Plus Size Clothing Tips : Packing Tips for Plus Size Women

I’m Cindra of Abundance here tonight with
Expert Village and we’re talking this evening about accessories. One of the questions that
we get a lot is I’m going on a trip and I only want to pack a carry-on, how can I,
how can I manage a three or four day trip with only one bag? One of the things, one
of the tricks of the trade is really accessories. So you have basic black, you take your basic
black pieces that go from causal to dressy and you accessorize. One of the accessories
here is actually a jacket, very lightweight, easy to carry, takes up no room in your suit,
in your carry-on bag so you have brought in some color, you have basic black with some
colors, so again easy packing, easy travel and again the accessories that go with the
jacket are necklaces which in this case give, again give a wonderful vertical line, we’ve
layered the necklaces which is not only trendy but it’s actually very flattering because
again you’re taking the eye from top to bottom. Okay, so you have a short necklace
paired with a long necklace that is the same color as the jacket, very flattering, very
easy and works great for travel.

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