Ozzy Man Reviews: Instant Karma

This is an exciting day for whoever lives here. They’ve got a package being delivered. That always puts me in a good mood. Unfortunately, this sheila has made it her job to go out and steal packages. She could be a modern Robin Hood, but I doubt it. OH she takes a fucken tumble. She tries to stand up. Her ankle says “yeah nah”. In comes her pimp, I mean her boyfriend, to pick her up and return her to sender. The dickhead still goes back to steal the packages. All we can do is hope that karma catches up with him and he dies in a horrific house fire in future. This young fella appears to suck at Ping Pong. He decides to take it out on his opponent by chuckin’ his paddle. AND it’s a direct hit to the nut sack! Fucken bullseye! He’s gonna regret that though because instant justice is delivered. In comes a paddle from the West. BAM! A eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a dick for a dick! These boys are excited to be on a Contiki holiday. Orange Pants is like “Look out, I’m gonna hit ya with a cork, and spray you with a champagne” It’d be a classic memory.” Oh he’s done it. He’s spraying everywhere. It’s pretty funny. He slips over and shatters his coccyx. That’s even funnier. I think the only hero in this video is the bloke in speedos for saving what’s left of the alcohol. Fuck yes speedos guy, fuck YES! Here we have a couple of brick heads dabbling in vandalism. They’re also dabbling in knocking each other out. Crikey, that is some of the most disorganised crime I’ve ever seen from a couple of rookies. This wanker still believes he can launch a popular music career. So far it looks like he blames his lack of talent on his cat. I’d argue that his cat has probably been his biggest supporter, so to treat it like shit could backfire on him. The cat yells “give up, you suck!” And yeah, there it is! Tasty, tasty, feline justice. The roads are a hotspot for instant karma. This bloke has chosen to get angry, instead of taking a breath. Now he’s like “If you film me then I’ll film you.” No he won’t! The wind has absolutely shat all over his cranky video-making venture. The face he makes when he loses it rrrrrright there is fair dinkum fucken priceless ladies and gents. These cheeky bastards are worse than people who steal packages from the front of ya house. They’ve decided beer isn’t worth paying for. That’s a travesty. It’s worth every cent. They try to flee but they lose whatever the fuck that is on the back of their dodgy ute. Now they’re like “oh yeah nah we were only joking. We’re filming a YouTube video. Stealing is a social experiment. You can have the beer back. We don’t even actually drink beer. It makes us gassy. So yeah nah it’s for a YouTube video.” Not stopping properly on a crosswalk always gets me fired up. These pedestrians are my spirit animals. All of them. I’d like to have a non-stolen beer withall of them. Maybe it’s harsh though. They could wreck the bonnet. It could’ve been a genuine accident. Actually, nah fuck it. I gotta quit making excuses for dickheads.


  1. People probly feel good about the cat dropping the pot on that guy, but I bet he beat the shit out of it afterwards

  2. I would love to see a movie length of your stuff mate, Iโ€™m sure I heard a Damo and Darren voice in this?

  3. 2:59
    That's what happens when you take small town driving habits into big cities where there are actual pedestrians. I learned this through a similar experience. I meant no harm, I wasn't trying to be a cock head, it was just an honest mistake. Oh well, at least no one tried climbing over the hood of my truck.

  4. God bless all of the world
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  5. Just here for Ozzy's voice … Eventhough those clips are old his voice is GOLD!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

  6. you gonna tell me you stopped perfectly at every stop light your entire life. if someone did that to my truck their catching a beat down they'll never forget

  7. That guy was mean & aggressive towards the lovely cat. A plant pot to the head wasn't enough in my opinion. I hope he gets identified and reported for animal abuse.

  8. So if a dickhead pedestrian jaywalk instead of waiting for walk sign to come on, I am allowed to run over him/her?

  9. Fun fact the guy who got naield with the break died later cause of the untreated head trauma. Terrible health industry in china

  10. I love seeing people not stop like that with no vision of the redlight, just hit the horn on them once while the lights are still on red and they accelerate like they're in some epic race lmao

  11. Those Asian pedestrians have no chill lmao ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ

  12. That stuff on their truck was their equipment to do their job. Their bread and butter tools and I believe a ( forgot the word for the thing you bend aluminum siding with) I am pretty sure they stopped and returned the beer to get that back. There is no way they would leave that

  13. Man, I really like you since I discovered you. There is much more to what you say than just sound funny and what people realize. Some things need to be said your way!! I firmly believe that

  14. It's a shame that those girls weren't wearing spiked heels when they trampled on the hood of that car. That would have left some nice scrapes and dents.

  15. Tooooooo funny! My hubby was a cranky man to other humans sweet as lie to me but he too used walk on too of cars when they stop in the cross walk! At first I thought he was crazy but now I see when the Nazis running but life they make it impossible to have kindness for others who don't care about basic humanity. Well maybe cars parked in cross walks isn't exactly inhumane but it's fun to pretend!

  16. If you stepped on my car like that, I'd throw it in reverse and rip back, sending you face first into the pavement. Then if anyone tried anything else fishy, I have .357 hp's for them.

  17. 3:00 Just once I want to see a whiner millenial try this walk-over-the-hood trick and get his ass stomped like he deserves.

  18. If someone would've dare step on my car i will take quick reverse hoping he will fall on his neck, fcking assholes, then they wouldn't complain i block the crossing line

  19. Lost it at "disorganized crime". You're hilarious, not sure how I am only now finding your channel. I could tell you wanted to laugh saying that line. Haha. It just made it funnier.

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