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Hello everyone! I’m making a video that is different from the previous ones Today is not about makeup But it’s still about fashion! Because i’ve been buying clothes via online recently Actually i didn’t plan to make this video And i thought why not to make this video as many are interested to I also love fashion other than fashion But i’m not that expert in fashion I understand more about makeup than fashion And anyway, i have a lot of new clothes now I’m gonna show you and share to you about my experience of online shopping So i just received the first package About an hour ago This is from Pomelo I bought it from Pomelo It’s my first time The first clothe that i bought is a top And this is it, in mustard yellow color I’m gonna try it first So this is the first top Luckily, the size is just right for me, which is in xs size It’s not bad I actually don’t really like a top with no sleeve Because i think that my arms are big Actually, they’re not big but my arms are short So the fat is all at here So it looks big while my body is small But I think this is nice and easy to match with the bottom, so i bought it The quality is good and it’s about Rp. 100,000s The quality is really good, not like a cheap clothe A really good quality The sewing is neat too So what do you think of this? I personally like this I just read this on the Pomelo’s tag If the clothes that we buy from them are not suit for us, or the size isn’t right for us We can change, we can return But don’t take this out So it’s pretty good And this is the 2nd clothe that i bought I’m not sure i’m gonna like it or not It looks like this So this is the 2nd top and luckily, the size is right for me Actually, i rarely dress up in such this top And i’m bored with my all clothes So i wanna try different styles This is the details The quality and the sewing are good and neat too Doesn’t look like a cheap top while it’s not expensive As this is cropped top, so i’m wearing high waist jeans To cover my stomach So what do you think of the second top? Next outfit is So this is the next outfit I think the cut is too large But i try it first Next is this jumpsuit But, i think this is too big for me Especially on the waist part It’s too large for me And the tag is on the middle of these I think this one is just so-so I’m gonna get a tailor to make this smaller If this the size is right for me, it looks not bad I love to buy one piece clothe Because it’s really convenient to wear And i don’t have to think what to match with Just wear it and it’s done The next outfit is this one This one looks so girly, feminine, like a calm girl So this is the dress Looks like, i don’t like it Because it doesn’t really fit on me The sleeves are too long for me As you can see But there are rubbers here so i can pull them up But it just doesn’t really fit on my body And i think these areas are too big for me Like the arms are too big Not so good on me What do you think? Should i return it? I still have another one, the last piece from Pomelo Which is a top like this I saw the model wearing this and looked not bad I like clothes that are in bright color like this Because it makes me look fairer This is the last piece from Pomelo and it looks like this This is tied by myself But the cut is a bit lower on this area So you have to wear tank top to cover it So it’s noticeable a little bit But overall, i like the cutting Because it’s fit on me Luckily, most of the clothes from Pomelo are fit on me There are too big or small clothes for me, they’re just right in the sizes It turns out that it’s not easy making a haul video It’s very hot! I got a free gift which is cap You’ll get a free gift if the transaction is above the stated amount So those are the clothes from Pomelo In the quality terms, they’re really good The sewing is really neat And the price is affordable So it’s worth it But the thing is the delivery is a very long time Like mine, i bought them on around twentieth But i received on 29th, which is today So it took like around 10 days And on the same day, i also bought some from Berrybenka But it’s different from Pomelo Like i pay them today, i receive it on the next 2 days The delivery is really fast I bought 2 clothes from them This is the package So i bought a batik Like this But the size is really really big Compare to my body This is sooooo big Okay, i’m wearing it now and it turns out not as big as what it’s looked Even though it’s so loose I looked like the scarecrow Btw, i bought it at Berrybenka because.. They’re having a promotion, 2 clothes for Rp. 219,000 The second clothe is this Actually, i don’t like most of the clothes from Berrybenka Because.. i don’t really like them But i was curious so i bought The quality is good but not as good as Pomelo’s This is the 2nd clothe from Berrybenka It turns out not so bad when wearing it The size is quite fit on my body But it’s pretty big on the lower part The cut is pretty long too Up to here I quite love this outfit It’s actually pretty old school Like a bit vintage, in 1980s or 1990s But i like it I like clothes that are in vintage styles It looks cute So this clothe is about Rp. 110,000 So cheap right? So that’s all from Berrybenka My suggestion to shop at Bereybenka is have a look on the sizes So what you pay is what you get Yes they’re cheaper but the quality.. Is just okay, not so bad yet not so good The last one is i bought from FIVE, in the mall in Batam This is the jumpsuit Quite fit on my body The length is just right for me Not too long yet not too short What do you think? But this is quite open, not everyone will like it You can wear a t-shirt for the inner Which make the appearance is more polite, feel comfortable Feel more comfortable I prefer to wear this with a t-shirt I think it looks cuter, more like Korean ladies Other clothes are sent by some online shop As they sent me for the endorsement, and they gave me extra pieces of clothes I’m gonna show you and this isn’t sponsored Don’t worry, this is not endorsement video, okay? The first one is AGS label You search it on Instagram I wasn’t interested at the first time i saw the model wearing the clothes Because it gave me kind of impression Like, I’m very confused seeing a thin model wearing clothes Like their bodies are very flat and thin And i can’t imagine it as my body is different My body is quite plump, the fats are everywhere So i randomly chose some of them But when i received the package It turned out that i was impressed by the quality as it’s very good And when i tried it, it turned out to be good on me and i like it This dress is very cute I look like a cinderella who is going to sweep This is what it looks like, a bit babydoll and oversize So it’s still fit on you, whether you’re slim or chubby So what do you think? Cute or not? I like it though as it’s very comfy And the next one is a top from ATS too Oh.. my hanger is very ugly So this is the top This is what it looks like But i still had no idea what bottom to match with, so i wear this first The last one from ATS label is a blazer And the color is like yellowish to brown This is what it looks like I will just wear this This quality is really good too So if you’re looking for blazers, i highly recommend this one As usual, my hands are short So the sleeves are always oversize I have to fold it So this is it I really love the blazer Because it’s a bit oversize As you can see, it’s pretty big But i don’t mind as it’s quite trendy with the oversize blazer now So i’m okay with that, i love it Highly recommend this piece as this is suitable for works Or other formal event, this is really good And the color is unique too Especially, it’s fall session now Even though there’s no fall season in Indonesia Yeah, it’s just right on my body This is from another online shop This is from Livia.Co This is my friend’s online shop if I’m not mistaken The clothes from this online shop is more for Asian, Korean So the style is more to cute, not like this blazer The online shop has more cute or Kpop styles of clothes The first one is a knitted sweater dress So this is it, really in Korean style The fabric is quite thick, so you’ll feel hot when wearing this I love this dress as it fits on my body And i’m planning to go Korea in November, i think i can wear this I don’t know, i might feel cold in there It’ll look cool when you’re wearing stocking and boots with this dress Okay, i’m done with this Actually i still have some, but i’m very tired now I just realised that i have many of new clothes now I tried the clothes until my hair is straight again, not curly anymore Hopefully this video is useful for you who are looking for clothes via online And yeah, i personally like to watch videos like this So i you want me to make this kind of videos more In the future Please comment on the below and if the rating is high That means you all like it and i’m gonna make more of this kind of video So yeah, thank you so much for watching And see you next time Bye..


  1. uhhh😍😍😍kak moli baju yang super feminim itu super duper cantikπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  2. Mau review lagi kak, tapi jangan yang mahal* yaaaaaa 😘
    Btw ke korea november mau nonton opening exo planet 4 kah kak? Hehehehehehehe just asking

  3. jujur ini vid clothing haul terbikin ngakak yg pernah aku tonton. she's just so damn relatable! bikin lg yg kayak gini dong plsss :')

  4. cii, kalau bisa tolong bikin clothing haul di olshop yg harganya gk terlalu mahal dong? yg range 100-200 gitu..? makasihh β™‘

  5. Pomelo yg wrn hitam crop keren ci. Bikin video kyk gini lagi donk. Biar buat inspirasi olshop fashion yg bagus hehe

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  7. masasi selama itu? aku beli di pomelo selalu hari ini beli lusa nyampeπŸ˜πŸ’“sejatuh cinta itu sih sama pomelo.

  8. Bikin lagi dong ci moli, aku suka bgt sama gaya style2 nya cici moli, my inspiration bgt buat aku yg suka style korea gitu jadi punya referensi style korea ala cici moliii

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  11. Ci tolong biki video ttg bra gt ci yg cocok untuk pake baju yg terbuka aku bingung soalnya

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