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Hello I’m Jill. This is Mikko. This is ASL Stew Life. ♪♪♪ Hello, welcome. Today I wanted to talk about must have products for 0 to 1 month old. Now, these products are what works for us. Me, Mikko, Jenna, that. So obviously our family. So it’s possible they might not work for you or you might really like something or not like it, but that’s perfectly fine. I’m gonna tell you what I think you need. The first thing I would say is obviously you need somewhere for them to sleep. For us, we have a bassinet. I think it’s a Fisher Price. I’ll have everything over here. That we keep in our bedroom next to the bed. I think it goes up to six months old or there’s a specific weight limit. It depends on what you get, but you just need a place for them to sleep. That could be a bassinet. It could be a pack n’ play. That works perfectly fine. It’s just our bedroom is a little small so it’s too big. The bassinet fit better. Or you can put them in the crib if that fits in your room or there are some other options. Some people do co-sleeping. But I don’t support that just because it’s not safe sleep but that’s up to you. So a place to sleep. Next, obviously if you own a car, you need a car seat. Well, really even if you don’t own a car… if you are ever in any one’s car, you need a car seat. So we have I think it’s the Graco Modes travel system. So that’s one, but there’s many different other options. Whatever fits best for you. The next I would say is obviously something like this. Some sort of baby carrier. We have three different ones. I have this one, which is the Moby wrap. I have a ring sling and an actual buckle carrier. That one we have the Baby Bjorn One. That Baby Bjorn One, it does have an insert or a way to have a newborn, but I prefer the Moby for right now. The ring sling is fine, but for some reason he just likes this Moby quite a bit more than the ring sling. Maybe I’m using it wrong, I don’t know. He tends to fall asleep in this and it keeps him happy. There’s different types of wraps. You don’t have to have the Moby. But I really like it! So that I would say is a definite must have. Really it just helps me to be able to do a lot of things. I can wear him and I can film, do dishes, walk around, do whatever I need to do while carrying. Obviously just be careful if you’re cooking or something cause it’s hot and that’s not a good idea. The next thing I would say is a lounger. The one we have is over here. I really like it. It fits him really well. It’s nice and cushy. It’s good for their head so they’re not on a flat surface. Meaning it’s not gonna cause problems lying down. So it won’t cause a flat head issue. So I like that. The next is some sort of rock n’ play, or a swing, or a bouncer. Really it’s just gonna depend on your baby. Some babies like the swing. Some like the bouncer. Some prefer the rock n’ play. He likes the rock n’ play to sleep and the swing sometimes. The bouncer every once and a while, but not as much as the rock n’ play and the swing. I will show you which ones we have over here. This might be a little controversial, but I like it… which is a pacifier. I think having a good pacifier is nice because sometimes like me, I’m not breastfeeding, so I’m not able to give breast if they need to be soothed or whatever, so I like the pacifier. He enjoys it. I don’t see what’s wrong with that, but for us it’s definitely a must have. A pacifier for sure. He uses the Natursutten. I think that’s the spelling. It’s over here. Plus also a clip. Now understand, with the clip, only use that under supervision. Just because this is a potential choking hazard. It could choke the baby if they’re lying down and it goes across their neck. I would say at night, take off the clip. If it pops out, it will be fine in the crib. During the day, like right now, you can use the clip, cause if the pacifier pops out it won’t go on the floor. But that’s only under supervision. That’s very important. Safety first. If you are bottle feeding like us, I would say make sure you have enough bottles obviously. If you only have two or three bottles, you’re going to be washing and cleaning them constantly. So I would say at least seven to eight bottles. It’s just really going to depend how often you’re feeding and how often you want to clean. I don’t mean leave your bottles all day. Don’t do that. It’s not good. But at the same time it’s nice not to have to wash them every single hour. So a few good bottles. The ones we have are the Comotomo bottles. I really like them. The one thing I would say… well first let me explain. I like them because they’re soft, which is nice cause eventually when the baby can hold it, it’s soft for them. Also, because of the rounded and soft nipple. So it’s more like a natural nipple. If you were breastfeeding, if you want to introduce a bottle, because you’re breastfeeding, the Comotomo’s really good. The only thing I would say is there’s two sizes, a small and a large. I would say you don’t need to buy the small ones. Just go ahead and buy the larger bottles. The reason I say that is because he is about six weeks old now. A little bit over a month. Really to be honest there’s no difference between the small and large bottles for him feeding. I would just say make sure you have the slow flow nipple. I’m not sure if the big ones come with that or not, so just make sure you order some of those. But really the small bottles they’ll grow out of them. Like probably after a month or so. So just get the big ones. That’s my tip. Another thing you’re going to need for bottle feeding is a sterilizer. We use a microwave sterilizer. It fits I think about four, sometimes five bottles, if you stick everything in there. Put it in the microwave and follow your microwave instructions for how long. But it works awesome! Just put them in there… well wash them a little bit, stick them in there. Mine’s a small microwave so it takes about six minutes. Then you take them out, let them cool, and that’s it. You don’t have to put them in the dishwasher for a long time or anything boiling. Another necessity are burp or spit rags. Whatever you call them… cloths. We use the Gerber cloth diapers flats I think they’re called. They work great! They’re very absorbent, they’re soft, they clean well, and they’re cheap. You don’t need to get any special, fancy type. These are a really good size. We like them a lot. Definitely need that because most babies are going to spit up, drool, or do something. Especially when you burp them. Be careful. We’ve gotten some. Next I would say is a good swaddle blanket or a special type of swaddle. We have swaddle blankets, but also have specifically the velcro type of swaddles which I’ll show over here. We have the Halo Sleep Sack with the swaddle and then we have another type which I’m not sure… I’ll have to look and see what the brand name is. Cause I don’t remember. They were given to use from a friend. We’ve used a few of those and they seem to work really well but now… I would say… about within five to six weeks, a little over a month, around that time he’s starting to get his arms out. We have to transition to a different type. So we’re trying it and I’ll let you know later. Maybe I’ll make a blog post about it. The next item… now I don’t breastfeed, but if you are breastfeeding in general, what you’re going to need is… a good nursing pillow. You can use just a regular pillow you have at home, or the My Breast Friend, or a Boppy, or whatever you prefer. But you’re definitely gonna need that. Even me with bottle feeding, you’re arm gets really tired after a while so it’s nice to have something to prop up your arm even if you’re bottle feeding! But you definitely can use one at home if you want. Another thing you’re going to need is a breast pump for obvious reasons. If you want to save your breastmilk, or if you want to donate breastmilk. Pumping is helpful to increase your supply. For me it didn’t work, but I’m going to keep mine cause it’s really nice. This is the one I have from Spectra. But I’m going to keep it for next time, if I get pregnant again maybe I can try again with breastfeeding and see what happens. Other than that, I would say you need breast pads for leaking, nipple cream if you have issues with that, and milk storage bags if you’re pumping. Might not require all of these, but they’re good to have. Next two things are kind of similar. Nail clippers and file. I don’t know what it’s… oh, a nasal aspirator. I think that’s what it’s called. You know, to suck out their boogers. So there’s that. You’re definitely gonna need that. Like I said, nail clippers for sure! Oh my gosh, he’s scratched me a few times. We tried mittens, but they didn’t work. So definitely have to clip their nails and file them as much as you can. I’d say at least once a week, but just watch your baby and see. Next is a changing pad. So we have an actual changing pad station by the crib, but we never use it cause we haven’t actually used the nursery. So I would say just get a travel changing pad. One that you can open up. We keep on in the bedroom for overnight and then we keep one downstairs in the living room/kitchen area where we are most of the time. So honestly you don’t need to get any of the fancy cushion type ones. Just literally something flat. It’s perfectly fine. You can just get a used one. Honestly you can even just use a towel or a blanket. Something like that. It’s really no big deal. Plus I would also say changing pad liners like these. These are really helpful if there’s spit up or they pee or something like that while you’re changing. It will absorb there and then you can wash them. It’s happened to us a few times. Then two things that are kind of similar. Both are monitors. The first one is the iBaby monitor. It’s the actual video monitor. This one works great! It works really well. If you watch our vlogs, I’ll link up here, recently in one of the vlogs I show you what it looks like. It’s really good quality. It’s good in the dark, in the day. You can see them breathing. You can see their eyes opening and closing. It’s really great! So that’s perfect. Then the other one, ugh this is expensive, but if you can afford it or ask a few people to get together for your registry, it is worth it. It is the Owlet. This is a sock monitor. What this does, is it monitors the baby’s heartbeat, as well as their oxygen levels. So if something were to happen where they’re not breathing, they start to suffocate, then this will alert you. So far, luckily, nothing has happened, but it’s just nice to have because like sometimes you can watch them sleep, but maybe you can’t see them breathing or something like that. So this is really nice as a good backup. Obviously still watch your baby yourself. Don’t neglect them and think this will let me know if something happens. But it’s definitely nice to have. I would just say more for my mental sanity definitely a must have product. But again, it’s expensive so I’ll understand, but at least get a video monitor. Other than that I would say the last thing is diapers. Yeah, the last one is diapers and that can be disposable or cloth. If you’re interested in cloth diapering, would you like us to make a video with our experience with cloth diapers? Definitely let me know. I’m not an expert yet, but I can tell you what our experience has been so far, mistakes we’ve made, and different things. So yeah, I would say that’s about it. Seems like a long list of must haves, but you know to be honest, some of those you don’t have to, have to have it. But I would say for us they’re definitely worth it. So let me know, what are your must have products for 0 – 1 month old. What do you think of this list? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Let me know. I’m curious. Maybe there’s something I can use for after one month for Mikko. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed this video. If you liked it, click LIKE. Remember to subscribe and hit the bell so you know when the next video comes out. If you want to support this channel we have a few options. We have our ASL Stew merch store. Which is new and has a bunch of different shirts, hoodies, cups, totes, and in different colors and sizes. So definitely check that out! We have Patreon which is a monthly donation with cool perks. We have Ko-fi, which is coffee money. Which is a one-time any amount donation. We really appreciate all your support. Thanks and see you in the next video. Bye! ♪♪♪


  1. definitely would like to see a cloth diaper video! and safe cosleeping is actually possible, especially if you're breastfeeding.

  2. These videos are always put together really well. I love all this information. And I think a video on cloth diapers would be interesting as well.

  3. Interesting…. I wish I spend more into wearing carrier but my daugter was in brace for 6 months, she refused sleep in bassinet cuz of brace is not comfortable.. She basically slept on me overnight. On my chest.. During day she in bouncer when she's sleeping so I can get things done around house… Now she's 20 months old.. She runs, talkie, very busy… And one thing is interesting u use cloth for spitting up… I never did… I use blanket recicvers I have 30-40 of them LOL… But I have a disagree with camera…reason my faince worry about hackers .. I have to respect his options sometime… U know what I'm saying.. But you doing amazing,,,, thanks for tips now I'll keep in my mind when I am ready for second baby in a year after I earn my hours from work

  4. oh! i would absolutely love a video of cloth diapers, my experience with them is pretty limited to using them as burp rags haha.

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