New York Islanders Reveal NEW 3rd Jersey! – NHL Jersey Review

New York Islanders Reveal NEW 3rd Jersey! – NHL Jersey Review

how old is welcome back you know today we're gonna be doing another age-old jersey review this time the newly revealed that Islanders Thor Jersey now this Jersey was actually like cuddle leaked a few weeks ago we already knew what this concept jersey was gonna look like and of course looking at what was leaked it's pretty much the exact same things so that leak was real so we already knew what this looked like a few weeks back now we're gonna get into the Jersey and let's just say I really like this so looking at this jury's gonna start out the main color course is that blue the blue that they kind of use in their nuttin it's kind of a shadier or a lighter blue they have in their normalize it which I'm wearing right now but the horse they have that name lose New York Islanders over the logo of course they use that and why the one that they use and I think the black alternate they had a few years ago I like that on the bottom of the stick right there you have the four orange slashes which signify a course d4 championship and the New York Islanders have one on the arm it's are just nothing too special I'd say you got the orange stripe and a white stripe it's nothing too too out there it's not really too too complicated it's a simple look at least through the arms and on the bottom of the Jersey you have something there at least you have that orange stripe and then white scribe again I like the arms got those two stripes which signify each other which look pretty good and of course you have that blue across the whole Jersey and right up to the NHL logo and then you start to see some white around the shoulders and then you get to see the orange around the collar right there with the Aditya scholar and honestly I don't love white shoulders you guys know that I love the 2008 pitcher penguins Jersey and that's the most prevalent of them but I love white shoulders behind home jerseys that's such a weird being like but I do like it I really think it works here and white sometimes doesn't work on home jerseys but with that blue I think it blends in pretty nicely and this picture you get a much closer look at the NY logo you can see how it's stitch of course with the IDs jerseys they're much better station the Reebok ones are much better made so you will be getting probably a longer-lasting logo and a longer-lasting Jersey in the collar you have the whites going across the outside or I guess kind of the inside of the collar and of course you've got that blue symbol which I'm pretty sure Long Island and you got that across the collar so it's pretty subtle it's just in there and it's no word marks no words right there which I think it doesn't work for this Jersey itself now I would like to see I can verted this I would like to see the blue across the collar and the Long Island symbol be white that's just a huge nitpick by me but again I got a nick pick some things because I do love this Jersey on the back of the Jersey with the white shoulders you see the Islanders or we're mark with a blue text across the back of the collar where you have it in the neatest form and on the bottom of the picture you see the adidas marker with blue I like that several Islanders look I like that so I on a remark and I think it works pretty well it would like to see that inside the collar and maybe you have the Long Island on the back of it but who knows really in this picture you get to see the Islanders jersey in ever there setting with that kind of black brick behind it I think this makes it look even better I think the orange pops a little bit more I think the white pops a little bit more overall I love that blue color I love the colors in this Jersey I like that orange would put paired along with that white I think it works pretty well and even though yes it is simple I think it does have some qualities into her simple does work as I said before I do like that and why logo with the white I do like those stripes with the orange and the white and of course I love those white shoulders I think it's works just so well and the orange collar I think worked pretty decent maybe you like seal with blue in that but I do think the orange works pretty well for that collar strand of course with the inside you got that Long Island logo which I think works pretty well the jersey encompassing is and honestly it shows some history of Long Island a shows history of where the Highlanders are and you got to respect that but overall I do really like this Jersey of course it is a New Jersey we haven't really seen something like this in linear islands before so again it is great to see some new concepts some new jersey designs and with those white shoulders it definitely is unique now the question will be will I be buying it not full price definitely not but if I can find out for a sale maybe maybe maybe you like below hundred dollars maybe something cheap if I can find it for that maybe gonna borrow resolved maybe get a below the a now I'll be amazing I really do like this Jersey I do like them what the Islanders aren't going for with this and if I get on my hands for a cheap price why not but I also want to hear from you guys what do you think about this Jersey and the New York Islanders Reno a new concept and a New Jersey design do you like it do not like it and I want to hear your full thoughts about this Jersey down below but that's my pretty guys if you guys enjoy it makes you like and subscribe again tell me down below what you think of this Jerusalem where do you think of my opinions on the Jersey and I'll see you guys later goodbye [Applause]

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  1. Thumbnail impression: it looks like they started making a standard jersey and then quit halfway through the logo. It looks like a department store discount version of an NHL jersey.

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