Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Hoody

I am wearing the Patagonia Women’s Nano
Puff Hoody. This is an extremely versatile piece. It is lightweight. It is warm for its
weight. It is perfect for chilly days when you need an extra added piece of insulation
that you can tuck away when you don’t need it and pull it out. It is going to make a
big difference with that warmth to weight ratio. It works great as a standalone jacket in chilly
temperatures or you can layer with it as part of a layering system, because it is lightweight
enough. And the standout feature here is the lightweight insulation. It is very high quality
Primaloft One insulation that is 60 gram, so you do have that very lightweight feel.
But the thing I love about synthetic insulation is that it is very resistant to moisture.
So if it is exposed to some rain or to some moisture it is going to resist that really
well, dry out quickly if it becomes wet and synthetic mate-rial really it holds its thermal
efficiency even if it is wet. So unlike down that loses its loft, this is going to keep
you nice and comfortable even if it gets wet. It is lightweight enough, again, that you
can wear a shell over top of it, if you really need it to be water-proof. But this material
on the outside has a durable water repellent finish. It is 100 per-cent recycled polyester.
It is a 15 denier material, so it is very lightweight. They keep the weight of this
jacket down so that it is very easily packable. You can clip it on to your harness or pull
it out of your backpack when you need it. It does stuff down into the chest pocket.
So you have got the full length zipper here for easy on and off. You don’t have to pull
it over your head. The chest pocket on the inside here is a two way zipper, so you can
just stuff it right down into that pocket and that is really, really convenient. There
is even a clip on the inside. You can clip it to a harness. And you do have just stretchy
cuffs here, so really comfortable cuffs down at the bottom. They keep it really, really
simple there. You have got two hand warmer pockets, really comfortable hand level pockets.
And you have an adjustment down here at the hem as well. So small attention to detail,
but you can really cinch that down. So cinch down at the bottom. And this is the hooded version, so, obviously,
you have a nice hood. It is not big enough to go over top of a helmet, but you can definitely
wear a helmet over top of this hood. You have got stretchy Lycra around that face there
and you have a nice collar here as well. So if you need to zip it up all the way, it provides
a lot of warmth and a lot of pro-tection around your head where you need it. Again, that is
really stretchy so it is nice and comfortable. And you have got soft material behind the
zipper so it is not going to irritate your chin if you have it zipped up all the way.
And that hood goes a long way to just keeping you nice and warm and comfortable. If you
don’t want to wear the hood, but you want pro-tection around your neck, you can just
zip it up there and you have really great protection there. So just a couple of different
ways to wear the jacket, but overall it is just extremely comfortable. You can wear it
any environment from downtown, in the backcountry. It is a great climbing piece. You can clip
it to your harness and just wear it wherever you are. It is the Patagonia Women’s Nano Puff Hoody.


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