Newborn Essentials & Must-Haves!



  1. I went to the link for the fold over mitten onesies from Target and the onesies didn’t look like they had mittens. I couldn’t find any that work like that at Target. 🙁

  2. How soon did you give your baby a pacifier? I’m afraid to cause nipple confusion if I give my son one too soon and I have those same pacifiers.

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  4. Velcro swaddles have been a lifesaver! My daughter was born on February 17th and it is an instant soother for her.

  5. I didn’t have a swing with our first baby and it was DEFINITELY the first thing we ran out and got when we found out baby #2 was on the way! Loved all of your recommendations! Great video! 💜

  6. Thank you for actually putting in must haves in this video and not luxuries! It's refreshing to see 🙂 Keep up with the great content!

  7. I'm 31 weeks due may 13 with my third little boy and I can say the cloud Island footed sleepers are hands down the best sleeper onesies! So soft!

  8. I'm 36 weeks and plan on buying the lounger! When he grows out of it then it shall be a bed for my cat 😂

  9. Can I just say that I appreciate you sticking to affordability. Every newborn essential video I have seen include the super trendy and expensive brands (which I can't afford). Super appreciative of this video!! Just subscribed!

  10. my name is bella and I like your must have video and I love your baby shower and I like your theme of the baby I like all the clothes and all the big things to my husband and I want to know where can get the stuff at your friend bella jimenez

  11. Got mine Baby stuff >> back in March 26 and received the exact same things they promised. I was surprised to see all the full size things they sent!

  12. Gripe water and gas drops saved my sanity and helped my daughter tremendously! I was like you and didnt want to give my daughter medication but seeing how uncomfortable she was and how much these items helped her changed my mind as well!

  13. You looks great and information too 🙂 Thanks. I checked the baby essential videos from KeaBabies channel and found both you interesting

  14. The Boppy specifically advises that it is NOT for sleeping. This information is available on their website and on the lounger itself. Positional asphyxiation kills many infants, regardless of whether or not the parents were awake and watching.

  15. Love this you stuck to the point and nothing costs 1,000 like that darn Halo bassinet that is trash after 6 months.

  16. I like that you acknowledge that your views can change over time and you dont have to always be set in stone with baby rules if you find something works for you that you didnt originally want to try.

  17. I loved your video. I started my own YT channel and am excited to build a community here. Cant wait to do my own must-haves video.

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