Oh my goodness, look at how adorable those puppies are. Hello Hi you want to know what is more adorable than these puppies? those puppies. Oh, my goodness, look at that oh hi hello [music] hey everyone it is we are the Davises at least two of us, one of us is over there I think the other one is coming around the corner right now. kids just got home from school how’s that watermelon girl? It’s so nice, it is so hot Out. is it hot out? Yeah, it’s really hot I just put jeans on girl I have jeans on too. if its not against the dress code, i would have worn shorts Well, you can wear shorts but it’s like it has to be four inches above the knee and shorts don’t look good on me yeah and you can wear leggings either. speaking of looking good what do you think about spring shopping? What are you trying to be Yes, I love shopping. So, look at this grungy shirt she is wearing It’s not grungy, its comfy. this girl needs some clothes. Hey, look at this boy right here did his dirty boy he needs some fresh clothes too. All the shirts are stained or ripped or crinkled up in a way I don’t know how Tyler does It. All he wears are shirts he has since he was five. He wears pajamas when it’s supposed to be long pants and it goes up to like his knees like holes in armpit yeah like giant holes. that’s like a guy thing I know I think daddy does it too I would not be caught dead in a shirt with a giant hole in armpit me either. I’m sorry but anyway, so we’re going to get out of here and we’re going to go shopping and hopefully have some fun maybe get a couple of those fun toy stores or Something. Yeah. that would be so cool or whatever alright let’s go. Alright so we just got into Academy Sports here and this is pretty much Tyler’s only stop for wardrobe selections so we’re looking around here to see what kind of cool stuff he might want to get that says girls we’re live we’re shopping for boys. yeah girls are looking at Stuffs too. Oh girls are looking at stuff too look at all the girl stuff oh my gosh it’s a pair of shoes whatever girls you’re going to do your own shopping alright so let’s see let’s check out see what now we’re in the boy’s side section. this is man’s town right here buddy [Music] just made it to the mall and the boys went and ran a quick errand and found these awesome cupcakes. Look at this, hum yum [Music] They look almost as good as the cupcakes that we were throwing at each other just the other day. Awn, this is good. I want this one and that one. This look good. You ready to do some shopping? oh yeah you know I’m all about shopping baby love them all yeah here we are once again first first things first we’re going to Do some justice. Justice? I love justice. you know how much the boys love justice all right let’s go find it [Music] Okay, we almost made it out of justice and then I saw this shirt so we got this too. and then you’ve got all these cute t-shirts in here and really really needed because you were out of school stuff so let’s get that one more shirt and then we got a head out and get Tyler some shoes [Music] all right back to the boys. you want some shoes? Yes finally, it took like an hour ago. What too you guys so long? We didn’t take forever. girls take forever shopping that’s why like boys should probably go on their own and the girls to go on their own. Uh, we want to wear one of this. Oh my God look at that. Its stylish [Music] You just did like a real-life manic challenge or what? Right. Yeah, it was pretty fun. [Music] Did you tell? No. uh, I like that dress. Cool, very pretty. Oh my Gosh we literally made it one store past justice before we get sucked into another one because Connie saw this beautiful dress. I never get to go shopping. Because you’re growing old. It’s the creepy Easter Bunny Kyler. Mommy please, please. do you want to go do the creepy Easter bunny? no no. No Easter bunny, no no Tyler do you want to do the Easter Bunny? if I get paid, I don’t care. He is right there, he is so close. Look he is waving. Hello, he wants to see you I remember the day when we got to get the kids to take pictures at this time Plus, I remember the time, you asked me to take pictures with Santa Clause and I look so like I’m smiling but it does not look like a real Smile like yeah no more Easter bunny. I’m finally gonna give him a candy. I’m just not gonna take a picture Sure, she’ll take goodies form Easter Bunny But she wouldn’t take a picture with him. yeah you guys see any shoes. I see only cookies Look at that cookie [Music] You want that for your birthday? no cuz it just says just to brighten your day. No, the next one says happy birthday, we can get it for you and make it say happy birthday Kyler We are doing side talk again, yeah, I turned around and you guys are like back here like. We are looking at cookies, sorry. The store is this way And you get to put blinders on. Oh no blinders Oh oh, Kyler is already gone. Where did she go? Oh, thats a unicorn phone case . that’s cute, its 5 plus 19. I need a 7 Gumballs [Music] I have three. I have two
just so guys know you can get free gumballs and sketchers in the mall people will show up free gumballs really Did you get some shoes? Yup for young man for young set the best part about you [Music] they call this a bath bomb. that we, it only takes one person to pick up that’s not a real bath bomb. If you guys haven’t seen our bath bomb videos go check them out. You would know what I mean then. we cannot get out of the mall without looking at the puppies. Oh my goodness, look at how adorable those puppies are. Hello, Hi. you want to know what’s more adorable than these puppies those puppies, oh my goodness. Hello look at That. Oh, look at that face. Hi, how are you? He is so cute. I want to play with you, who put this glasses in our way? It’s a Pago mummy. It’s a Pago
It’s a Pag puddle That’s like a cocker spaniel – Charles videos we did it we made it we got everybody’s clothes and shoes and everything. We survived another shopping adventure. Yeay, I’m so excited We only do this a couple times a year yeah like that. Like every season yeah seasonal so right now we got to get Tyler to a tumble practice and. It’s a private and I’m just working on me so I can live. Tyler is getting a private lesson because he wants to hone in on his tumbling skills I don’t want to. He needs to get his back walkover and front walkover and I did the same thing when I was learning those That was really hard for me I don’t know. yeah, we have a secret I don’t know if we told you I think it’s a secret hey what if Tyler gets his skills down he might join Kayla. Oh yeah, he might be cheerleader next Year. yeah so, he might be on a team with Kayla if we are lucky. we’ll see how that plays Out. we just got back home from Tyler’s tumble class as you can see he’s all nice and sweaty. I ain’t learned anything. you didn’t? you don’t feel like you did? well I couldn’t do anything yet so you learned but you just didn’t perfected yet. Yeah, that’s one of the best way to put it. I think we get a lot accomplished today yes that’s so cool yes, the kids got a new infusion and some school clothes we still do have like two months left No we have. I got some new shoes. under a month and a week. A month and a week? to be exact. Is that’s for real? But by the end of May so to me it still feels like two months because April just started. It’s like 30 days I’m pretty sure and then they got enough clothes they’re going to make it through school and that was the whole point yes because Tyler was I swear down to two shirts you’re getting it was getting pretty ridiculous. I had like five shirts, I wear the same shirt every week. Yeah, those schools are really strict so, some of the clothes you guys see them wearing. Yeah, I can’t wear this shirt. yeah, she can’t wear that shirt so I basically wasted my money Oh no. I was just kidding I’m gonna wear shirt, I’m gonna wear this. So, she Got this pair show mermaid at heart. that was that your favorite shirt? Yes cuz she is. And this hair band and this awesome shirt. where did you get it from? Justice. you went to justice, I saw it sparkling that’s why I could tell for sure and then My favorite pants where this one, they’re like the next little bell-bottoms Leggings. And here’s my favorite shirt it’s called Under Armour and Under Armour look. Next, and then here’s my second Signature. You have an ID? of course we were – was it Sport Academy your Academy Sports Academy only been different I carry for selling Tyler is very sported out in the house so we got him down shoes down there. mission accomplished I got new shoes. I got new shoes. Yes, the shoes were blown out so you guys know how that goes well I got brand new shoes too see well i can’t hop very well but em, Thanks Tyler. You welcome Well, I got new shoes too. Shawn, you wanted to say something I did we got a lot of new subscribers here recently and that’s so awesome because you love each and every one of you all the old ones all the new ones equally the same you guys are the bomb. I love all the awesome comments and we love the fact that you support our channel we also have a lot of fun making gaming videos too so if you like watching gaming videos Kayla does like the SIMS. what are you working on now? like slime rancher, we do Minecraft, Roblox any game that you suggest pretty much we’ll start playing them so we have tons of playlists with lots of games check it out you’ll love it. it’s a lot of fun I promise. Awesome you said the name of the New channel. it’s We Are The Davises Gaming it’s probably pretty important so click the iCard above or the link down below and either way you should be able to get to our channel. We had so much fun I don’t do anything about the gaming show but I know that they have fun doing it they’re not as coolly edited because I edit those video basically Coolly coolly it’s a word to look it up i dare you alright you guys hopefully you enjoyed watching this video because we had a lot of fun doing it shopping is always a blast, right. so, hope you guys enjoyed this video like, subscribe, share with your friends and family.And until next time, bye. [Music]

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