OFFICEWEAR OUTFITS I WEAR TO WORK – PART 2 | Aritzia, Uniqlo, Zara, H&M, Madewell

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
if you’ve never been here before a welcome name is Christine so today I’m
bringing you an office look books part two and I am so excited to show you guys
all the outfits that are put together and these are really great outfits for
the office whether it work at a corporate office where people are a
little bit more dressed up or if you just work at I don’t know where I’m going
it’s just office outfits that you can wear and look really professional I used to work in a real estate office I used to also work at Aritzia. So my style is is very – like I don’t want to say refined because I don’t want to sound like
I’m tooting my own horn but it’s refined like a chic very office professional
and that’s just like one of the ways that I love to dress so I hope this
video brings you guys a lot of information and gives you guys a lot of
ideas to wear to your job we also have a very special giveaway at the end of the
video and you’re going to be winning and every lame gift card so stay tuned to
the end to enter that and without further ado first make sure you hit the
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let’s go ahead and get to the video that I wanted to give a quick shout out to
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corner but anyways enough about the chatting let’s go ahead and get into the
video okay so starting off I am obsessed with this outfit I love how all the
tones really pull together and for me personally in my office I wore booties
all the time but if you guys don’t wear booties in your office or you just
prefer wearing flats you can totally switch them out so this lightweight
jacket I have is from a ritzy ax and I love the color of it it feels super
expensive feel like this color with whites and creams it’s just like
absolutely gorgeous and then these jeans that I have are from citizens they are
also picked up from a ritzy if you guys don’t know I used to work at a ritzy so
a lot of my pieces I got from there but I do really love the Uniqlo skinny jeans
as well if you guys don’t want to spend as much money Uniqlo has a really good
like jegging that’s super comfortable and then these booties are also from
Zara and I love them I wear them all the time underneath I have a long-sleeve
high neck top also for Moretz yet it’s from the brand Wilfred and I love how
super soft it is and it is ribbed and I just love how really put together this
outfit looks the coat is a little bit longer so I wanted to wear more
tight-fitting pieces underneath this next outfit I have these pants that
I picked up from a ritzy ax it’s in the brand Babbitt on I love these pants I
get so many compliments every single time I wear them and since I am wearing
a high-neck top I’m gonna tie my hair back I just love the way that a low bun
looks when I’m wearing a high neck top I feel like you look a little bit more put
together and chic and expensive you guys know I love that so this sweater is
actually from Nordstrom Rack I don’t remember the brand but I’ll try to link
some similar options for you guys down below but this one is a bit of a thicker
sweater so I just tucked it in to these babbit on pants of mine and these pants
are kind of like a linen material they’re super comfortable but the one
thing I will say is they crease really easily so I would just iron them out or
steam them before wear but by the end of the day they look something like this
but I love how these fit I love how it’s kind of like a tapered crop fit and just
because everything is a little bit looser I’m wearing them with these black
heels that I picked up from made well I just feel like it brings outfit to the
next level and I tried on my blazer with that sweater but I didn’t think it
looked great so I switched out the top for this pie neck turtlenecks long
sleeve that I have from Zara and I love this piece I bought it ages ago but I
wear all the times just me be me this looks so much better in my opinion
because it’s more of a tight-fitting top so text into the pants just looks super
refined and businesswoman ish which is what we’re going for and then on top I
have this blazer that I picked up from H&M this is super affordable I think it
was around $50 I’ll link it down below but I am in love with this blazer I love
how it is a little bit longer and it covers my butt so I can wear almost any
pair of pants with it and this blazer just really dresses it up and makes it
really professional the highlight of this outfit are these
pants that I got from ERISA I didn’t realize I was wearing so much for Marisa
sorry guys I am obsessed with them they are a super comfortable material these
are a little bit thicker than the other dress pants that I have but the plaid
color on them is just so gorgeous and I love the way that plaid looks with white
I have them paired with these loafers you slip-on loafers that I picked up
from Target but believe loulou’s has similar ones as well I’ll link some
similar shoes and then this shirt that I have is from a ritzy ax it’s just a
plain white t-shirt from Wilfred and I love how it fits I love that it’s a
little bit of a shorter fit so I can tuck it into these pants and it looks
refined like it doesn’t look like I’m wearing any old t-shirt you know what I
mean and then on top I’m wearing that same
hmmm blazer and I just love how it really pulls everything together you
look really sophisticated but you’re not trying too hard you know what I mean so
I love this outfit love the pants and any grey pants will do I also have these
great pants from Uniqlo that I absolutely love I’ll show you guys those
pants later on for my next outfit I have these pants
from every lane that are the highlight of this outfit and I love how everything
just kind of flows together it’s a nice way to add a pop of color without being
too much this top is from Uniqlo I pictured it in my last office lookbook
and I love this blouse it is such a nice material and I feel like it doesn’t
wrinkle as easily these pants are from ever Lane I got them in a size 4 but I
wish I got them in a size 2 because they are a little bit big on me but I love
how they are kind of a straight legged and kind of a cropped fit so it looks
really great with heels and then I belted it just because I feel like it
kind of cinches in the waist and ties in with the black shoes and I’m wearing the
shoes that I have on are from made well I love these heels the black heels just
make them super comfortable so I wear them to the office a lot with the tucked
in shirt and the heels that helps to really elongate my legs on top I have
this coat from Babbitt on also picked up from a ritzy ax and I just love the way
that this looks all layered together this next outfit is a little bit more
loungy slash casuals so I have this white t-shirt it’s just a plain white
t-shirt that I have from her Etsy attempt into these gray Uniqlo pants I
am in love with these pants these are by far one of the best affordable work
pants that I have ever tried on and own and I love these I also have them in
black but these gray ones are the newer version that they have it’s nice it has
the belt loops on my feet I have these loafers from the brand me too these are
super super comfortable and I love that they kind of have a pointed toe so it
makes them look a little bit more sophisticated over top I have that same
ritzy a coat that I wore earlier and I just love the way that the gray and the
sex soft pink beige really ties them together
if this is a little bit too loungy for you guys and the long coat and the
loafers kind of makes it look super casual I would swap out that longer coat
for a cropped jacket so this is a cropped jacket that I got from Banana
Republic years ago but just a really nice wool material and I love the way
that a cropped jacket just looks so smart so especially if you want to go
for more of that like smart professional look I would go for a cropped jacket
with this look so for this next outfit we are using the
same base we have the same Uniqlo pants and a ritzy a t-shirt that we had
earlier but I just paired it with this black jacket and these black flats this
pop of gray is also one of my favorite things to add to a simple black and
white outfit these pants fit really well and I’m obsessed with them and wear them
all the time and I love these pointy toe flats these are also from me too when
Itoh just makes it a little bit more grown-up finish if you will with this
lightweight coat from Orencia this is from the brand Babbitt on I believe this
is a quincy jacket but just the round over top just really pulls everything
together I love throwing this Co over a simple outfit at the office just because
I feel like it really addresses everything up and this one is a little
bit lighter weight than the coat that I wore in the previous outfit and I just
love how everything looks together and the tones of this outfit are so pretty you guys know me I’m a firm believer in
fewer better thing and I just think that it’s so much better to invest in higher
quality more expensive pieces that you will wear forever especially when how
much stuff that I have in my closet I just find that the pieces that I invest
my money in and spend a little bit more I tend to wear more often and I take
better care of them but also on the other hand sometimes you don’t need to
spend a lot of money to look good if you guys know certain shops that have higher
quality goods that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on go with that and
it’s just totally whatever budget that you guys are comfortable with spending
on your clothes so this brings us to the end of the video I hope you guys enjoy
it and found some inspiration from those outfits
I am partnering with shop Street to bring you guys a giveaway and we are
giving away a $100 every Lane gift route so you can buy those same pants that I
got and a couple more things as well so if you guys want to enter this giveaway
I will provide a link down below there and over require you to put in your name
your email and then sign in on Facebook just to verify that it’s you and you’re
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subscribing to me YouTube and then sending the link to your friends there’s
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that is it I hope you guys enjoyed good luck in the giveaway and I’ll see you
guys next time bye guys you


  1. yessssss; great outfits! i've been inspired to now go get plaid-type pants, they look so ggggguuuuud!!i love your nudey-brown lip color; always beautiful (:

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