-Megch, my Pokemans. Let me show you them. -Shut up! -I can’t wait to travel to the city and get my first gym badge. It’s gonna b– Hey, how the hell do I get around this thing? -Oh, Snorlax? You gotta wake him up to get him to move. -Wait, can’t I just walk around him? -No, you freakin’ idiot. You gotta wake him up with a Poke Flute. -And where do I get one of those? -[groans] You can get one from that guy over there, you freakin’ jackass. Man, none of you kids know anything. [dramatic music plays] -Hey, that old guy said you have a Poke Flute. Can I buy it off you or something? Hey! Can I buy a Poke Flute?! -I can’t talk to you unless you walk in front of me, dumbass. -[scornfully]: Fine. -Where do you think you’re going? Let’s battle! -No, I don’t wanna battle; I just wanna buy a Poke Flute. -Well, I you want a Poke Flute, you’re gonna have to battle me first. -Yeah, okay, whatever. -Let’s battle! -All right, Pikachu, I choose you! -Pikachu! -Ha, you’re done for this time. Since our last battle, I got my Pokemon up to Level 100. Prepare to lose. Go, Metapod! -The hell is that? -(electronic voice) Metrosexual hipster. Dresses like a flamboyantly gay man to stand out from the rest of the male crowd, but always ends up looking like a complete tool. -No, the Pokemon. -(electronic voice) My bad. Metapod: completely useless Pokemon. -Useless? My Metapod’s level 100 and he’s so bad-ass, that I stopped him from evolving into a girly little butterfly. You don’t even stand a chance. -We’ll see about that. Pikachu, use Slam! -[gallops] Pika! -All right, Metapod, it’s time to destroy him. Use Harden! [ching!] -Uh… all right, Pikachu, use Thunderbolt! -Pika…CHU! -My Metapod’s gonna get so hard in this battle. -Ew. -[chuckles creepily] -Metapod, Harden! -Use ThunderShock! -Harden! -Use Scratch! -Let’s hit him with a Harden! -Hit him with a Slam! -Penetrate his defenses with your Harden! -Use Scratch. -Harden! Harden! How ’bout a Harden? -Just one more hit and your stupid Metapod is dead. -Metapod, use Max Potion! -[growls deeply] All right, Pikachu, come back! Now, go, Charizard! -[roars] -All right, attack his Metapod with– Wait, why can’t I just use my Pokemon to attack you? -Me? Uh… ’cause it’s, uh… against the rules? -All right, Charizard, use Flamethrower on Metrosex– -Okay, okay, fine! Here’s your stupid Poke Flute. -Wait, this isn’t a Poke Flute. -Look man, if you really wanted a Poke Flute, you could’ve just bought one from the guy over there. -[groans softly] Here. Now give me a damn Poke Flute. -Of course, but first you have to battle me… and my six Metapods. -Motherfu– -To see bloopers from this video and more, like Pikachu peeing on Metapod, click the link in the description below! -Let me out of the ball, motherf–ker. -Quick! Use subscribe attack by clicking the yellow button! I sure do love this music. Only problem is I always get this nostalgia boner and it’s not exactly a good time, considering my mom’s staring at me. Hi, Mom. [Captioned by SpongeSebastian]


  1. I watched this when I was 8 now I actually get these jokes and know all the things in the vid😂

    you freaking in jackass

  2. Its obviusly impossible than he can use Harden 48 times, because the defense its full only use it Harden 6 times, but whatever, its an old Parody from Smosh, but Im talking from the Pokemon Logic

  3. Me:you no what would be smarter if you
    Metrosexual hipster:My Metapods so badass I stopped it from evolving onto a girly Butterfree

  4. I know it is a joke, but I was thinking, someone would’ve came and said, “You don’t want a girly Butterfree, well do you want a badass Beedrill?”

  5. Smosh brocks greatgrandson take my challenge im brocks greatgrandson too plus your my half brother i just cameback from ip lake como

  6. 3:24 Wait why can't i just my Pokemon to attack you? -Anthony
    Me? Uhh because its.. uh … against the rules? – Ian.

    Alright Charizard, use flamethrower on Metrose- Anthony
    Okay okay fine! Here's the stupid pokeflute. – Ian.
    Me – Oh f*ck yes. 🤣

  7. Well actually, in generation 1 Thunderbolt was a special attack so using Harden wouldn’t have provided any protection since Harden only increases the Defense stat and not the Special stat. So this entire skit is inaccurate and needs to be remade in a more accurate manner.

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