulders all that so then you can smarter remember I'll have everything linked below for you shoutouts pretty little thing for supplying me with these items to showcase for you today and if you guys want more hauls with them let me know if you have other websites you want me to review comment them below because I totally will have a huge bucket list of brands I want to review for you guys this year so we'll add some name for the list I'm ready for him all right I love you guys so much please subscribe if you're not already subscribed and I will see you in my next video bye


  1. The blue top and the leopard top were amazing!!! You can pair them with different tops to dress them up or down!! Also you are super gorgeous! Hugs from Greece! <3

  2. That blue top is giving me Cinderella vibes😍 so cute

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    Everything Look Hot asf on u
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    Your Sooo Damn Beautiful sexyπŸ˜—
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