Plato’s Closet Haul (2018) Thrift Store Clothing Finds!

You What’s up everybody welcome to our humble abode Today we got a pretty sweet video for you. It’s a thrift haul and we each have a handful of items that we can’t wait to show off that we got at a bargain steal a deal Rylan went to Plato’s Closet Yes, I have turned him on to 13 very limited circumstances. It has to be the right feel the right kind of place Plato’s Closet Yeah, they have more curated stuff, so it’s a little bit easier to find things that he likes But he got five items there a couple weeks ago today We went back so I could get some stuff and I got four items, so we’re excited to share what we got with you guys So we’re gonna start with let all my we didn’t save me the price tags on mine But they all range from six to ten dollars, so really good prices Yeah, especially for how cool, er at least in my humble opinion? Spoiler everything that he got I picked up oh I kind of fixed up all the stuff you bought it was just that I picked up Hey, so first is gonna be this awesome This short sleeve hoodie. I’m actually wearing her right now, too But I found that this one was like PacSun or something yeah, I think you got that at PacSun Yeah, it was on sale, but this was still cheaper, and it’s just as cool It’s like what is it like a red or burgundy it’s kind of like a mauve color actually no idea what that is Yeah, it’s kind of like a pinkish purple color, but it doesn’t look girly It still looks manly so it’s actually pretty rad got a nice sweet little hood here got some pockets down Yeah, and the material is really nice – it is super soft. It’s kind of more like thing I like it so this could totally be worn like in the summertime mm-hm Yeah, it’s been enough so super cool, and the brand of this is What is Wow ow Big Gianni I’ll I’ll be Gian. I don’t even know what that says so we’ll get a close-up shot of the name, yeah Maybe someone else can tell us what the brand is My first item is this kind of beige topi cardigan, and I actually had this on a list I’m kind of creating a maternity Spring/summer capsule wardrobe for myself my first time ever doing this so there are some essentials I needed and this was one of them, so it’s just this open knit cardigan It has some pockets on the inside and it’s lighter Which is perfect for as the weather warms up? I can still wear it which I really like it’s been enough to– oh, and this was $39.99 this weighs $8 and the brand is mossy mouth, which is usually kind of target know yet so next is I have no idea what it’s a pack Sun I Have no idea what this Style is called, but it’s kind of like a boxy it’s like sweatshirt material Yeah, it is. So it’s kind of like got that sporty look to it But it’s like a boxy style shirt. The ends are kind of fringy. It is like know what they’re like unfinished well It’s actually finished, but they just roll up I think Yeah, which the sleeves that typically I’ll roll up twice But this has become one of my favorite shirts actually. I love the feel of it And I don’t know if you how it’s gonna look on camera, but in person It looks between a charcoal gray and almost like olive green tone like it kind of has a mixture of both those Yeah, depending on what light is in so charcoal And this next item is this olive green colored button-up dress Frye has this thing whenever I pick out a top or a dress that has a collar and it’s button-up you like love that So this is perfect for spring and summer the fabric is really nice it pulls a really high quality It’s not super thin, but then enough to be breathable. This is another Massimo one almost like stuff from Target Yeah, and this was only six dollars Yeah, and it works with my bump to you because it’s flowy and what I love about it Is it sits right above the butt cheek so you get a little bit dry next? Next is like this short. Sleeve baseball type T only what’s cool about this one is it’s long It’s like that long style. That’s super in and the brand of this is on the by bias yeah Oh, yeah, just uh it’s kind of a plainer shirt, but it’s actually really cool. I like a lot. Thank you. I Like it was skinny jeans I like that look wear this shirt hangs down path skinny giant this next item was another oh, I love this Another item that. I had on my list of what I was looking for And it’s this black-and-white spaghetti-strap dress I just wanted a striped kind of MIDI knee-length type This is like a knee-length dress and that would work with my bump. I was originally looking for something more fitted This is more flowy, but I like the flowy style better when I was trying on stuff this is what we both said looks better because the fitted cons left a Little too bootylicious you know what I mean, so this will worked really good the brand is ace me a smile Hey watch your mouth, and it was $8.00. So I thought that was a good deal It’s really comfortable great for summer and spring it look really key with that card again No, next is another one of those boxy another boxy style This one’s 21, man Sorry But it’s really cool, too. I’m gonna have Lisa. She did it on a couple of my other shirts She’ll stitch like an X here to keep the roll up the sleeves rolled up otherwise It’s just like this, but he likes it to be tough these sleeves are a little too long for my taste, so I like him cuffed but But this is another really cool shirt It’s again. It’s kind of like that sweatshirt material. Yes This is just a really in style right now kind of that more sporty sweatshirt. Look and then my last thing I’m gonna share with you guys is this red and white striped flowy top Just below it has three-quarter length sleeves and the back has this fun little Crisscross kind of strap way and is vibe Sportswear I actually tried a couple things on from this brand. I’ve never heard of it before but I liked And this is $10 this was like the most expensive thing I picked out yeah, this it was actually Between this and another shirt or what I was deciding was he dead and the other one was really pretty I wish we took a picture. Oh it’s on your Instagram though. Yeah, I took it off. Oh I can’t After that but I’ll insert the picture of the other shirt, but I thought this was really great for summer I liked the red and white stripe because it kind of remind me of 4th of July But also just it’s just kinda like a spring and summery And works with my bump again, item number 2 think. Oh this might be my favorite So this is another long kind of flowy t-shirt But it’s tie-dye mm-hmm. It’s like ombre. Dip dad It’s dip dad. It’s hombre. This is my favorite shirt, too. You’ve been wearing this a lot lately cuz it’s really cool Navy blue Grey blue what? What yeah, I dig this year cuz the possibilities are like endless I could wear something darker with it I could wear I can wear this with jeans too which is sick Yeah, so I could wear it with jeans I could wear it with black pants. I could wear it with these grey Yeah, but I love this shirt this one’s my favorite. Oh yeah, this one’s from I’ve never heard of them lol would Everybody that’s it click like and just come back later Hope you guys enjoyed this husband and wife string thrift haul If you guys want to see more thrift halls from us in the future be sure to give this video a thumbs up Subscribe if you haven’t already the buttons down below. It’s red and We’ll see you guys in our next video Oh And none of the price tags with it Hey, this is all right My turn Vaughn I could wear it with white Booty shorts Not the ones with the brands by Friday went All the way with these girls the way you see my name and I Work with you in it, and now I’ll make a so much better


  1. You both got some great finds! Brylan cracks me up – I can only imagine what he’s like on a daily basis 😂 And Lisa, you’re glowing!

    Hope you have a blessed day!

  2. Brylan always puts me in a good mood. When I see him clap it makes my day. Back to watching….. Laughing through the whole video. 😂 How are you so funny? The cutest couple ever. You guys look awesome in everything! What great finds! You are looking so pretty and healthy Lisa!

  3. Y’all had me laughing my behind off the entire video!!! Such cute clothes!! I never find anything in my size at our thrift stores 😫

  4. You both got great deals on your clothes…can't beat the prices you paid. I love what you purchased, and they look great on you guys. You're such a cute couple! You look so pretty, Lisa, and your baby bump is adorable! Thanks for sharing! 💖😊

  5. Loved everything in your haul!! Didn't know they sold Men's clothes!!!!Great info and great video too!! Have you tried selling anything to Plato's closet???

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