"PLUS SIZE" K-STYLE Clothing Haul! (big boobie girls)


  1. FEI
    I am IntRIgUeD by the funky socks trend but I usually just avoid it because my legs are too short and my ankles and legs are too thiccccc, so it just makes me feel like a strangulated sausage and dass not a good lewk.
    Could you maybe do a video with some outfit ideas with socks?
    I have some that I bought in a spurt of confidence but never actually wore them,and then I see you and you look dammn good. So if you ever get the chance that'll be cool. I'll still follow your IG to check for some ideas too 👌

  2. I LOVE YOUR GLASSES!!! OMG LOOK SO GOOD! Idk it's just me or fei is look fresh and new! So pretty💜

  3. what if you want to apply but your like 13.. (to the modeling thingy)
    also I don’t really see the link…

  4. Could you read my DM I sent you 😭☺️

    I love you so so much!!
    You inspired me to vlog and do YouTube videos. 💜

    IG name : annngel104

  5. So I was watching this video and somehow I skipped all the way to the end and I didn’t realize and the video ended like in 1 min with Fei not trying on socks and I was like what just happened

  6. OMG I just checked out the website and I’m in love with the clothes! Srly like I live in America but I’m Korean. I love the Korean clothes style but I can’t find any websites that have clothes that really fit my style? Anyways the website has my style that’s like he Korean asian..look? Anyways I’m going to buy some things right now!!

  7. More than half of this video is fei talking about how she carries her girls all day.

    And lemme tell you, ITS HILARIOUSSKSJSJDHD

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