Plus Size Clothing Tips : Jewelry Tips for Plus Size Women

I’m Cindra of Abundance here tonight with
Expert Village, we’re going to be talking now about accessories. Now Michelle is wearing
several different things and I want to talk about a few different aspects of the jewelry
she is wearing. First of all, the nice thing that you can do with black is put jewelry
with it, so here she is with just a simple black top but she’s got great jewelry, the
silver earrings, a silver necklace. One of the things that I think is very important
about the necklace is again it gives length, and it’s elongating, it narrows the line,
you’re adding a good vertical line at the neck which is always very flattering. The
earrings also are very flattering because they give a length here to the neck and one
of the other things that you should always remember about accessories is; earrings, necklace,
purse it should go top to bottom, there should be some coordination, it doesn’t have to
match but it should be well coordinated, they should go together. Sometimes you can even
do handbag and shoes as an accessory that are matching with matching earrings so that
you have the three pieces with top to bottom. Here Michelle is taking it with the purse,
the handbag and the necklace and the earrings as well as the bracelet. It adds interest
and it gives the eye a vertical line.

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