ONE WEEK IN 🇯🇵JAPAN 😱(wearing only Japanese Thrift Store Clothes!)

hey guys so today’s video is a little bit different I recently went to Japan and I bought a whole bunch of clothes from Japanese thrift stores I’ve already made two videos they are these ones here so I did the shopping video goodbye showing you guys shopping for thrift store clothes in Japan and then when I got home back to Australia I made another video where I went through every single item that I bought while I was thrifting in Japan today’s video is my full week where I only wore clothes from Japanese thrift stores while I was on my trip I took an empty suitcase with me I bought a whole bunch of clothes from thrift stores and that’s all I wore for the entire time that I was in Japan so I documented my whole trip basically or at least though the week that I was wearing the thrift clothes so this is kind of like a vlog I don’t really talk in depth about the clothing because I did make those other two videos so if you want to know a little bit more about the clothes themselves head over to the other videos that I made but as for this video sit back relax and enjoy the documentation of my time in Japan queen [Music] put your the mustard and ketchup yes yeah I have no idea how to eat this oh my god it’s so heavy sir I believe that it’s like croutons you know like little bread cubes and then just cheese on the inside that’s what I think anyone that’s been watching my channel for a while might remember that I tried to get one of these last year and then it closed like as soon as I arrived they shut and I didn’t get my chance there finally I’m gonna get walking I always thought it was this door downstairs but it’s not it’s from upstairs that’s deceptive because all the Rainbows are down there but it smells like cotton candy [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] control-z compels me that’s the famous santa monica crepes everyone stands in front of it and gets an Instagram photo but there’s too many people so I’m going to come back at like 5 a.m. and something that people always forget when they come to Harajuku like they look at the Takeshita Street and then they leave because they think that’s it but I highly recommend that you look through all the side streets like we just one dude only took an alleyway turn another alleyway turn and there’s these beautiful streets with trees and like awesome stores so we can we’ll wait use super clean for the staircase this is a store called opening ceremony it’s like a kind of an expensive store that sells designer clothes but look at this staircase if that’s not the most beautiful thing come down here join me on a pastel adventure when I build a house one day I want to look like this Jeffree Star has that wall but like quilted fabric ah our hostel pink and lilac stripes and spots thank you very much [Music] [Music] so I’m here with Abby and 30 subscribers we found that in the Shibuya Starbucks at the Shibuya crossing yeah we have a cinnamon roll do it under and this isn’t scary the Sky Tree okay so we can hear this so if you are in Shinjuku I highly recommend that you go to this Kushiyage a restaurant and the tunnels offered a tunnel here and see this restaurant he is it felt like orange on the top like fry this fried food on a stick called kushiya monogatari just google it and find your nearest one because it’s really tasty it’s a little bit expensive but it’s totally worth [Music] [Music] [Music] so I’ve brought tiasha to this restaurant specifically about one very very selfish reason these chicken meatballs I dream about things they haunt me in my sleep I see them in my sleep paralysis and I embrace them with open paralyzed arms these these chicken meatballs are the most delicious thing ever and I highly recommend them and if you come to this restaurant and you attempted to try some of the other foods it’s on the table over there you know you kept picking all the excuse and you’re choosing what you’re gonna have just forget about everything just have the chicken meatballs that’s all you need in your life [Music] my precious in our Valentine’s Day this is the birthday that I want when you get off the train at me Miyajima Guchi all you have to do it’s come through the gates look straight ahead over here and you just walk in a straight line you wish aliyou we’re just going all the way down there that is the Miyajima Guchi ferry terminal so you just have to go straight down there that signs everywhere that say to miyajima island and then you show them your j.r pass if you have one and the j.r pass gets you onto the ferry and takes you straight across so let’s do it [Music] [Music] we’re at our ryokan now it’s absolutely stunning I do love the view that’s why I keep coming back because it’s so beautiful and pristine and there’s little greenery and beautiful tiles of the traditional buildings and the room is stunning little bit hot and definitely wearing this because you know like I said guys it’s summer so I’m wearing these long sleeves my thrifted long sleeves and my first dress little tiny get warm I could always take the this thing off and just wear this but then that ruins the fashion of it this outfit is definitely good success I think it’s a perfect outfit to wear to a beautiful quiet quirky little Japanese island and from memory I think that this one was maybe five dollars and I think that this one was seven dollars sir my mouth to say like twelve dollars for this outfit not too bad once again Japanese thrift store is getting the thumbs up for me so now I’m going to take this outfit we’re gonna watch the sunset at the Itsukushima shrine and we’re gonna do some exploring tomorrow as well and I have an even better outfit for tomorrow and I’m very excited so with that I’ll insert some stock vlogging footage here and I’ll see you tomorrow [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah me most delicious oysters in the world as far as i’m look at this can you zoom in last place [Music] good it’s like nothing else you see you’ve never had Tiasha’s never had oysters I’m not gonna lie this looks really gross what did you expect okay that’s really good you like it oh god damn it I was hoping you wouldn’t like it so then I could eat it it’s so good yes one of the best parts of visiting miyajima is if you can stay overnight you end up being like with the only person on the island because the tourists all clear out at about five or six o’clock so we’re here right now I think it’s 6:00 something look at the streets empty absolutely empty it’s just us and there’s these beautiful lanterns hanging up behind us we’re going out to dinner I just love it it’s like it’s like a ghost town but in the most ghibli way possible stars changing my life like I can’t believe that idea how does something so small come out of something Sophie [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] bg+ assemble in the cookies of butter cream and caramel honestly it sounds too good to resist so I’m going to get one okay look at this nice bright orange one got my name seven if I’m a little [Music] so today I am wearing another thrift store outfit the only thing that isn’t perfect it is the shoes because like I said monster feet and none of the sneakers that I picked up really suited me but we have this beautiful cat head handbag I believe this was $10 this top was one of the most expensive things that I got this was 30 but this is esther loves chuu now I know I probably could have got a brand-new one in Harajuku but the second center price but I was suck it in and then the pants which were 15 so I think it’s really nice and casual super easy we’re going up the mountain it’s beautiful weather today I was wearing a cherry jumper in the morning but I decided no I was gonna roast to death on this island if I kept wearing that I looks cute for a total of five minutes until I took it off but that jumper was $15 so this has been a great success so far I’m gonna show you around miyajima a little bit more and then we’re heading off to the island of Naoshima which is the art island and there’s lots of sculptures and that’s gonna be a great day and the weather is perfect for us to everything so just just look at the scenery [Music] [Music] um again hang on my pen [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay so you just arrived on the island of Naoshima that way this isn’t even the island yet arrived at the train station that will take us to the island of Naoshima and this suitcase is so heavy there’s probably no taxis it’s very small island certainly this big suitcase yeah I’m just gonna get out tomorrow but I’m really concerned but I’m not gonna be able to close this you can see I feel liberated without that EQ okay [Music] so we just got off the ferry at Hon Mura which is the port here on Naoshima and look behind me the giant sculpture that kind of looks like grapes or bubbles I’m not entirely sure but there should be sculptures all over the island so we to the point [Music] [Music] so this is our accommodation last night it is a Mongolian yurt it’s absolutely beautiful these pillars here have really beautiful details all over them even the roof every little pillar has a little bit of paint on it it looks really beautiful there’s little ribbon sort of tie up in the ceiling the bed’s were super comfortable as well there’s a fridge in here so if you want to bring your own food from the mainland you can stay eat your own food there’s a whole bunch of yurts outside there in a big circle and it overlooks the ocean there’s a beautiful field of daisies off to one side there’s a little tire swing I would say for a couple of nights we were just here for one day and we only saw such a small amount of the island we saw some sculptures we saw a museum we’re about to go to a second museum but there’s so much more to explore so I would recommend you stay for a couple of days for sure [Music] [Music] good morning good morning good morning I feel like an angel so this is the outfit from don don down on Wednesday in Shibuya now this is the one that I ripped straight off the mannequin and left her very inappropriately naked in the very front of the store so sorry about that there wasn’t a sound at all last night just birds and animals running around today’s outfit is this little sort of very very soft negligee kind of kimono would it would he call this a gown we also have a corset now the corset was difficult to get into but now that I’m in it it’s actually surprisingly comfortable I was worried that it would that be ver it was quite tight but it’s really really cozy now that I’m wearing it and then of course the dress which can be worn off the shoulder as well and I think it looks really nice off the shoulder love that love that for me but obviously because it’s under the kimono have to kind of wear it up like this just jumped out of the ocean I’ve not been imagining that you have to be like oh like once a court [Music] [Music] [Music] so today we’re walking around Naoshima and we’re looking at the art house project so there’s seven houses they’re just house it as they sort of blend in with all the other houses on the island you need your little map to be able to find them but they each have an installation of some sort in them and you can’t take pictures inside so we can’t show you but we can show you the outside so we’ve just come to our third place and this place is called fascia this is called an ugly faced fish [Music] [Applause] [Music] I have my chocolate frogs this is $12 whose box there is better be good oh my god it’s empty okay little bad boy he’s huge oh my god – gotcha gonna melt it like my infinitive is that just pure chocolate 101 is he solid chocolate he’s so little [Music] so messy yeah impractical snack [Music] [Applause] yeah what I like so I’m under very strict instructions in Daniel that had to pick up three more of these premium chalices because last year when we were here we go one and he’s a little bit worse a day about wanting the full set because when his friends come over and he’s drinking out of on his friends drink he had a plastic cup so gloss so he’s like and you got three more I just have to finish on this but of me now and then take the top side for Daniel [Music] one down [Music] idea [Music] so we’ve just spent the day at Universal Studios in Osaka I’ve been here once before and I did a lot the first time that I came and this time was mostly for Harry Potter world butterbeer a couple of crazy roller coasters and then just you know wandering around and seeing all the interesting sights I’m wearing three Thrifted items so I want the thrifted white t-shirt that was like six or seven dollars I have the rip-off felt this one which was ten and then when we went into a we go in how to do drew we saw these for like five dollars so I do feel slightly gypped about that and then the shorts now this shirt too epic they’re so cool they’re really really retro [Music] I’m from look hot there he is they were $30 and this one I was tossing and turning and upping and hiring but I’ve worn these all day today and I’m so glad that I spent $30 on them because they’re amazing they’re comfortable they’re super stylish the kind of retro looking very unique and most importantly for me at least [Music] this is a great fun which is why skirt shopping is epic because you know you find things that like where am I gonna find a pair of vintage lacoste shorts look I couldn’t be happier to be honest [Music] oh he’s chasing the quarry naughty naughty Luke look it’s mom hello baby hello baby boy you see me oh hi hello sweetie boy we’re doing a pottery class there’s a couple of different courses that you can do so this is called Becky poor boy you can make original pots so you can do option one you can paint on pots like this and you can do your own designs you can also do making pots with a manual wheel which is like this is a wheel that you spin yourself it’s a manual one and then they also have electric wheels over there so you can do making pots with an electric wheel and then they’ll ship it back to you one that I made and this place is absolutely beautiful into the base of kiyomizu-dera which is just up the hill there I’ve always wanted to do a pottery class in Kyoto it’s been like one of my number one priorities but usually you need a booking but this place you don’t need a booking you can just walk straight in fashion [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] thank you concede [Music] so we’re all finished now tiasha has covered hers in lots and lots of little beautiful stamps mine is a little bit more allure K we have a couple of little stamps and we have a tiny little bird little hoodie in here so you get to choose how you want to decorate it they give you lots of little stamps that you can decorate with it and then at the end you get to choose what colors that you want so because Tiasha and I want sort of this type of design so once they’ve fired it they’ll paint it for us I’m gonna have pink pink and blue like this one tiasha went for pink and green which is a really really nice combination that’s it so we just wait one month and then they’ll send these to us they’ll be all fired in the kiln and everything and then they’ll be done so now that we’ve finished this we’re going to explore Kyoto music and then we’re off to osaka tonight [Music] [Music] the sign says no but my fingers say yes this is beautiful I bet these are delicious oh wow aren’t they amazing this is just like unbelievable to me science has gone too far yes this is insane [Music] tomorrow her inside is it is egg Wow Oh [Music] yeah check this right in there [Music] is it sweet it tastes like blood I know but it would be really easy you’ll really see 3d but it’s just like it’s just like essence of the sea melting on your tongue that sounds quite nice so we’re at the Nishiki fish market in Kyoto this is a really really long strip of different stalls it goes I don’t know like hundreds and hundreds of meters and there’s all different stalls they all have different specialties so we decided to sit here I’ve just tried to see ocean for the first time and also while we were sitting here we noticed that there’s these huge oysters in these buckets over here the 12,000 the 1200 and 100 okay ready to eat the biggest oyster I’ve seen in my entire life look at that bad boy okay I don’t know how I’m supposed to approach this I don’t know what I’m going to do do you just like pick it up I said pick it up and take a bite but don’t try to do the whole thing in one of them oh well this is the saltiest thing I’ve eaten in my whole life you know good way yeah in the best fishy way possible [Music] [Music] we’re at fushimi-inari taisha this is the beautiful iconic walk that you see all over Instagram all the travel bloggers hit it up immediately as soon as they come to Kyoto I am in the vintage I think this was called antique was the brand that we picked up from Don Don down on Wednesday in Shibuya also we have the 100 yen skirt as well from the thrift store in Koenji so this is the last outfit of the week for a very very beautiful but very very hot day I did take to Instagram earlier today and I said to everyone should I wear the purple skirt or should I wear the brown one it was tired we had about 6,000 people voting for each so I think that we’re picking the brown because it’s shorter and the purple one would have been way too hot we’re gonna try and wrap things up here because of how hot it is we’ll catch you guys at the bottom of the gates up ahead [Music] [Music] so if you’re coming to a fushimi inari and you want to get some pictures with the torii gates but you don’t want 10,000 tourists in the way I discovered this tiny tiny little passageway here it’s got one two three four five six seven eight nine it’s just got nine of the gates and it leads up to a little shrine up here so if you want to find this all you have to do when you come out of the torii gates you just immediately look to the right and there’s a little sign that says bathroom and you go down the stairs where the bathroom is and you turn the left and you come around the corner there’s no one else here you’ll be the only person you can have the gates all to yourself and take some really beautiful photos and you can say a prayer while you’re at it too so very happy that we found this [Music] these girls will hear out income owners I don’t know how they’re doing it the shock just doesn’t very not all in the slightest I feel like I’m in a sauna right now you look cute thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] so this is Arashiyama this is the bamboo grove you can find this place just outside of kyoto it took us about 20 minutes on the train and then another 10 minute walk definitely worth a visit it’s not the longest stretch of bamboo it really just it kind of ends just where the light is up there but standing here you’d think that it goes on as far as the eye can see there’s a lot to see in this area too there’s heaps of temples and shrines and beautiful restaurants and street food definitely definitely worth a visit but it’s very warm this is the sort of place any time of the year you can come by it’s not like the cherry blossoms or it has to be in cherry blossom season you can visit arashiyama any time definitely add it to your list when you come to Japan [Music] [Music] [Music] of the best young meeting here remember I’ve changed forever okay guys that’s it I hope you enjoyed that video sorry it’s such a sudden ending I didn’t really prepare myself while I was in Japan for the video to come to an end I really should have filmed outro in a scenic location but if you liked this video and you like the style of video please let me know because I do really enjoy travel content I know lots of people are subscribed for haul videos but I love Japan I love studying Japanese I love learning about Japanese culture and I love photographing and videoing beautiful places in Japan so if you want to see more videos like this then give me a thumbs up to let me know and make sure that you check out some of my other videos about Japan thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you next time [Music]


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