Outdoor Research Women’s Uberlayer Hooded Jacket

For those cold days when you are pursuing
active adventures like climbing, hiking, back-packing, the Outdoor Research Uberlayer Hooded Jacket
is the perfect companion. It has got really interesting technologies, fabrics and insulation
that retain a lot of heat for its weight. But as you are being active, as you are moving,
you may be building up a sweat. It is going to breathe. It is going to allow that warm
air to escape. But then when you stop to take a break it is going to trap in all that heat
that you need in your core so that you can stay warm. It eliminates the need to continuously
be putting on layers and taking off lay-ers when you are too warm. The materials and the fabrics here are really
great. First off the insulation is synthetic po-lartech alpha insulation. So synthetic
is really great because if it become wet it still main-tains its warmth. It dries out
quickly. So this polartech alpha insulation does resist a lot of moisture as opposed to
traditional down materials. On the inside of the jacket there is actually
a little liner that is mesh. This is going to wick away sweat. It is going to keep you
really comfortable. So that mesh liner on the inside is a small detail that makes a
big difference and doesn’t add a lot of weight. So the mesh is really great there
and then the face fabric on the outside is a very stretchy nylon woven material. It is
also very breathable. It has got a little bit of water resistance so this isn’t a
waterproof piece at all. But with that stretch that you get on the outside, this is definitely
going to move with you. It is going to breathe with you as you are doing those active pur-suits. This is an excellent stand alone piece, but
you can layer with it if you want to. I am just wearing a lightweight t-shirt on underneath
of it. If I wanted to get a shell over top to have complete waterproof protection, you
could definitely do that. There is definitely a low profile feel to this, but, like I said,
it is a great stand alone piece. And the features here are really great. You have got a full length zipper. And actually
at the bottom of the zipper it is a two way zipper. So you can adjust that for your comfort.
At the bottom hem there is an adjust-ment here that goes to the side. So it is very
lightweight. You can cinch that down if you are wearing a harness, if you are wearing
a backpack with a hip belt. Behind this zipper there is a really nice storm flap. So if there
is water or wind or anything like that, that is going to protect you there. It comes up into a nice collar here at the
top. It is a little bit of a higher collar. And there is even a fleece material on the
inside of that. So you can really zip it up. It is not going to irritate your chin. You
have got stretchy cuffs on either side. Those are really comfort-able. And two hand level
pockets right here. On the inside you have dump pockets. That is a great place for an
extra hat or gloves or something like that and then a small Napoleon pocket for smaller
items up here. You do have a hood with this piece. And the
hood is one of my favorite parts. It is an adjustable hood, so you can really cinch that
down in the back. It is stretchy material and there is a couple of different materials
in the hood that make it great for either just wear-ing right over top of your head,
or wearing with a helmet. The fit and feel of this jacket is spot on
to what I would expect from Outdoor Research. I am wearing a small right now. I normally
wear smalls in Outdoor Research and this fits me really well. They give you enough room
to layer and with the stretch of this jacket, it is going to give you lots of range of motion.
So as you are climbing, as you are moving it is going to move with you. It feels really,
really comfortable. So this material on the out-side is not shiny or noisy like a puffy
down jacket. It is very soft material. It is a very si-lent material, so it just feels
great on and the overall feel of this piece makes me feel like I could wear it in any
condition and be extremely comfortable. The Women’s Outdoor Research Uberlayer is
the perfect option for those alpine pursuits when you are being active and want to stay
nice and comfortable.

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