'Peace Out Seaside!' Official Throwback Clip | Jersey Shore | MTV

when you've came into the house you were like you didn't like like Rito and you felt like I was in this tool bag and whatever ya do everything can be best friends at once I definitely not never judge a book by his blow outs the last time I'm going to be here I want to say a few things I want to say yeah buddy and I'll never be the same after leaving this house I'll cry just laugh damn I don't think this day will be here with all our suitcases laid out front BAM it's like we leave every year but this time we're not coming back yeah this is it like this really is it all right this is less stuff to get this hi guys oh say you know this has been like the roughest summer for me ever okay I went through like my UPS my downs and everybody was there for me sometimes they pissed me off and I wanted to strangle them but yeah like the other side I'm like I love these guys like they're like my family got trucks you know there's so many things that have gone in the house you know me so many highs and lows but you look at it as like you know what that was one chapter in your life I hate goodbyes oh no eyes itchy right now allows enough of you to save again cuz it is thing I would say the first summer year I thought this was the biggest mistake of my life and I thought my life was over because of it and now it changed my life for the better where I found the great guy great family and my life is perfect now because of being here so it sucks it'll be alright guys all good things have to come to an end but the crazy memories that we have we'll never forget and how it's changed my life those people changed my life and even though it's our last time together in Seaside I've made friendships I'm gonna keep for the rest of my life


  1. You can tell how close they were and still are. The whole group cried. That shows a big connection. Glad they are back on TV again. I missed them for all those years.

  2. I was a lil 15 year old kid when I watched this..freshman in high school. Now 25 with 2 kids and a husband of my own. Time sure does go!

  3. I was in highschool back then when Jersey Shore came out. and i remember the night when Jersey Shore was on MTV, everyone changed their status on their BlackBerry into "Watching Jersey Shore' hahaha those times were lit. The show was so popular.

  4. Is anyone gonna talk about how they broke the duck phone and there's no where to find the episode anywhere like it never happened?🤣😭

  5. Thats crazy how you go from being complete strangers, you all go through the shittiest of times together and all become a family and then you all have to look back and say goodbye to the place that started it all i grew up watching this show😭 pft im not crying

  6. I love seeing everyone here talking about middle school lol. I was in college when it came out so it let to some interesting shore style parties to watch

  7. I was barely starting high school when this show ended, but bro I still teared up on this episode. I'm looking back, like wow I shouldn't have been watching this lol. But aw. Seeing where they all went is kinda rad, especially the girls!

  8. The show ended because of snooki! If she wouldn't have get pregnant they show would it last at least 3 more seasons! It was all her fault 😡

  9. I was 24 years old when Jersey Shore first came on the air and I remember that I used to watch it on the weekends on the internet every single time I came home from the bar with my girls drunk lol it never failed to make me laugh. I'm so happy that it's coming back even if it's for one last time and what a better way on my birthday April 5th I just want to see how much th9ey changed and how much they've grown up…. especially now that almost 4 of them have kids.

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