*New Weave Alert* Crazy curly crown, Full weave sew in.

welcome back to my channel YouTube long time no see right well enjoy this wild and curly crown extensions from your girl too much here all right now we're going to start in the top at the crown hairline and we're going to just dig zag all of these first tracks to the front here is where we're going to have the closure somewhere in this area right here I'm not quite sure yet but since this is mostly a bang only hairstyle we're going to start in the bang and we're going to keep working it to the front so right here in this little indentation I created where I started the braid and that's what we're going to hide this first strike in there now when you're braiding you always you know your patterns and you know what you're going to do so you braid according to your patterns so I apologize the strength of what the thread is a little long and this curly hair is getting caught up in it a couple times so you'll see me work the hair out of the thread here I'm just folding the hair over the tracks I don't like to cut my tracks at all and this hairstyle is no exception so we're just going to keep folding it back and forth back and forth now I have other videos where you see my folding techniques this is going to be a blanket stitch that I use to sew pretty much the majority of the hair over if I'm not going to be flipping it or making it do any special tricks while in the braid you I want you to notice when I flip I'm going to flip this piece where the bulk of the hood fold of the flip sits in between one of the part lines it's not sitting directly on top of a braid where it humps up it's going to be recessed down within the part line so it's going to be undetectable when you run your fingers over make sure when you're flipping tracks over you flip trucks over to where that you know you're not creating any book or creating a lump alright you two we're halfway through the video we're coming up on a perimeter braid and what I want to do now is so the track underneath the braid so I'm going to do my over and under stitch so where we can securely place that track underneath the braid and we don't have to worry about you know when the wind blows is this is going to be more or less than open and apparent installation that we don't have any slip-ups to where you can not see any bright at all so enjoy Oh


  1. A mess she needed some weight taking off of it & gotten a more curly type hair for that style that is already short!!

  2. Bad Queen πŸ‘ okay looking good queen….. Looking great love style queen πŸ‘ job….

  3. Though I am not a fan of sew-in's the technique was FLAWLESS! The precision…executed perfectly and the model was lovely! 😍😍😍

  4. Gurlllllll u know u Baddd..!😁 u r so good and i love how passionate u r about ur trade. Is this the same lady u processed her hair? If so her hair really grew and how long had she been coming to u b4 it grew to the length it was wen u relaxed it?

  5. Love the execution-style on your technique of weaving I've been doing braids and weaves in 43 years but I still want to stay beautiful hairstyle but watch your points good luck God bless

  6. I realize it’s been awhile since posting your video but what was the name of the hair you used and how many bundles did it take to complete that hair style.

  7. This is soooo cute. I'm so impressed with the time and talent it takes to create these hairstyles, amazing!

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