Pochete de Calça Jeans – English Subtitles – DIY Mini Belt Pouch From Old Jeans | Aline Nunes

Hi everyone, in this video we will do one more project about recycling a jeans you already have in your home I have another piece from the pocket from another jeans we already cut in another video and I’ll going to show you how we can reuse it First we will measure 2 cm around the pocket edges and mark the lines around them. we will have our shape This is going to be the border where we need to cut we are including the sewing allowance we just use the ruler around the pocket and draw a shape parallel to the edges larger than the pocket itself It is where we will cut the jeans since it already considers the sewing allowance ok? This way. It is not complicated you only need to add 2 cm from all the pocket edges I’m just finishing it Done. Now we just need to cut it In this case, I will disregard the 2 cm on the top and cut right below that stitching detail otherwise it will be too difficult to sew it later And then we can cut all around the extruded pocket lines Here I have a small piece of jeans measuring 15 x 4 cm we fold the long edges to the center fold it again this way and then pin it all along the side and sew it Now it’s done I selected stitch #3 from my sewing machine and used golden thread to match the original jeans thread we fold it half way and cut it in two now we grab a lobster and pass the strap through it and we are going to attach it to the piece we can place it at 2 finger-lengths from the top corner and pin it do the same on the other side and then we sew both of them to the main piece This how it looks like I’ll put this one aside. Then, using the same size we cut another piece of jeans to be the back side Now we have another piece of synthetic fabric measuring 11 x 10 cm. It is going to be our flap Once we cut the flap we cut the same shape of another fabric for the lining and we place them facing each other this way and we sew them around the borders pull it right side out and sew it again This is how it looks like after this step I selected stitch #3.5 to make it look nice and easy to sew it I’m using a portable sewing machine Now we fold it halfway this way and find the center. Do a small cut this way We do the same with the main piece this is a very nice project you can do many different ones using your old jeans We place both pieces facing each other this way and pin them Now we have the front face and the back face with the flap and we cut other 2 pieces of fabric of same size to be the lining Now we face them this way with the straps inside and then we sew it We do the same thing with the lining pieces facing each other this way Now we sew them around leaving the top open For the lining we need to keep an opening on one of the sides Once the pieces are together see that the lining has the opening we will pull the main piece right-side out make sure it is all unfolded this way and we put the main piece inside the lining like this We can start adjusting them at the corners we pin them you can use different things to pin it this is a very important step. Don’t miss it! Ok? We do this all around and sew it and then we turn it out through the lining opening Once we turn it out we need to close the opening OK? Right here Last but not least we need to add the pocket The project intend is to have 1 pocket from the original jeans and one more you can see one outside and one inside OK? We need to place the button on the front pocket. We will measure the position of the button by folding the flap this way and pierce the flap and the outside pocket only! and then we add the button If you don’t want to add a little button like this one, you can use a steel button that will also look very nice and to finalize I always like to add a cute decoration. I used fabric glue in this case and our pouch is ready to use I hope you have enjoyed Many thanks for watching this video here in my channel Kisses and bye-bye!!!


  1. Amei como sempre suas explicações e edição do vídeo. Peça fácil utilizando o PRÓPRIO BOLSO COMO MOLDE e além de tudo é reutilizável e muito útil. Obrigada💗

  2. muy hermoso y facil de hacer. no necesitamos moldes x q se hace entender muy bn aunq su idioma no lo entiendo .felicitaciones 👏👏👏👏

  3. Uma original releitura da nossa querida pochete, além do que colaboramos com nosso planeta reciclando material! Super legal Aline!😘🤗😁

  4. Oiiiiiii….projeto fofo, prático e rapidinho, mesmo as 🐌🐌🐌🐌🐌 irão 🤯 detonar na variação 😁😂🤣. Boa semana und bis dann 👋🏾🙋🏾‍♀️🌺🌺🌺

  5. Ó Paí, Ó mulher retada!!! já disse lá no instagram e repito aqui! tudo que ela pega vira ouro!!👏👏 👏👏💯🔝

  6. ❤❤❤❤ amo tudo por aqui…as suas explicações são perfeitas e me ajudam muito nesse mundinho do artesanato😘😘

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