what's going on yeah is crazy to you here welcome back to another video here on my channel in today's if you guys got because a quick video on how you guys can put on jerseys logos on your ultimate team and initial 19 now I know that you do these guys when you actually pull up AK you can immediately do we already got off do we just click on the jersey or a logo and you can just put that on but let's say you forget you forget to do it I'll show you guys how you guys can do it's pretty easy all you guys want to do is go over to my collection press triangle or Y on the ps4 and I have a type search for arenas or I mean search for team information and click on any and then you guys are gonna go ahead and you can go in and find all of your locals and charities over here as you guys can see I don't have that many moves to the most of mine are all untradable guys but look at this Scout year this actually looks pretty sick so I would go ahead and put that on and yeah guys so hope you guys did enjoy this quick tutorial thanks for watching a pizza


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