– Hey guys, before this video starts I just want to give you a
quick little update on life. I’m still pregnant. But also I’m currently in New York City because today my book comes out I’m so excited! I’m here for press, yesterday
I did Live With Kelly and Ryan Today I’m shooting an
episode of Stephen Colbert. It’s not airing today, it’s airing later. But anyway I just want to say
I’m so proud of this book. It’s all of Miranda’s
diaries duck taped together. I worked so hard and so long on this book. I’m so proud of it and it
would mean the world to me if you guys all bought it. I think it’s relatable
to everybody because everyone’s had embarrassing
diaries from their childhood and I’m just putting mine on blast. It would mean the world to
me if you guys supported me by buying the book and
reading it and enjoying it and telling me your favorite parts. The last time I wrote a book, Selp Helf, it got on the New York
Times best selling list which was mind boggling and so cool and if that happened again
I think I would lose my mind but regardless it’s so cool
that I even got the opportunity to write a second book
so please go get it. It would mean the world
to me, thank you so much. Also I’m on tour starting tomorrow. So this is my list of tour dates, this is my last tour
for a really long time. So come see me and come
see my little baby bump and now I have a mukbang for you guys. We shot a while ago. We talked a lot about Tanacon and Vidcon. There’s a lot of updates since then so just keep in mind this
is filmed a long time ago. But right now my brain is
exploding because there’s so much going on with my book coming out all the press I’ve been
doing, my tour starts. There’s just so much happening so this was a really fun and easy
video for me to upload for you guys today, I hope you don’t mind that it’s not a fully
edited fancy pants video but don’t worry I have
another one of those coming out for you this Friday. Uh, yeah, so I love you guys
I hope you like this video and get my book come see me on
tour okay I love you so much good bye. – Hello everybody, I am feelilng
my trushapatis roots today and I am going to do a mukbang. How do you even say it? I
feel like I say it wrong. Mukbang? I say mukbang but
I feel like it’s mukbang. I don’t know, anyway, you guys know now I am pregnant and this has
been my craving every day. All I want to do is eat
In-N-Out every five seconds. Makes me feel like me and Kylie Jenner are kindred spirits because when she announced that she had a baby there was
a little moment in her video where she was like,
In-N-Out tastes so good. And it does, it tastes so good. My sister’s coming over and
we’re gonna eat In-N-Out and just talk because another
thing about being pregnant is I’m tired all the
time and I have no energy and so to make a full on video
just isn’t gonna happen today Today I’m just gonna
eat and talk to you guys so I hope you don’t mind. But I got a lot of stuff. I got all my favorite things. Rachel is vegan and so she
usually just eats french fries but they also said they had
a version of a vegan burger so I guess she’s gonna try that. I think it’s just like bread with like wait that has meat in
it, is that one hers? Oh this one’s hers, the
one that looks more full is actully vegan, this one. So live your life, that
looks actually kind of good. It looks better than mine. Rachel better hurry up,
I’m gonna eat her food too. I’m pregnant. This is weird, I’ve only ever
done this with Trisha Paytas. I’ve never done this by myself so this is really awkward right now. I also got animal style
fries which are like my favorite thing in the world but they gypped me on the spread but luckily cause I have a
brain I ordered extra spread so I will be crushing that later. They only gave us one napkin
which was really rude. I thought I could talk
about Vidcon and Tanacon because that drama
happened kind of recently. Oh my God, this looks so good. For those of you who don’t have In-N-Out which is most of the world it’s
my favorite fast food place. It is s… that was now a fart
by the way, that was a moose. Rachel’s here, look they
have a vegan burger. It’s no cheese and no meat so there’s pickles in it and stuff which you might have to pick out. – Oh my gosh, no pickles are
delicious, I love pickle. Ungh, wait, this is delicious – Yay. – This would be terrible
to order on your own unless that vegan girl worked there. – This is coming out after
my pregnancy video so – She’s pregnant bitches. – I’m pregnant so we can talk about it but I was just saying this has been like my number one craving. Like I’ve been eating this so much. – Just for me I’m assuming. – Yes, and don’t come for me saying you’re supposed to eat
healthy when you’re pregnant. In the first trimester,
the first three months you’re miserable and you’re so sick and everything makes you want to die. And so the one thing that
makes you sort of happy is finding a food that doesn’t
make you want to throw up and that’s In-N-Out for me so don’t worry I ate a whole
bowl of fruit this morning for breakfast so this – Same – I mean I don’t even
need to make excuses. It tastes good. – Um, I ate muffins. – Mmm, I was gonna talk
about Vidcon and Tanacon. – Tell me the tea on Tanacon can you? – I don’t know the tea. All I know is that – I’ve just seen people on
Twits that were friends with her that aren’t friends with her
but are friends with her still. – Um Tana Mojo, a Youtuber
who you all probably know put together her own convention
cause she’s never been a featured creator at Vidcon and she’s got major drama with Vidcon so she was like F that, I’m gonna do my own. She tried to throw her
own convention and she had big Youtubers doing it like
Shane Dawson, Casey Neistat – Miranda Sings – I’m so famous, and so I guess like, what
they said on the internet is that too many people
showed up, it was oversold. It was just like a hall
with nothing in it, no food no water, and it got shut down because there was too many people. It was confusing because
at first Tana like just was like 20 thousand
people showed up. Oh my God, 20 thousand people who didn’t have tickets showed up, you know. – No – And so it just looked
like she was blaming it on the fans for showing
up to her convention which looked kind of bad in my opinion but then she turned it around and was like this is my fault, it wasn’t organized, I’m just a young girl
trying to do this like – I think she was in
denial for awhile like no, we can still make this work, this is still gonna be
epic, it’s gonna be great and it took like, a really long time for her to finally be
like, okay, it’s done. – And so I was supposed to perform. I had a full day at
Vidcom, like back to back starting, I woke up at like 7:30. All day, press and all this
stuff all day at Vidcon and I told them I can
perform Friday night. K, this is my personal Tanacon experience. I wanted to do it, I
wanted to support Tana, I love Vidcon, I don’t have
anything against Vidcon, I think Vidcon’s awesome,
but I also want to support other Youtube
creators trying out new things and I think that’s awesome when Youtubers try to do stuff like that so I was like, yeah, I’ll totally support and so I said I’d perform. I said the only day I can is Friday night cause I have stuff all day Friday. So the day before I’m supposed to perform they finally send me
my schedule and it says I was performing at four. And I was like, I can’t do that. I told you I can’t perform
until Friday night. So they switched it for me and I was supposed to go
from my final interview which ended at five and
drive straight to Tanacon and like literally walk
on stage at around six. That was the plan. Well around twoish or threeish
I started hearing rumors that Tanacon was canceled on Twitter just from like kids and stuff. So I started searching on Twitter
everywhere for information I started texting people
that I knew at Tanacon the people who had been in contact with me organizing the event. No one would respond to me. – They were a little busy. – They were very busy. I was texting other people I
know who were going to Tanacon. Like what’s going on? Ricky Dillon texts me,
he’s like I don’t know I’m supposed to have
a panel in 15 minutes, like, I don’t know what’s going on. – Mess. – We couldn’t figure out anything and I’m just looking at Twitter and seeing like mobs of people outside and I was like what’s going on? Like should I still go? And Rachel’s like, no. – I was like, you’re
pregnant, I’m not letting you. – And I was like but I don’t
want to disappoint people like what if it’s still going
what if these are just rumors so I was still planning on going – I was planning on not letting her go. – Yeah, and then finally
I text James Charles and I was like hey sis what is going on? And he texted me, he’s like
it’s a mess, like, don’t go. And he was the only person
who said anything to me. – Yeah. – So when James said that I was like oh maybe I shouldn’t go, and
then finally I heard back from Tana’s people and they were like we’re so so sorry, they’re really nice. They were like we’re so so sorry. It wasn’t the Good Times
people it was Tana’s people. They were like we’re so sorry like, we’re trying to figure it out trying to find another venue. I was like no worries, let me
know if I can help from afar but I need to go home,
I wasn’t feeling well. And, and they were really
nice, they were like thank you for even responding,
thank you for contacting they were really nice. I reached out to Tana, I
haven’t heard from her. Obviously she’s been very busy this also, this video is being
filmed probably a week or two before I post it so there might be updates – The amount of ketchup you have. – Yeah, I said I wanted a lot of ketchup. – I love it. – So I said, hey Tana let
me know if there’s anything I can do, if you need
free merch, if you need tickets to my shows or anything
to recompensate the fans like I would love to help, you know I’m so proud of you for
trying to put this on. I never heard back from
her, I’m sure she’s just swamped with a million things. But that’s the tea, that’s
my side of everything. – Okay, I don’t have a
side cause I was just in Colleen’s hotel room with
her so that was my side as well – But I know that James
was frustrated with her cause she wouldn’t just like cancel it. – Yeah. – For the safety of the fans. – And he told her from
the beginning apparently, you can’t do this in two months. – Uh-uh – He said I was at the original meeting. I was reading through his Twitter. I was reading through his Twitter. He’s very very vocal no filter. – He said that? – Uh-huh. He said he told her to like, this isn’t gonna work and she basically was like no it will. And wouldn’t listen to him. – That’s wild. – So we gonna make a sistercon? – Am I gonna make a sistercon? – Yeah you me. – That’s James’s brand. – Oh right, dang it. – Sisters don’t exist unless
James Charles is involved. – Oh, well we can invite him. Apparently he’s got good ideas. – He literally already tweeted who’s ready for sistercon next year so he already took that branding. – Ballingercon here we come. – Never, I never want to do a con. – No, that is way too much work. Absolutely way too much work. – And so expensive to put on. – I don’t think people realize the first Vidcon was not what it is today. – Of course not. – It’s hard to get that epic. – How was your Vidcon? You have a good experience? – Me? – Mm-hm – Yeah, um, I got to do
a lot and it was amazing and I got to see everybody and
hug everybody it was great. I wish there were times like, a safe way to go and I would just like hang out on the floor with other people but it’s just not safe. – Yeah. One thing I do miss and I know
they’re doing this for safety but I loved Vidcon and Playlist when like when you’re getting in the cars or – And you could see people and say hi. – And you could see the
fans and like wave to them and I could run over and take
pictures with them and stuff. And I know they don’t do that
anymore for safety reasons cause like it was causing issues but like, I loved that. I felt very disconnected
from the fans this year. – Yeah, and even when I would go up, when I went up for my panel
right before I went up cause it’s a small, intimate room the security guard was like, you’re not allowed to
take selfies afterward. We want you off the stage. We don’t want to have people rush cause there’s stuff afterwards. – Wow. – And I was like, okay, so I, I was licking people’s hands as I left. – Licking? – I went to like fake kiss one of their it was like all the
Twitter people that we know they were like walking
and they’d put out their hands for a kiss and I ended
up, I fake licked one of them Vanessa’s like you won’t do
it so I licked Vanessa’s hand and she has videos of me
licking people’s hands as I left. – You’re on a randa. – I don’t know, I felt
bad cause they said don’t and I’m a stickler for the rules. – Me too. – And so they said don’t take a selfie I was like okay, they
didn’t say I couldn’t lick people’s hands. – You’re so weird. By the way this is animal style fries a lot of you don’t know what In-N-Out is. I get everything animal style which means – Oh so good – Cheese, grilled onions and I hate onions but the way they grill
the onions is so good. – Oh it’s so good, I
like grilled onions now – I hate onions but grilled onions on this so there’s cheese, grilled
onions and then there’s spread which is essentially
thousand island dressing – Yeah, it’s thousand island. – Yeah so that’s what I missed about Vidcon this year is I
felt very disconnected. I had to leave early because pregnant. – So pregnant. – So this pregnancy has been really hard and I was like– – Pregnancy sounds like it’s the worst. – It’s the worst. – It sounds terrible. – It’s so bad. Like, it’s really sad to me because it’s obviously a miracle, it’s really cool there’s a baby growing in me. Like, I feel so lucky
and fortunate that like I am pregnant and I have a
healthy baby and like, so far and I was able to get pregnant quickly. Like for so many people it’s so hard. I’m grateful for all of that but it doesn’t change the fact that being pregnant is so brutal,
like it is so so hard. – No one talks about it
because you’re supposed to it’s a miracle, shut up. – Because if you say it sucks people think you’re
ungrateful and that’s not true and this is the best way I can explain it. Like, when people say
pregnant people who complain are ungrateful, like if I were
to sit here this whole video and talk about all the
ailments I’m going through and how miserable I am
and how much it sucks and how much I don’t enjoy
being pregnant, it is not fun, granted everyone’s
pregnancy is very different so mine is very different
from everyone else’s but people would be offended
by me saying that it sucks because I should be grateful
that I was able to get pregnant but this is how I look at it. It’s like if you were going
to Disneyland next week and Disneyland’s your
favorite place in the world. Or like, or better yet,
like, two weeks from now you get a free trip to Hawaii, everything paid for, Four Seasons like, anyone you want to go, in the best suite, like you’re gonna have the most amazing miracle, magical trip of
your life in two weeks but right now, two weeks
before, you are miserably ill. Like so sick you can’t get out of bed. You’re throwing up every two seconds. Every part of your body hurts,
you’re crying all the time, you’re miserable, and that would be like if you came up to me and said
I feel like crap right now and I said you are so ungrateful, you’re going to Hawaii in two weeks. Like it’s not related. I feel miserable. It does not mean I’m not
excited to have a baby. It means I’m miserable. So it’s really weird to
me that pregnant women aren’t allowed to complain
about being pregnant. – We should be allowed to, I just want to say I am not pregnant. You should be allowed to
say whatever you want. You’re pregnant, it’s done. – Right, I’m not saying like, I hate my baby I wish I wasn’t pregnant. I’m saying like, it sucks. – Yeah, pregnancy sucks. – Being pregnant is really hard. – Your body is making another body. That’s not gonna be easy. Like it’s stupid that we all assume it’s gonna be easy peasy pumpkin squeezy. – Yeah, like this morning Eric was like how you feeling and I said I
didn’t sleep much last night and he said why, nausea? Cause everyone just assumes
you get nausea and that’s it. And I go, no I have
really bad stomach cramps like stomach pains and he goes oh no, why? And I was like because all
of my organs are moving like what do you think. – Ugh! They’re moving? – Right, you don’t think about that. – They’re moving. – Your body has to make room for a baby. So like your organs have
to move out of the way for the uterus to grow
for the baby to grow so things are moving and stretching so I was like imagine, if any
of you have ever had braces, when they tighten your braces
and your teeth are moving and so your gums hurt,
that’s the kind of pains I get in my stomach because things are moving and growing and changing – It’s disgusting – so it keeps you awake. It sucks. Everything about it sucks. – The baby’s like move
over liver, I’m comin’ in. – Literally, it’s really wild. – That’s probably why you shouldn’t drink while you’re
pregnant, your liver’s just you don’t know where it is at that moment. – I know, so anyway it really sucks. – That sounds great. – But In-N-Out tastes delicious. – Yeah, let her have her In-N-Out people. Her organs are moving. Oh, I just learned, were you there? In a C section they take out your organs, put them on a table next to you, take out the baby then
put the organs back. What? How is this happening? Birth is weird. – Everything about it is wild. Everything about it is, and
you don’t know anything. I didn’t know any of this
before I got pregnant. – I thought I knew a lot
because Jessica’s had four kids but she’s like a, I don’t, she’s – She’s a rock star. – She’s a rock star,
she has magical births. – Well, not easy. – They’re not easy, but
just the way she handles it. She’s just like how ya feelin’? Hm, I think I’m having a contraction. – And I’m gonna be like GET IT OUT! – Colleen your not having
a contraction, YES I AM! – I’m having a contraction right now. – You’re gonna hate Braxton Hicks, that’s like the fake, what’s it called? Contractions – I’m gonna be a fake contractions. But here’s a, I probably already
did this in another video but a list of symptoms. These are just the
symptoms that I have had. Some women have more than
me, some people have less. I talked to a friend the
other day who said her friend got pregnant around the same time as me. She hasn’t had a single symptom. – Get out she’s lying. – She’s pregnant for four months, she hasn’t had one symptom. – She’s lying. – I’m like that’s magical,
I’m so happy for her cause, but for me it’s been nausea obviously, I haven’t thrown up so I’ve
been really grateful, but – Just wait, is she actually
pregnant, has it been confirmed – No she is. Nausea really bad, so imagine the feeling right before you throw up really I’m gonna throw up I’m gonna die, that’s how you feel like kind of 24/7. It’s not just in the morning. I’ve had that really bad. Exhaustion’s been really bad,
I fall asleep sitting up. I fall asleep at nine PM, I’m like yawning all over the place all
the time I’m so tired. No energy, like really sad,
emotional, crying all the time. Those are the biggest
ones, but then after that, peeing every five minutes,
every five minutes I have to pee and it’s a lot of pee and I
don’t know where it comes from cause I don’t drink enough water. Lots of peeing, really
stuffy nose, can’t breathe, like all the time stuffy nose, hasn’t gone away since I got pregnant. Eye twitching. – That’s fun. – Eye twitching, really bad
constipation, can never poop, like it’s horrible, these are
all common symptoms by the way This is all like very common. – So great. – Heartburn and indigestion,
stomach cramps, stomach pains, lots of discharge. – Oooooh! – Like some people would have known. – Does it smell weird? – No. – It’s the same smell as normal? – It’s a nothing smell. – Nothing smell, just
a bunch of discharge. – What else is there? Oh shortness of breath, so
randomly I’ll just be like (panting) for no reason. I’ll just be sitting watching
TV and like I can’t breathe. I’m not even, I can’t
even think of them all. – It’s cause the baby’s moving your lungs. – It’s so nuts. – Move over, gotcha. – Anyway, enough about that. This is delicious. What’s the hardest
thing about being vegan? – Convenience, just the convenience of it. Like, at Vidcon there’s was one type of bag of chip I could have back stage. – I remember like, shortly
after you became vegan I asked you like, what’s the hardest part? What’s the worst part and you just said the only thing this really
changes is I don’t eat for like, pleasure anymore. – Yeah, that was it. It took me a while to figure
out where good food was and I finally figured it out. Like we’ve got ten places that have really good vegan options and then, well now I can add In-N-Out to my list. – It was good? – Because it’s like yeah, it was good. See that’s the thing is you
just have to find the food. I’ve never looked for the food before. I always open up a menu and I’m like meat. Which cause meat is delicious. I’m never gonna deny
that meat is delicious. And now I just have to search for it. – If you ate meat now
would it hurt your stomach? Do you think? – Uh dairy would and the butter, cheese and all that would hurt. I don’t, if I ate a lot of it, if I eat red meat I’d get meat sweats like crazy probably but I don’t think, cause Matt
started eating chicken again and it didn’t affect him at all. – A year ago I could
never have eaten an entire animal style burger
and animal style fries. – I could do that right now. – I couldn’t do that. – Right now after eating what I just ate. – I couldn’t have done it and now I could eat three more burgers. – Oh my God. – My appetite’s gone through the roof. – I’ve always had an appetite. I’m currently on a diet
– I haven’t. – I’m like, you are? I’m the type where like,
normally, not while I’m pregnant but normally I’m like, I’m
a monster cause I’m like I’M STARVING! And then I’ll
be like (eats) I’m full. Yeah time, but it’s like 10
times a day I’m like that. I’m like I’m so sorry I have
to eat something right now and then I’ll have like
four bites and I’m like uh. – Sometimes I have days
like that for no reason. Matt would be like I
thought you were starving I’m like I was, now I’m
not, I had three bites. – Now I’m like I eat, like
I just ate all that food and in 10, not 10 minutes,
probably an hour or two I’ll go to Eric and be
like I’m so starving, I have to eat right now. – It’s like every meal
of yours is Chinese food how you get stuffed and
then half hour later like okay I need to eat again. – Yeah. – Why is that? – With me? – No with Chinese food. – I think it has something to do with MSG. – Is that what it is? – I don’t know what that
is but I would say that. – I don’t either. – I know that currently
for me it’s because anything that has nutrients in it, my body takes it away from
me and gives it to the baby so I’m not getting any nutrients. – So your body’s causing a craving. – So especially when I eat stuff like this because there’s like three nutrients in all the food I just ate, they’re like oh there’s some lettuce in there and they’re like trying to
take the good stuff I ate. – I can just imagine
little tiny sorting people. – My little body sorting people are like clean, we’re trying to grow a baby. – This is all fat, what’s it. – And so they’re trying to sort through all the garbage I just
ate but anything that has anything good goes to the baby so then I’m left really exhausted so like my body’s left with
just the salt and the fat and the horrible stuff
and that’s why I get tired and I’m starving again
cause my body’s like we need nutrients. But I feel like it
doesn’t make a difference because I literally ate a huge
bowl of fruit this morning and I was starving five minutes later. – Well that’s because it’s fruit. – True. – That’s the thing. You have to eat more when you eat healthy because there’s not a lot to it. – Well and the baby’s growing so fast like – Cory thinks it’s twins. – Even though we’ve seen it multiple times – I’m with you Cory, it’s twins. – and it’s one baby. But it’s, I’m showing
more than most people do. I’m wearing maternity pants today. – Yes, let me see. Those look so comfortable. I like how they went above your bra. – I know, they’re very comfy. – Them and their JoJo shirt. – See look, yeah, my little tummy. They’re very cozy but – They’re cute. – They fall down though – Oh they don’t have a band. – Cause they don’t have
loops to pull them up. It’s really annoying. – They’re cute though. – Thanks girl. – You’re welcome. Um. – Yeah I’m trying to think
what else we should talk about. – Your JoJo shirt, I have it in gray. – She gave me, everyone’s
been giving me like JoJo gave me this big extra
extra big one cause I’m pregnant and Joey Graceffa’s
boyfriend Daniel texts us and was like I’ll get you
some Crystal Wolf merch and he’s like I’ll get Colleen
some really big hoodies like everyone knows just
to get me huge sizes now cause it’s like I don’t fit into – You’re gonna be so cozy though. – [Cory] How is it fizzy sit comfy. – Yeah, comfy sizes. – He knows the words to use. – Um, what was I gonna say? Uh, comfy, whenever I hear the word comfy I get like triggered cause I
think of that one boyfriend, not boyfriend, a guy I
like really wanted to date and he didn’t want to date me but he did take me on a date even
though he said it wasn’t one. We watched the fireworks,
he took me out to dinner and then we went back to his place and we kissed and it was like, in my mind it was like a great night and the next day he didn’t respond and he’s acting weird and so I text him and was like last night I had so much fun with you I can’t wait to see you
again and he texted me back yeah, it was fun and comfy. I was like Oh my God I want to die! – I don’t any girl wants
to ever be called comfy. – Yeah never, never say
a night was fun and comfy like that’s, unless you’re
like with your girlfriend. – Yeah. – Like in your PJs. – Yeah, or cozy is like
let’s get cozy on the couch you don’t want to get comfy. – Well even that, like if a guy said like yeah last night was cozy? – No but I’m saying like there’s
a way to say it that’s not, are there Barbie legs
coming out of that planter? – Yes there are. – Just spread open up. – Wait, I was gonna say something. – What’s that? – [Cory] Art. – Art. Oh I will say when I bought
these maternity pants yesterday, the girl at the store clearly
has been trained how to talk because when you’re,
when you are with child you feel fat all the time
like it’s really horrible and, cause your body, like
imagine gaining a pound or two every week and there’s
nothing you can do about it. Like you just start gaining
weight no matter what you do. – Every girl’s nightmare. – Yeah, and so it’s really scary but I come in and I’m like
I think I’m a size this and she goes are you sure?
You’re really skinny. I bet you’re way smaller than that. And I was like thank
you and I was so excited but then I heard her
say it to all the moms and I was like she knows how
to talk to pregnant women cause all these moms feel like super big and she’s just like you’re so skinny, I think you’re a size smaller than that. – To have like a worker say
that at a clothing store you’re like, oh thank you! – I know and it was like
all my dreams were dashed when I heard her say it
to all the other women. I mean I know I’m so small girl which is weird to see my body
look different than it use to. It’s weird to see like, I was always really really tiny tiny tiny and then to see my body look
different is really bizarre. But anyway, I feel like we didn’t talk about anything interesting. – We talked about the
baby stuff and Tanacon. – Tanacon and Vidcon. I wonder if there’s any other
tea I can spill that to. Here’s a tea about Tanacon. – Wait, I have to say you’re
announcement at Vidcon that you have an announcement. – That wasn’t my
announcement, my announcement was I added a show, I added
a final show to my tour. – And then your second announcement is that you had an announcement. – I know, because I felt bad that like my announcement wasn’t that exciting. My announcement was, – When are you announcing
that you’re pregnant? – This Friday, I farted
and it smells real bad. So I think we’re gonna go. Thanks for watching this, let me know if you want more of these. I’m gonna be on tour, I
might already be on tour by the time this comes out I’m not sure. But you guys can get
tickets and come see me and come see my little belly and – It’s a cute belly. – It’s a tiny little
belly but it feels large. Alright, thanks for watching everyone. See ya later bye. ♪ Love, give them your love ♪ ♪ Tell them they’re loved ♪ ♪ From your toy computer ♪ ♪ I love you, ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I love you, ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ I love you ♪ I love you ♪ ♪ So much ♪


  1. I love how Rachel is such a good listener whereas I would have been stuffing my face and revering in the glory of all the fries

  2. I’m not even listening to what they are saying I’m just straight up watching that food. Looks so good 🤤

  3. I really wanna try In-N-Out, but I live in Denmark and the closest thing you can get to In-N-Out there is McDonalds, BurgerKing & CarlsJr 😂

  4. I know this is old but I'm so mad that I clicked on this thing and I am craving in-n-out. btw im not pregnant, im 11 and its almost bedtime

  5. Colleen I didn't know that anyone else was like this but the full and starving thing applies soooooo much to me

  6. I miss you so much and I meant or older than Rachel I don't live with my family and you give me so much support

  7. Glen it's okay because I know you're not one of those ungrateful people I know that pregnancy being pregnant is like it's so fun to be for some people and then it just is horrible for other ones and I'm and I know that you're not pregnant anymore and I'm so happy for you and your son is so cute he's literally the cutest thing on planet Earth and I love the names are you guys chose and also my mom had a very hard time trying to get pregnant and with her four children could you me she she was very miserable during all four of those pregnancies but I'm very thankful that she was still able to get pregnant otherwise I wouldn't be here on this Earth and I know that you're not trying to sound like a brat or anything like that

  8. When my mom was pregnant a few years ago with my sister whenever my mom went to the bathroom I always thought the baby would come out with her poop

  9. I haven't tasted any meat other than shrimp and chicken (the healthy meat) in more than 6 years now. and every time I take a tiny bite for curiosity, i gag and then throw up and idk why. lol.

  10. “I’m still pregnant but I’m in New York”
    And now she has the cutest baby ever and is living in New York, and performing on broadway. <3

  11. Colleen: I am in New york because-
    Colleen: My book is coming out today!
    Me: oh yeah its not 2019 yet..

  12. i LOVE how she talks about pregnancy 😂💕 i’m 36 weeks & me and her have had basically the same exact pregnancy & symptoms, excruciating pelvic girdle pain & all. & i love the hawaii analogy too 😂

  13. Tbh I don’t like in and out because I only tried 2 times and it tasted like any other burger ( I really wanted to try animal fries but i didn’t know it was on the secret menu so I didn’t order it😭)

  14. Does anyone else get completely distracted when Rachel puts ketchup on each fry instead of dip them in ketchup 😂😂😂

  15. just a double double and animal style fries is 1200 calories. ahhhhhhh but i love in n out and everything there so i dont care hunni

  16. I live in Canada and I went for the first time in Los Angeles last week and tried in and out and it tastes so good. Also went down the hall of fame 🙂

  17. Ok Colleen I love you but you can’t not take a break and I’m not saying that like nooo but I’m watching after Flynn and girlllll you were on broadway and like you are going back on tour

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