On Her Deathbed, His Aunt Whispered Check Under The Sewing Machine Finds $3 Million Dollar Treasure

on her deathbed his aunt whispered check under the sewing machine finds three million dollar treasure Carl Sabatino was by his aunt's death bed when she died in 2004 and good thing he was because if he weren't he wouldn't have gotten a chance to hear about the secret she's been keeping for a long time just three days before she passed away Jenny told Carl to look under the sewing machine for a treasure she's been keeping for her but Carl was uncertain if the old woman actually knew what she was saying or was just being delirious even more he wasn't sure what the treasure under the sewing machine his aunt was referring to he decided to dig around after her death and true to her words he came upon something that could be a treasure in his aunt's Staten Island home just as she'd said it was a truly shocking discovery for him as I moved the sewing machine that came sliding right out onto my lap I was stunned he said I found it wrapped in newspaper it turned out that the treasure is old aunt was referring to was a recreation of Pablo Picasso's painting woman with a cape according to Sabatino a New Jersey broadcast executive this recreation was probably done by Picasso decades after he painted the original Sabatino believed his uncle Nicky Vostro most likely bought the painting from a street vendor during a trip to London in 1944 for about ten to thirty dollars this uncle of his was fighting in World War two at the time and the painting was for a gallery that had either been bombed or looted at the time Sabatino also remembers seeing the piece around the house as a child my brother and I called it the lady with the fuzzy hat he recalls he's convinced that the paintings real as to why Picasso would decide to recreate a painting of the original Sabatino believes he did it to try out a new painting method but one expert at Christie's in New York was quick to dismiss it as a knock off after a less than thorough check she examined it for about 30 seconds and flipped it back at me and said this is a ten dollar poster don't waste your time he recalled I said okay but where did it come from in your opinion in its color although the expert had a point since the paint was an exotic rarity during those times another analyst decided not to write the matter off as an impossibility when Sabatino took the painting to him to verify or refute that his aunt's precious painting was a knockoff analyst Kenneth Smith of the Center for art materials analysis in Westmont Illinois decided to extract some of the paint for some tests and also confirmed that indeed the material on the painting was entirely consistent with what was popularly in use in 1930 Europe there was also a right particle thumbprint somewhere on the painting which might help unlock the truth behind the painting with further analysis if it matches a plaster cast of Picasso's hand if all these tests prove Savage chinos aunt to be right he might very well consider himself a millionaire since according to a Florida art appraiser Richard bowl I it could be worth around thirteen million dollars if found to be genuine we would have to wait awhile to confirm that and if true then Sabatino can think is an uncle for turning his fortune around you


  1. Lucky man.. Wish I even had enough money to buy a simple used car for like 1000. But I don't. Sad face…

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  3. Very misleading title. Video didn't even confirm the painting's origins, or value. Wish we had the rest of the story!

  4. How I wish we were rich and our situation right now is just a lesson for me to know how to be humble lmao.

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