Pauly D's 'Jersey Shore' Hookups 💕 Romantic Reactions | Double Shot at Love

me Paulie didn't get our own dating show for no reason we've had our fair share of hookups let's look at some of them this was the original stalker moment I go on the ride and I come down thanks man are you kidding me I couldn't believe it I thought I was seeing things but having fun hanging out with that 3 piece right there I know look I'm on a ride that's like a state between I was dating and then that stalk is gonna get off I met the stalker as a regular person she turned into a stalker it was a one date I'll call you when I get home like I told you yes don't follow the rules no they don't that's the problem I've had every intention of calling you I did but you had already called you stalked my whole life on the boardwalk I stalk my entire life on the boardwalk that's my 10 o'clock I'm talking now why do you look exactly the same like 14 years ago well now look how stupid you look Oh remind me never to stalk you I think she's here now is this so weird seeing this because they're all married in a pig now always looking really good in the club tonight I don't like Brenly moment I don't kiss my friends hey when girls do that she wanted to hook up I was like I never wanted to cross that line line whatever you make out yes look I'm down to the s calling a cab meanwhile she's upstairs robbing me Oh like cab please I didn't know she stole at this point probably about an hour are you kidding me I had to watch this back with the public and I'm like oh and everyone I see this I'm sure you know what they call this trifling but you realize she's on him look at this how do you steal from me you're on a reality show and ablate it in cameras everywhere look at like nothing ever happened I'm not a thief but if I was I wouldn't rob in a reality show house she realized it after the fact all time shut your cheese right right right in there CUDA don't know what else you got up there bro I saw a big change because she sold Snooki Minnie Sami good smash because she looked like them I called this out I seen her in the club oh my god a little Sammie 2.0 yeah out of all the options I have to go with the mini Sammi she stood out in the crowd there was plenty of other girls one it was like yeah she was just a prank for Ronnie that turned into hook up holy throne home Sammi Sweetheart you it looks nothing like Sam bro think I could I do he's like her cabs here I like damn Bravo that's what goes down in the Jersey Shore well count many Sam as Sam so that means that wheel top of every day everybody in the house between the both of us or a family vacation every year


  1. Did that chick that stole the chain what happens next ? Did Pauly or the producers press any charges again her ?

  2. “I don’t kiss my friends like that”
    “Yes you do”
    “Yes you do”
    “Me and you don’t even kiss like that”
    “Yes we do”

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