Petite Womens Clothing & Fashion : Jewelry for Petite Women’s Fashion

Hi, my name is Susan Jacobs a Personal Style
Image Consultant and I’m here today on behalf of Expert Village to talk about dressing the
petite body. In this clip we’re going to talk about accessories, which is one of my favorite
topics. When you’re petite you do need to be aware of the size and selection of your
accessories. My model is very petite, she’s also very small, because as we all know being
petite just doesn’t just mean that you’re a size 2. So, the rule of thumb is to accessorize
in usually no more than 3 places. In this case we have a nice gold hoop that’s a substantial
size but still in proportion with my model’s small frame. She has a necklace which is her
second accessory and we consider her watch the third accessory. Now, you may say, well
that looks a little under done but it’s always best to not overwhelm the petite body. Because
my model has very short straight hair, her hair is not considered an accessory. Now,
when we look at myself, I have curly hair, this is an accessory. I also wear glasses,
that’s the second accessory, so when I accessorize myself it’s very different than what a petite
person would do who is my model, because right away she doesn’t have to deal with the glasses
or the curly hair. So my accessory or focal point would pretty much be my earrings or
neck piece. In this case it’ll be the neck piece because you can’t see the earring. Now,
I have an accessory, we need to talk about balance and petite bodies. This is a wonderful
accessory and Avro can wear this quiet confidently even though she’s tiny, because she’s more
of a dramatic look. She has short hair, she has clean lines to her shape and she can wear
this very well and it wouldn’t interfere or through her look out of balance. But when
accessorizing a petite body you do need to be careful to not overwhelm.

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