Old New Jersey Tie Stall Barn

so we are down at the farm where my mom grew up on and my mom's little brother took her ended up taking over the farm my mom's little brother my uncle which would be your father this is my cousin Steve and everybody you probably remember him from the track the Ford tractor video but we're just sitting there they got some master choice corn over there it's looking pretty good so we are down at the barn and we're gonna be going around I know a lot of people like going through our old barn our old tie stall barn so this is an old tie stall barn that's a little different you got your main part and then you get a little l-shaped that comes off got some peppers out here but we're gonna go in because this is a little different this is a I guess you would call it a head-to-head barn where it's easier to feed because you have one lane down the middle so we're walking in right here so basically this is the main run of the barn you got a walkway on each side for the cows to go out while they go out that way they don't come this way and then you have your one feed Ali is this your favorite right here and that's not your favorite she's okay she's okay get all the girls like what is going on right here you got your nice dividers tiled fronts oh here's your favorite over here here she is CeCe's your favorite your brother's favorite yeah she is a sweetheart of a cow and there's her daughter which one's your favorite this is the one you took to the fair hurricane nice red and white never then if we go over here this is the L sheet part they think they're getting fed now that's why they're all getting up I always said this is your favorite one I always say the pros and cons to everything this is a lot easier to feed in this kind of barn obviously because you just got one alley as opposed to go into two different sides but when he melts he starts at one end goes all the way around down to here so he does a lot more walking then my brother my dad does in our power bar so and it holds about to say well you got 60 60 60 stalls not bad at all so these got about eat more than we do but still this is always nice – you got the nice box stalls over here cows ready – fresh in or whatever you can put her in the box stall alright you got a you got a pet you get the old pet cow in there and there's a calf down in there a little baby till she goes out to our camp hutch let's check out the silos right here one of the corn silo Rd corn silage silo you flick a switch right in here and the silo and loader up top unloads and drops it in the cart this actually is a cable there's a pulley up top and it's holding the silo loader so when it's you can lower it down a little bit and it'll you don't want to lower it down too much because you'll bury it you just go gradually a little bit at a time and then when you're done you want to bring it up it kind of clears out the silo and loader well when I was a little kid I had a cousin who lives in South Jersey right outside Trenton so they were like the city kids that came up and we always laughed because my uncle told him there was a man that he didn't know anything about silent loaders so there was a man that ah Johnny lived up in the silo and that was his job was to throw down silage so what my uncle would do is he'd yell up this shoe okay John throw it down and after he said that you flicked the switch and my cousin would stand there and awe so Johnny finally retired and he's his living life I think he's down somewhere in Florida right now he's just drinks a beer and has a good on the beach or something probably fifty years of living in a silo so so we'll go down to another side though now we're here at another silo there's a silo here and then there's one over on the other side but basically this unloads there's a little chute and goes up there now loads will go outside in a second show you guys but Stephens gonna open this up this door this is where it unloads – it all falls down into there and then you can scoop it right into his cart this is to the third and final silo they haven't even used this but yeah you can see well actually look oh this is inside one of the old silos this was the first silo on this farm he said so that's what they look like inside here this is the milk house get your milking machines right here in your collection jar where it comes in kicks it over to the tank this is right off this is right off where we first walked in so the mail cos is right there there's the barn yard where we are there's the where we started and the milk truck will just drive in hook up to the tank you see he's already been here today so this is where the milk ends up here's the old Harvester this is where you put the shell of corn right yeah shale corn so you got the green the shale corn all comes in the feed room is bassy right off where you would have walked out for the milk houses over there that's where we first walked in they got a grinder right there that cracks the kernel and this is for the protein pellet that's the corn silage silo that we saw like I said Johnny finally retired so I got a silo loader now that goes into that room you got your hey Mao up here there's the bag the breather bag for the harvester you get a big big square bale of straw here girls for the heifers oh just for the cows in the barn that's a nice strong chop it every night you know oh you put it in the betting chopper here and then since since we are pretty much in the actually back in the day I think it was right here yeah right here cuz there's the old place over Boise Iowa came in here into that we stored all the grain in here and instead of getting a grain bin it just kind of came in this Roma a big pile on the floor there's the pipe the truck would come in and hook on to this pipe right here those are the Christmas lights for every Christmas they put up they put a Christmas tree up on the side of the door to open it up yeah cuz we could probably read another Bale or something right oh right there so coming right here and then when I got low you have to come shovel it right over to there right now we're right about where we are right over the cows right now oh right in the middle we were right over the cows so that's basically where we are so they'll come down throw hay down to here and they can chuck hay right out here right to the cows so here's the haylage silo and here's where it falls down comes from up there falls down into here and down there was the door where Stephen open before they do have a bunker silo so when he starts doing corn they'll first of corn silage will be chopped and put in the bunker silo that way when the silo is empty they'll switch over to the bunker silo and when he does when he feeds out of the bunker silo it's over school yep he'll get a scoop and then here's the elevator obviously that takes the hay bales right up into the right up into the hayloft there's the old silo that they don't use anymore the first one that was on this farm and then the old like I said the old bunker side off yeah obviously they'll clean it out before right now you just got the dump trailer in here and round bales all over and they have a cloth everything's cloth cloth tedder cloths rake and the cloths round baler they've got a cloth 340 rolling so instead of the belts it's got the rollers it's got the nut wrap you can kind of see in the front it makes a pretty nice bale I swear the John Deere comes in handy that's how we load them all on the truck to deliver him and you got to take multiple if you put the pallet forks on John here and comes in that's basically the farm down here in New Jersey yeah what are you milking about 50 cals 40 cows 45 45 cows Paul steams with just a couple of jerseys yeah that's basically it this is if I wasn't in New York as a kid this is where I was also down here bothering the heck out of his father as a young man and then my grandfather our grandfather was on an Ag Way board and he'd always go to meetings up in Syracuse and your father would say he hated those meetings because every time they came grandma and grandpa came back they brought a grandkid with him so that would be either me or one of my brothers but anyway my little guy wants to go out for a ride on one of the tractors Stevens got some work to do he's got to take that manure out so we're gonna let you go thumbs up if you liked this video drop me a comment below hit me up on Instagram like P 7810 and how farmer on Instagram and hit that subscribe button if you haven't already if you have thank you very much we will see you see you in the next video


  1. love the dairy farm videos. I live in Franklin twsp. Somerset county NJ. Right down the road from me is the last operating dairy farm in the county. I hate to see all the small family dairy farms going under. Are both your farms still up and running.

  2. Hi Mike my name is Gleison I'm from Brazil. I live in Philadelphia, PA .i look to visit dairy farm because I building tie stall barn in Brazil.i want now more about tie stalls

  3. I live up here in Canada where we have the quota system for dairy,poultry (meat and eggs) and I hear there is going to be in dairy goats. Anyways I hear 4 litres of milk in the USA is $1, while here it’s around $4 for 3 litres. Anyways I love seeing all small dairy farms as many are expanding or closing up shop. Keep farming

  4. What was the bag to the haverstor for exactly? There are very few of those around here. I've never seen one up close. It's hard to believe that there are still small dairys out there. There's only about 5 around here. There was a bunch 30 years ago. Take care and have fun

  5. Loved this barn tour. Nice clip Mike. Keep them coming. Again, I must say I really appreciate all the craftsmanship that went into these old barns and silos.

  6. Two things I thought always milk a full barn and also who has the better herd average you guys are you uncle

  7. Another disadvantage to this set up with the cows facing each other is it seems like the walls behind them are always dirtier than normal. When they manure it tends to splatter on the walls

  8. Our dairy barn only held 60, but we milked 100-120. The cows were so trained, that usually we did not even tie them up. When we were done with one girl, she would back out, walk out the barn and the next one up would walk in, find her stall and is ready for her milking. They all had names. We could keep gates open because they knew if they simply crossed the line, our Blue Heeler would be on them in an instant. Keep up the great videos.

  9. I thought the air bags were in the harvastore on the top. Didn't realize that u could plumb them in outside of the silo

  10. Great video thanks for sharing. Love those old barns not many around like that anymore. Hats off to you and your relatives there in nj for keeping it going. Very few small dairies like that left these days and the pricing and coop doesn't make it any easier. We're not all that much bigger than you at work with 100 milking it's an educational institute so i guess we're not really a "farm " so to speak. On a side note our dion was delivered today, i thought we were getting the f41 but a 2430 in jd green showed up instead didn't have much time to talk to the reps as they were getting it ready. Im guessing we ended up with that because we ordered through our local deere dealer and i guess the 2430 is a dion/deere product. I'll have to try and get some pics/vid and figure out a way to show you.

  11. Our neighbor has a head to head barn and it is a pain to milk in it, only 30 cows so 15 on a side and when you switch sides always running back and forth to get the milkers

  12. If you dont mind me asking who do you guys sell your milk to? Would love to buy some of you guys milk / cheese

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