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Julia has been a Pilates enthusiast for years and enjoys trying new Pilates classes reading books, wearing Pilates clothing and apparel watching the newest DVDs and meeting new friends. In her search for more resources Julia found Pilates Pal. As Julia navigated the website she was impressed to find that our favorite Pilates resources were all in one place. She could find Pilates classes and sign up for a class or retreat at different studios. Or find online instructors, get books magazines, equipment, clothing, music, and even study the history and art of Pilates and much more. She was impressed the Pilatespal.com is committed to growing the Pilates family and building the Pilates community. Then Julia also found the job opportunity, instructor training sections, and other instructor resources that got our thinking about becoming an instructor herself in taking her love for pilates even further. Are you also a Pilates enthusiast? Finding friends and resources at Pilates pal.com today!

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