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So Ojala Threads
creates baby bodysuits inspired by Hispanic heritage. I love the idea
of Ojala Threads. EBONIE CANNON:
They feel amazing. Like, once you touch it,
you just have to have one. Hi, my name is
Romona Ferreyra. We’re here in the
South Bronx today. Welcome to Ojala Threads. Ojala Threads is inspired
by Taíno culture. These were the first people
to be encountered by Columbus. I wanted our designs to not
focus on modern day borders, instead looking at
indigenous roots. I was born in New York City. Actually was sent over
to the Dominican Republic at the age of
three, but I always felt like I didn’t belong
to the both communities that I was supposed
to be representing. Ojala Threads really was
about creating a conversation. It’s very difficult to
raise a child in a place where sometimes your
culture and your identity is not fully appreciated, and
my clothing says the opposite. It says you can be fully who
you are and take pride in that. Like, you put on one
of our bodysuits, and if you’re
wearing Folclórico, Folclórico tells people you
come from the Caribbean, you listen to merengue,
you love salsa, but it also says, I know
who I am, and I’m taking that into the future. I’ve never seen
baby clothing that shows a representation of
Hispanic heritage and culture. I love the design. They’re very heritage-focused,
and that’s important to me that my kids know
their heritage. It feels heartfelt,
more than just a onesie. He has background in his story. I think it’s equally
important that his clothes represent that. So today, we are
with our printer Eric. He is a [INAUDIBLE]. We’ve been working together
on printing our designs and decided to enter
into a partnership because he was one of the few
print houses in the South Bronx that were locally owned. I think it’s a beautiful
thing to have these young kids, you know, learning
about their roots. Hispanic Heritage Month,
Black History Month, these are all periods of
time that we should really take and invest
ourselves in better understanding each other. So whenever I see a baby
wearing one of our designs, I’m humbled. Every single piece
that is purchased and every picture that I
get holds a special place in our story for
giving our babies something to be proud of, to
live on longer than I will.

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