On a tour with Daddy’s fan’s kids [The Return of Superman/2019.12.01]

The Return of Superman, episode 305. “A Little Village Called Memories”. (“A Little Village Called Memories”) It’s a day that makes you feel great. What is that placard in front of the KBS building? – “Jam Jam Tour”? / – What? Is Jam Jam going somewhere today? (2019 Jam Jam Tour) We’re finally going today. Today is the day of Jam Jam Tour. What is that? Your face is over there. It’s my photo. Yes, it is your photo. It’s Jam Jam. – That’s Daddy. / – She’s so excited. – You’re cute. / – Am I cute? Hello. Hello. Come here. It’s going to be fun, right? Yes. Many friends will be joining us today. It’s been about 23 years since I made my debut. Many of my fans are now married and with children. It’s not easy to go on a memory trip alone with your children. So I planned a short group family trip. I think it’d be a great memory. – I heard many fans applied. / – We’re finally going. It’d be great if we could all go together. (Sad) A lot of people applied. – Almost 200 people did. / – Is it 40-to-1 chance? (Who are the lucky ones?) – He picked five teams himself. / – He did. Let’s see who will come. I can’t wait. (Excited) She’s so excited. Where are they? – They must be here. / – Hello. Your friend is here. Say hello. – It’s Jam Jam. Hello. / – Say hello to your friend. (As if meeting a long lost friend…) Hello. As soon as you saw him… Come this way. Come here. – Hi, Jam Jam. / – He’s a year older than you. – She’s younger than you. / – Right? (Let’s be friends.) – Jam Jam is so cute. / – Were you the one who applied? – Yes. / – Come this way. Come here, Jam Jam. Jam Jam will have a fun time with this older boy today. They share everything that’s good. The boy who Jam Jam fell in love with is the eldest kid of Jam Jam Tour and a smiling angel. He’s four-year-old Hajin. (Jam Jam Tour’s eldest, Four-year-old Park Hajin) What made you apply? I listened to your radio show and became your fan. I was going through a tough time – raising my son alone. / – I see. You’re like my best friend. The radio is a great companion when looking after kids. – Right. / – He must feel proud. – Let’s have fun today. / – Another family is here. They are here. Hello. Hello. Say hello. (Hello, my friend.) This time, the boy gives Jam Jam a hug first. – When was he born? / – They must like each other. April? So he’s a month older than Jam Jam. Jam Jam. He follows her. Come here. (Screaming) He’s the unpredictable mischievous kid on Jam Jam Tour. He’s three just like Jam Jam, and his name is Hayul. (Mischievous three-year-old Kim Hayul) Are you a fan of The Return of Superman or… I’ve liked you since you debuted as a solo artist. – I think female fans / – Really? – would never imagine this kind of moment. / – Right. (Give me a high-five, Uncle Heejun.) He’s very proactive. – Hello. Come this way. / – Hello. – There’s another family. / – Hello. My gosh, the third kid is here. Yet she’s still staying with Hajin. Right, she’s still with Hajin. – Hello. Hello. / – Hi. How old is he? – He’s three years old. / – He’s the same age too. I’ve been your fan for 23 years. – 23 years? / – Are you my fan? – Of course. / – She’s a successful fan. Jam Jam, here’s another friend. (There’s another friend.) It’s nice to meet you. (Jam Jam gives a warm welcome to her friends.) You have another friend. – Hello. / – Hello. – How old is he? / – He’s three years old. – Three? He’s the same age. / – They’re the same age. I love Jam Jam, and I’m a big fan of you too. – That’s why I applied to join. / – I see. (Hajoon brought a snack for Jam Jam.) Thank you. Say thank you. (Enjoy the snack, Jam Jam.) Hello. Come this way. – He’s the youngest. / – He’s the youngest. – Hello. / – He’s two years old. (This time, we have a younger boy.) I used to go – by the nickname “Heejun’s Wife”./ – “Heejun’s Wife”? (I see, that was you.) That’s why you wrote that you were my first wife. – Yes. / – I see. (He’s reading an application.) I don’t think he should read it. Stop. Stop. – It makes me feel awkward. / – “Honey, it’s me.” “Honey, it’s me. Heejun’s Wife.” “I’ve become Dooho’s wife and a mother to one child.” “I told my husband I’m going to see my ex-husband.” (Am I her ex-husband?) (Jeon Hyojoo: Ex-wife of Heejun, current wife of Dooho) She’s formerly Heejun’s wife and currently Dooho’s wife. Whenever I’m shooting The Return of Superman, it’s rare for me to run into my fans. Which member from our team did your daughter like? I think she liked Tony. (I’m crying inside.) (Who did you like from our team?) – H.O.T. has a lot of fans, but… / – Kangta – Heejun hadn’t found his fans until now. / – Exactly. (All of Heejun’s fans are here.) – Are you excited? / – Today will be – a party for Heejun’s fans. / – Are you excited? We’ll go back in time to when you first met me. Since we’re going back to our school years, – I prepared school uniforms. / – He prepared uniforms? It must feel like going back – to their teenage years. / – It’s a smart gift. You’re right. (Excited) – Yes, you can go. / – Let me get changed. I’ll be back. (Fiddling) (Back to the 90s) – What do you think? / – It’s an old-school hairstyle. – Archaeopteryx. / – “Archaeopteryx”. Am I an archaeopteryx? Come here. (The moms change into their school uniforms.) Are they really moms? – They look so young. / – I feel awkward. It suits you well. – Does Mom look pretty? / – Yes. Mom looks pretty, doesn’t she? You can get on. Go on ahead. (It’s like going on a school trip.) They’re going on a trip with the idol of their teen in school uniforms. I bet they’re nervous. It must feel good just to get on that bus. (Let’s have a fun time today.) Welcome to Jam Jam Tour! Is he acting as their guide? (Heejun is their guide for today.) Are you excited for today? – Yes! / – Yes! Let’s go! – Let’s go! / – Let’s go. Jam Jam Tour seems exciting. What fun things await them? I had stomach cramps – and couldn’t eat anything all day. / – Really? She must’ve been so nervous. (This song…) She’s smiling. Why do they look so happy? What is this? It’s my song. Gosh, gosh, gosh. This is Uncle Heejun’s song. Do you want to listen to it? (Not interested) The moms like it, but the children aren’t interested. (I can’t stop!) “I can’t stop!” (She chants like she used to back then.) Of course. That’s how you cheer an idol. (What are you doing, Mom?) They’re proving that they’re true fans. (They’re becoming one thanks to Heejun’s song.) (He can’t stop smiling.) – No. / – That’s right. Play Mini Force’s song. (Go! Go! Strongest warriors!) (The kids are finally reacting.) – Of course. / – All of a sudden? Kids love this song. They’re reacting. Good job. They arrived at their destination while listening to cheerful music. Let’s get off. We’re here. Let’s get off. (Where are we?) Kids can run around in nature at this arboretum, where Jam Jam Tour will take place. – We’re here. We’re here. / – Wow. Let’s go, Jam Jam. Where is she going instead of holding Dad’s hand? Jam Jam. (Jam Jam lets go of her dad’s hand and goes somewhere.) Hold my hand. She prefers her friend over Dad. Jam Jam is outgoing. – Look. / – That’s bound to make Heejun upset. (Bitter) (I like my friend.) (Please hold my hand too.) – Let’s go while holding hands. / – How adorable. Let’s go while holding hands. Jam Jam. She’s excited since there are many friends around. That’s right. (If Jam Jam runs, we’ll run too!) (Hey, wait for me!) Hey, what is this? Do you want a ride? (Please help me on.) I’m scared. Are you scared? – Gosh. / – He’s holding her hand since she said she’s scared. (I want to ride it too.) He wants to ride the swing alone with her. (Sit here.) They’re making more room for him. (Jam Jam is holding his hand tight.) How cute. I’m scared. I’m scared. – Are you scared? / – He’s scared. I’m not scared. You’re not? I’m not scared. – He’s copying Jam Jam. He’s not scared. / – Faster. Show us. (I’m not scared of such a thing.) (Roaring) He even changed his voice. (What a funny guy.) We’ll start with a sports competition. There is a reward. A reward. A mug cup with a picture – of Jam Jam and I / – Oh, my gosh! – is up for grabs. / – We have to win, Hayul. Siha, you should win. You have to eat the chips without using your hands. You have to go like this. If you eat it, you’ll win. Do you understand? Start when I say go. – Here we go. Ready, go! / – Go? – Let’s go. / – Go. (They scramble to eat the chips.) Don’t use your hands. Where are you going, Doyoon? (Doyoon just went right by it.) (Ready…) (Jump!) – He can’t reach it. / – He used his head. – No hands. / – He can’t use his hands. (Hayul eats with his hands.) (Hajoon tries his strategy again.) (Meanwhile, Jam Jam is…) That’s… Jam Jam picked the highest one. Her tongue is going forward first. (Here’s a lower one.) – That’s it. Try a lower one. / – Yes, yes. That’s it. That’s it. No, no. A little more. Her hands just reach out automatically. – He broke it with his hands. / – Help me. Gosh. – Is he sharing? / – He’s looking after her. How sweet. How nice. (Enjoy it, my friend!) He’s not done. – He couldn’t get one yet. / – Hajoon, you too. I heard the sound. (You should have one too.) – Is she looking after him? / – My goodness. In any case, everyone got to eat some chips. I’ll tell you the rule for the second round. You have to put in as much as you can. Okay? Just… (Shall I try it?) You can start when I say go. (My precious nose…) It hit his nose. – Not his precious face. / – They hit Heejun’s face. Hayul, don’t aim for his face. You rascal. I’ll scold you. I’ll go down like this. – Yes, go lower. / – You can throw it in now. Go ahead and throw it! (The kids run to him.) (Not many balls make it in.) That hurts, guys. (Are the bean bags going to his face?) They’re aiming for Heejun. (Aim, shoot) We could never do that. – What do we do? / – It would break their hearts to throw at him. (Doyoon is joining!) Doyoon! I think you’re attacking me on purpose. (Bingo!) They find it funny because Heejun reacts to it. Doyoon, don’t throw at him. His mom is telling him to stop. He chose the wrong kind of game. What do we do? Gosh. He used to be someone precious to them. It can’t be helped once you become a parent. It can’t be helped. (I can’t watch anymore.) Hold on. Hold on. You should teach him baseball. – That was a hard throw. / – Doyoon aimed at him. (I’m not done yet.) Stop, stop. Guys, stop. Heejun had to go through an unexpected ordeal. (Jam Jam suddenly goes somewhere.) (Hey, I have something for you.) Is she giving him a bean bag? Gosh. (This is a bean bag.) (Stumbling) – His hood is suddenly heavy. / – Mom. He almost fell backward because of one bean bag. Please sit down. They came to eat after their sports competition. (They’re ready to eat.) What is this, Hayul? (Hurry up, I’m hungry.) Wait, I can’t find Jam Jam. Where is she? Jam Jam is taking a nap. – See you later. / – Okay, please come up. (Heejun volunteered to serve their meals.) (Heejun is giving me food.) Goodness, they must feel so happy. All the moms are so happy. – Heejun is serving them after all. / – That’s right. (It was a happy time getting food.) – Enjoy your food. / – Thank you for the food. – Enjoy your food. / – It’ll taste even better. They must wonder why their moms are acting strange. It’s tasty for the moms because Heejun served them, and it’s tasty for the kids after all the running. (Hayul left his seat.) – Don’t do that. / – Hello. Tummy. Tummy. “Fatty”? I don’t have a tummy. – He’s lost weight. / – He’s lost weight – Tummy. / – I had one three months ago, but not anymore. – Tummy. Tummy. / – He doesn’t have one. He lost 17kg. I wish I was him. – What are you saying? / – Is she jealous? That is something only a fan would say. She’s really my fan. She must be a huge fan. (All the moms can relate.) Tummy. Tummy! Yes, you’re right. That’s my tummy. It’s my tummy. Everyone is full as lunchtime comes to an end. Now they’re off to the next course on Jam Jam Tour. Jam Jam, which animal do you want to see? (She’s in a good mood.) – I want to see rabbits. / – They have… They have rabbits here. Oh, those are the rabbits that Jam Jam wanted to see. Shall we see the rabbits? Let’s go see the rabbits. Here. Give them some carrots. I’ll give them carrots. Here. They’re feeding them carrots. – They’re eating well. How cute. / – Gosh. Is she giving them all of that at once? (Handful) (Have a lot so you can grow big.) She’s a giving person. (She finished the carrots instantly.) She’s full of love. – She gave them all away. / – She poured it all in. Gosh. – Gosh. / – What is that? – What is that sound? / – Jam Jam. What is this? It’s a strange gorilla. – What? What is it? / – She must be scared. (I’ll run for my life!) (What’s with the gorilla?) Hayul, are you scared? – She’s scared. / – Of course. Did you feed the rabbits a lot of carrots? (I won’t look.) Jam Jam. Give me some carrots too. – Give me some carrots. / – He’s asking for carrots. Will they give him one when they’re so scared? (What do we do?) Jam Jam, give me a carrot. – Oh, how brave. / – He’s going. Hayul is going. Hayul is brave. Thank you, Hayul. – It looks delicious. / – Hayul is giving him some. Power. (I’ll protect my friends!) Dad! Dad? Dad is right here. – It’s so hot. Jam Jam. / – Jam Jam. – Dad! / – It’s Dad. – It’s Dad. / – Dad. – It’s Dad. / – It’s Dad. – Dad. / – Ta-da. (Dad, I missed you.) Were you scared? – I was scared. / – Did you look for me? – Yes. / – I wanted to make good memories for everyone. (I was scared for nothing.) – Jam Jam. / – No! – Should I stop? / – Heejun was startled – to see the kids so scared. / – Exactly. After a commotion thanks to the gorilla, they’re off to the final course on Jam Jam Tour. What is it this time? They saw something strange. A spooky-looking house that looks out of place in this beautiful forest path appeared. The entrance is covered with spider webs! (There are scary ghost friends!) There are even ghosts. What are they going to do here? (Hello, is it your first time at a haunted house?) – There’s a treasure inside. / – A treasure? – Is it a treasure hunt? / – Why did he hide it here? Go look for the treasure. Will they go in? – She’s scared. / – They gave up right away. – It’s scary. / – I don’t want to. Oh, Doyoon? Are you scared? Can’t you go inside? – Doyoon too. / – He forfeited too. (Hayul is hesitating at the entrance.) – Hayul. / – Can you go in? – No. / – Are you scared? – Mom. / – Are you scared? Are you scared? (While everyone is shivering in fear…) Are you scared? (Should I try going in?) Hajin is thinking about it. After all, – There’s a treasure inside. / – he’s the oldest. Hajin, go find it. – She’s telling him to go. / – He must be torn. How can he not go in after hearing that? It’s the biggest challenge in his four years of life. (He can’t get himself to take a step.) (You’ll find it for us, right?) (He bravely enters for Jam Jam.) – He’s going. I knew it. / – Is he going in? – He’s so brave. / – You’re brave. – But… / – Who’s that beside him? Hayul is suddenly joining him. Hayul brought up his courage after seeing Hajin go in. They just have to search and find the treasure now. – What is that? / – How scary! – It’s scary! / – What is that? (Scared out of their wits) (Hajin ended up going alone.) Hajin stayed. (You didn’t forget what I said, right?) (Hey, what is that?) I think he found the treasure. (Hey, what is that?) (He found the treasure box!) – That must be it. / – Hajin found it! – He’s so brave. / – That’s impressive. (He really found it.) (Well done, Hajin.) – What’s inside? / – What treasure did Hajin find? What is it? What is it? – His mom seems to… / – His mom likes it more. – Shall we trade? / – Give it to Auntie. I’ll give you a caramel. Won’t you give that to me? – Tell her it’s okay. / – I want to see it too. Hajin, what is this? What is it? (What is this?) It should be a treasure the kids like, but it’s my autographed CD. Is it okay? – Is it okay? / – No wonder the moms want it. (She’s satisfied.) It’s fine as long as the mom’s happy. I’ll give you something delicious instead. – Okay. / – Hajin did a good job for his mom. Look over there. Okay. One, two, three. 2019 Jam Jam Tour will be unforgettable. A little village called memories was built inside everyone’s hearts.


  1. They all legit like high schooler with those uniforms on. It's almost like they're with their youngest brother instead of their child.

  2. Man if bts would do this in the future … damn I need hundreds of children so I can apply my name multiple times

  3. Sorry for this comment, I’m imagining one of the bts member would be like this in the future. This mom are lucky to be with their idol.

  4. The fans are lucky~ this would be cute if nuest got their little nuest in many years from now with LOVEs too ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

  5. All those kids are so kind with each other 😍😍 they are so cute!
    Jamjam is our little sunshine, her happiness and her smile are contagious ❤

  6. If Sehun makes this kind of event in the future, I might left my kid at the back and only focusing on Sehun 😂 “My son/daughter, Mom is sorry, I like Uncle Sehun so much even after I married your father” 😂🤭 oh God I can’t imagine lol

  7. If Kang Daniel would become a father in the future, I would like him to join TROS so that I can have my chance to attend this event too. Fighting Danity for Daniel forever! ❤

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  9. second gen and third gen groups, pls get married and hve babies so fans can do this too kdjsjdjfkd //coughs maybe super junior or girls’ gen. 👀 im looking at you sooyoung 👀

  10. What a great idea for idol fans…but I'm torn. I would love to meet my idol Yoona in a version of this "tour", but then again, I wanna be Yoona's husband, so…🤔🤣🙄

  11. Imagine exo like this? But still….. I wouldn't be able to be with them cause you know… The tros kids mom should not be there hehe

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  13. seeing this, I became delusional what if in the future I and my idol would be like this too. looks funny when gathering at a young age. I hope to be like them. have fun with his idol

  14. 12:57 Jamjam putting the bean bag on the lil' baby's hood reminds me of William back when he put a toy on Baby Ben's hood. 😂😂😂

  15. The moms' reaction when their kids started to throw the bean bags on Heejun's face is priceless. 😂😂😂

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    Anyways, the kids were just too cute, Jam Jam super cute as always. 😄 And fan moms, I felt like they wanted to fan out more, but couldn't because of the cameras and kids. 😆 But I'm sure they are still super thrilled they got to hang out with him.

  19. This is the cutest and sweetest thing I’ve ever seen a former idol do🥺 I’ve been a kpop fan for years and would love to meet up with my favorite idol in the future like this !😭

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