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And I’m Olga Villaverde, and here’s why. The studio is buzzing with sounds of babies.
So cute! Such an adorable fashion show coming up. It’s
all about natural organic clothing from Burt’s Bees Baby.
So cute! Adorable!
I’m going to want to have another one soon. Me, too. Plus, we’ll be learning about a new
social shopping platform. We love shopping that lets you shop your way.
Olga shop. Olga shop. We have tips on how to maximize the value of your life insurance.
Plus, we’re spicing up your holiday meal with a Quick Byte with Ralph Pagano. The Balancing
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Awe! They’re so cute, and we all want the best for our children, right? And we do our
best to protect them from what we feed them, to where we let them roam, to how we clothe
them. We like to go that extra mile. Why? Well, because we love them. We adore them.
And it’s all about caring for and nurturing our children. Our guest is an expert on earth-friendly
children’s clothes. She’s Michelle Visser, Founder and CEO of Burt’s Bees Baby. Good
morning. Good morning and thank you so much for having
me. Thank you. You’re taking me back in time when
there was a time that my girls were this big. You have children?
I do, twins. How old?
Bella and Alexander are now 11, but I remember that time like it was yesterday.
I know. And it’s a joyful time. And, you know, I never got to do the blue. But, there is
a possiblity still. You know, I was reading Michelle the other day that U.S. Organic Cotton
production continues to increase. Listen to this, between 2003 and 2011, organic
non-food segment grew 400%. Really, and why so?
So, people are really turning to organic. They’re realizing the benefits. There’s still
a lot of educating we need to do, but when people realize how much better it is not just
for the planet but for the children and the people that are actually touching the product,
hopefully it will keep growing. And that’s why we’re here this morning, to
share these benefits. So, tell me what is the benefit of it?
If you think of an average little baby body suit, there is about a third of a pound of
pesticide that is consumed to make a conventionally grown cotton that’s in that body suit. In
organic, there’s absolutely no pesticides, no synthetic chemicals in any way shape or
form. And the baby’s skin, if you think about the skin as your largest organ, and we know
that gases and liquids can permeate. What we don’t know is does the residue from the
apparel, does that actually go in? But it’s your children. Why take a risk?
And it’s so soft. And I recall, I must have gone through a dozen of these a day, how does
it wash? It washes beautifully. It keeps its form.
It gets cozier and cozier. When you go into the store, you leave with what you have. There
are no fragrances on it, no chemicals on it, no formaldehyde, no finishes. It’s really,
it’s a pretty spectacular product. Look at this display. I mean, you guys have
done everything. Let’s talk about what’s here today.
Well, here we have a sampling. You have to visit our website and you’ll see how much…
…How much more you’ve grown. It just keeps growing and growing and growing.
We’re now doing toddler products. This is gorgeous.
But bedding, coziest thing ever, and you lie it down on the floor and the baby does their
little stomach time on there. We have burp cloths, we have bath assortments, little robes
and towels. We’ve just introduced a full bedding program. So, crib sheets and fitted sheets,
dust ruffles. So, really trying to give the entire nursery a full natural feel.
And you and I were talking about the bibs. They are different. It doesn’t have the velcro.
Exactly. So, because velcro is petroleum based, so we have a patented bib design that just
slips nicely over the child’s head. It’s very unique. I mean everything that we’re pulling
together here from the hanger, which is recyclable. Even the hanger.
Right? The buttons are made from coconut. So, we take it very seriously.
And that’s for the little chewy. Absolutely. We have a little teether, which
this is a wonderful piece that’s made in the U.S.A, and it’s made of cornstarch. So 100%
popcorn. When they first come in, it actually smells like popcorn in the office.
You know, when you have a baby, I know it’s so nerve racking because you don’t know what
awaits you. You know, there’s no Bible. There’s no rules. But to know that you’ve got something
safe and beautiful and soft, it’s really the way to go.
You know what, it’s really why this came about. I mean, when I had twins and just spending
so much time going between the two, I really wanted to be able to do a lot of the research
for the moms so they could live in the moment with the children and know that they have
the most natural, the best stuff, for their children.
And speaking of children, we’ve got four cutie-patooties with us this morning, and they’re coming out
with their moms and dads. Can we do it? Absolutely.
We’ve got a fashion show for you. So, let’s bring out the first one. This is six-month-old
Eric. Oh! I never had a boy. He is wearing our quilted pant and a little
bee top. Hey beautiful. So cute.
And a little lovey. Beautiful. And now this is seven-month-old
Leah with mom. She’s gorgeous. What is she wearing?
She’s also holding our little lovey, and she’s wearing our Bee Essentials White Dress.
And look at the earrings. Okay, this is Courtney. She’s a year old. Come on out, dad.
Hi Courtney. Oh, she’s so cute. Oh, she’s a little tired.
She looks like she’s ready for bed, right? All in her PJs.
Oh, she’s beautiful. Tell me what she’s wearing. She is wearing our organic PJs, that now actually
go up to 7-year-olds. I love the gray, the white, with the little
pink. And last but not least this is Erin. She’s also a year old. Oh, she’s so cute.
Hi, Erin. Erin is wearing our little kimono top with matching striped pants and a hive
hat, all in organic cotton. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Michelle, I
know you have a special offer for our viewers today. Listen up ladies and dads, of course.
This is awesome. So, we’re offering 20% off for all of your
viewers site wide. Which means maybe I could go for the boy?
(laughter). I’ve got to talk to my husband about that.
Thank you so much, Michelle. Thank you so much to all of you, to the babies, dad.
Yes. Great little babies. So let’s clap, Courtney. Can you clap? Yes!
And you know we don’t want to leave out other kids and adults. Michelle’s coming back to
the show with a special treat. How’s this for a holiday card idea, your entire family
decked out in Burt’s Bees matching organic pajamas? Whoo! Get ready for a family slumber
party. And for more information on the benefits of organic cotton, visit
That’s, and our website, See you next time. Oh
my gosh! I want to have another one. (music). (music).
When it comes to women and their finances, Dr. Katy Votava is considered top in her field.
She’s been advising millions of Americans on wealth and health related topics for years
including long-term health care. A Registered Nurse with degrees in both Nursing and Health
Economics, she joins us with information that could help bolster and improve our income,
finances, and help us better manage health care costs today. Good morning, Doctor.
Good morning. Thank you so much for joining me.
Oh, thank you for having me. You know, really important topic because it’s
no secret here, let’s be honest, health care today. It’s a crisis in this country, and
not just for the young but for the elderly who are living longer and don’t even have
the money to provide for themselves. Absolutely. And what I call it, it’s an elder-care
epidemic. Mmm.
And it’s happening in the United States, and it’s happening everywhere. Actually, it’s
a global phenomenon. And it affects families in multiple ways. And yet there are solutions,
which we’re going to talk about, of how people can cope a little bit better than they are
already. We call it today the sandwich generation,
and that’s the generation — for example, me and you. We’re trying to fend for ourselves.
We’re taking care of our children, providing for our children, and more and more taking
care of our parents as they get older. I know many friends of mine who the parents are now
living with them, who are providing for their health. It’s huge.
Oh, absolutely. And the health care costs there, tremendous.
Tremendous. And it affects everyone’s budgets, too because people in the sandwich generation
are often providing a tremendous amount of support for their elder family members in
the midst of taking care of children, trying to save for their own retirement, trying to
take care of college expenses and everything. And beyond the money, it’s a huge burden and
a stress for everyone. And people do think that they’re covered, the elder family members
as well as the kids think so. But, it’s not until people become more ill or have a crisis,
they realize how thin that coverage is and where the cracks are.
So, here’s a question. Can Medicare take care of those long-term costs?
Medicare is designed to take care of our routine health care costs.
Right. And the thing that can be confusing, you look
at the website and the information and its says it covers nursing home and home care,
it’s in very specific situations for a very short period of time, two or three weeks after
a hospitalization. It is not meant for the long-term to solve that problem.
So, let’s talk about alternatives that children and parents and people need to know about
today. I think it’s really important for people to
be looking ahead and thinking about their financial plan in retirement and beyond. But
there is a solution and an asset that many people have that can help them provide for
their long-term care costs and expenses. And what’s that?
And it’s a life insurance policy. That has value in it, a market value, that people can
tap into that then will give them the dollars and the resources to help pay for those long-term
care needs. Okay, but clarify for me because I never knew
there was any kind of market value when it comes to life insurance.
Yeah, every policy has a value in it, and there is a way for a person to tap into that
value so that they can have those dollars when they need them to finance long-term care.
And this is called life settlements? This is exactly called a life settlement.
Yes. So, when the person is getting older and the
families say, “Okay, this is a good alternative.” Where are the rules, regulations, what do
we do? Well, actually if you have a financial advisor,
you could work with them or you can call a company who’s really wonderful to work with,
which is GWG Life. And they have experts right there that can walk you through the steps
and see, am I eligible for this? Will this work well for me? What’s the value in that
policy? And what will the process be? And when the value comes out, are there any
worries when it comes to tax consequences with this income?
Again, it’s always important to work with a financial advisor and a tax advisor because
it is income and income at certain levels will be taxed, and you can figure that out
ahead of time and set some aside as well as income does affect Medicare premiums. So,
just be prepared for what that impact will be. But, you will still have plenty of proceeds
left after that that will really help with the long-term care expenses.
And really alleviate a huge burden on families who are maybe not prepared to take this on.
Sure. And all the stresses that people have, part of it really is they don’t have the resources.
And people are stretched. You mentioned the sandwich generation. You’re running to the
job, you’re taking care of your children, you have siblings who might be away, your
parents might be away. And so you really need resources to be able to help you to still
help your family member, but you have more tools than you had before.
So to wrap it up, what steps should our viewers be taking to plan for post retirement needs?
What people need to do, and I’m a big fan of this, is plan ahead.
Right. So that you have a roadmap of where you’re
going to go. Huge.
And have a conversation with your family members whether you’re the elder or the child. And
I say it’s like talking to your children about sex. Have it early and often, that conversation
so you don’t run into problems. And then revisit that conversation. And part of that then is
what are your resources? And a life insurance policy and a life settlement could be a really
valuable thing, and people can unlock that value and tap into it so they have tools.
And really be ready and take off the burden because it can be a huge one.
A huge one, and it’s a tremendous solution that’s out there and people don’t know about
it. Excellent. For our viewers out there who’d
like more information on life settlement, where do they go?
They can go to That’s and look at the information about life settlements,
and talk to the folks there. And they can help you work through the steps.
Excellent. Thank you so much for your time. Thank you.
And if you’d like more information on this topic, visit us at for
additional health and wealth planning insights, and as always, get a little bit social with
us. Share with us your questions, logon to Facebook/TheBalancingActFans.
(music). (music). Let’s face it, shopping is the great American
past time, especially during the holiday season. The shopping malls adorned with festive decor,
holidays sales, and Santa visits. We just can’t get enough of it. But, for those of
us who are always on the go, shopping online is very important and has pretty much become
a norm in today’s culture. Well, with Shop Your Way, you can also get rewards for the
purchases you already plan to make both in store and online. How? Well, Heather Zdan
is here from Shop Your Way. Good morning. Good morning, Olga. How are you?
Can you feel my excitement here? Yes, I love it!
I love shopping. I really do. And I’ve slowly become, you know, more of an online shopper.
But I like that idea of getting rewards, and I was reading here, Heather, Shop Your Way
is apparently you can shop thousands of brands and earn rewards. Ding ding! Tell tell.
Yeah. Absolutely. So, Shop Your Way is a free member-based social shopping community and
rewards program. So, essentially, you not only get rewarded for all of the purchases
you’re making, but there are a lot of great benefits that we can talk more about. Specifically,
our network of great retails partners, so members can not only kind of shop, earn, browse,
but earn and redeem on all of the great products they need and want.
Walk me through. What am I going to see? There are so many benefits to being a Shop
Your Way member. Access to hot products and sales events, early offers, even free gifts
or rewards with purchases. Shop Your Way is accessible in store, online, and even on your
mobile device. No matter where you’re shopping from, you’ll be able to access thousands of
brands and millions of products on We actually have a sweepstakes where members
can win what they want. So, essentially, I could go in and tag all of the items that
interest me for the sweepstakes. And then I get to instantly play for my chance to win.
Members can go to to check it out.
There are so many other benefits in addition to this rewards/points system that you’re
seeing. And you have a 20-month-old. We’re both on
the go practically everyday. This is really good for moms on the go. Even moms.
Absolutely. So, in addition to sweepstakes and other great benefits, we’ve got a personal
shopper program. A personal shopper program?
Yes. And it’s free. My personal shopper actually wardrobed me for this segment. It’s fantastic.
She did very good with the color. Thank you. So, essentially, she created this
catalog for me and I was able to look through all of her suggestions and recommendations,
choose a couple of outfits that I thought might work, order them instantly. It was so
convenient, saved me time, and she also made sure that I was getting great deals on the
products that I was looking to buy. We have a few testimonials from some women
who have tried Shop Your Way. Let’s read a couple of them.
Yeah, great. So, “I love Shop Your Way Birthdays early reminders of when to start looking for
and buying gifts. Plus, the helpful suggestions and discounts are awesome!”
Fabulous! Next one. “Still stunned that I won. Having a lot of
fun in anticipation as to what it will be. I have been telling everyone I know about
the Shop Your Way program and encouraging them to try. So very thankful for this program.
The sweeps have been a ton of fun.” I need to win something one day. Go ahead.
Last one. “My personal shopper always reaches out enough
for me to be able to get the savings I need and save a bunch of money while getting amazing
products.” Really just a win/win for everybody here.
Absolutely. For our viewers out there who would like more
information on Shop Your Way? Check out Okay. I do have to ask you, is the 20-month-old sleeping?
No. (laughter). I know. I know those days. He
will. I’m sure you remember. Eventually. Eventually.
Happy Holidays. Thank you so much! Thanks, Olga.
And remember, when you shop online, go to Convenient, easy, earn rewards,
become a member. Again,, or go to our website,
(music). (music).
Thanksgiving’s here. You know what that means. You’ve got your turkey, you’ve got your stuffing,
you’ve got your mother-in-law, and now you’ve got me, Chef Ralph Pagano. In my house, the
hottest ticket all year is to come to Thanksgiving Dinner. You want to know why? Because I use
zesty, cool, fun ingredients that nobody else uses for Thanksgiving, like this one right
here, horseradish. Now check this out, Silver Spring has been making horseradish in Wisconsin
since 1929. The horseradish plant itself used to grow wild in Eastern Europe. It’s probably
one of the oldest spices around. It gets that spicy sinus-clearning kick from an organic
compound. It’s all natural, has no fat, no cholesterol, no sugar, nothing artificial
about it. You could use it in soups, stews, applesauce, and me, I love in my mashed potatoes.
Today, I’m going to use the incredible cranberry horseradish sauce. Now here’s how easy it
is to impress your mother-in-law — we all know it’s very difficult. You’re gonna take
one part of whipped up mayonnaise. You’re gonna take two parts of whipped up cranberry
horseradish sauce. Together, they make this beautiful cranberry horseradish aioli. Now
here’s how easy it is to look like a superstar. You’re going to put it together right on top
of the plate using your spoon, and then real chefy-like, you’re gonna take the back of
the spoon and whip it across the plate. I know that looked easy, but it seemed hard.
Neither one of those things. It’s really pretty easy. Over here, I have my great sliced turkey.
I’m going to lay it down on my plate. I cooked the turkey in the oven. It came out delicious.
Somebody’s fighting about the wing bone, the wish bone. I made a wish. I made a wish I
had cranberry horseradish sauce and my wish came true. Now check this out over here in
my bowl. There’s gonna be a little bit of magic happening right here. I’ve got arugula.
Arugula is peppery. It goes great with that horseradish. They go together just fantastic!
I’ve got cranberries. Picking up the cranberry love. Toasted almonds for the crunch. Gorgonzola
cheese because I can’t help myself. A pinch of salt, a little bit of pepper, a squeeze
of lemon goes over the top. You want to create a little acid. Some olive oil. Mix it together.
I’ve got my traditional sides. I’ve got my carrots, I’ve got my stuffing, I’ve got my
baked sweet potatoes, my baked apples. And now I’ve got my disco cranberry horseradish
arugula roasted turkey. Look at that. That looks great! Now just go to
for these great horseradishes, and head to for all my great horseradish
concoctions. And Happy Turkey-Day from me, Ralph Pagano. Remember, this was a Quick Byte,
but chew slowly. (music).
Oh my gosh, those babies were so cute and those outfits looked so cuddly and soft!
I held a few of them after. So cute! Awe.
Great offers for our viewers with the promo code as well, and so much great information
on our website, We’re also on Facebook and Twitter. Until
next time, remember… Find your balance.
So long, everybody. Have a good one. (music).

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