Path of Exile: Cloth Map of the Atlas

Path of Exile: Cloth Map of the Atlas

hey this is a quick video to show you what the cloth map from the atlas of world support packs looks like Jonathan will demonstrate some of its features it's made of microfiber cloth which can be scrunched up without getting any permanent creases this is the same material used for obstacle cleaning cloths so you can clean your glasses with it it's also great for cleaning phones and other screens the cloth is machine washable which is useful if for example you get it dirty cleaning an object of ancient power more importantly though it's a cool piece of path of Exile merchandise for your collection the chimera supporter pack includes one of these cloth Maps Phoenix supporters also receive a second one that is signed by some of the developers if you'd like to buy a pack checkout path of Exile comb slash purchase thanks for your support and we do hope you enjoy your atlas

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  1. for years now i have had nothing but praise/kudos for GGG and their awesome devotion and love of the game towards PoE and just the essence of gaming in general, every Ultima game that i bought back in the 80s/90s came with a cloth map like this and some other swag, so bring this kind of novelty back is just a love letter to times past when the OG game devs put their hearts/souls into their projects [hard to find in the modern corporate scene with hundred's of generic AAA garbage all over the place] ; so once again, kudos to GGG and other kickass indie devs like them [also shout-out to CDProjektRed, Counterplay, Supergiant, etc]

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