NEW KIT DAY/ Try On Unboxing Video

today the good day well I think I think it's what I'm thinking it is I think it is some new kid so I'm gonna open up for you guys and show you what I got my god muscles today I actually read a really good because I did a solo at the opposite abdomen up to the palace I got the cure em and it was like also like I did the spell foot pad and she's like really fast she was a national rider and I don't know she wasn't a train or whatever I'm like self I only go to go under an hour so really happy about that and then I still Holly my Quick Poll now like keep going keep going to join Bowie which is like another 15 or so minutes and so I got the show I'm up to that as well and this is all so much today there's a lot of people like Tweety you do so so this is a white one and all these jerseys they come in a small an extra small medium or a large and they're from Malaysia from a guy called Hong coming Hong so I'll put in the description down below his detail so if you want to grab one of these you can message him on Facebook or you can message him on Instagram highly actually designed this Jersey like the whole look of it so we custom-made like the veganism across the front and on the sides and the gimje sign and the Chinese vegan sign is also on their arms as like a striver symbol and like a vegan symbol so it's just like they're really good bright colors they're safe they're really really comfortable like I fit an extra small I'm six foot my torso isn't so long but yeah it's super super comfortable I really rate the race car I like it it's quite arrow and it doesn't like choke you you know how you get some race cuts I mean and they just choke you like they're just too tight well these ones are good they're not like too too tight but they're tight and they're not gonna like bulk or like gape around in the wind and stuff and when you bend over like the cut is not too low but it's not too high that you're showing the back of your back we don't want any of that but yeah I really like these I like the colors the pink I've got a few pink ones already but it's good now with the vegan symbol on there it's good to put out the vegan message and yeah I hope you guys enjoy these types of videos give it a thumbs up if you like them if you want to see more Tryon videos put in the comments below or what you want to see and I will see you next time bye get slimmer Tory just released it it's really really good probably the best book you ever read I've completely updated it the colors are amazing this recipes weight loss advice eating just sort of recovery that's my exercise routine and a whole lot more thanks for watching bye you you you you you


  1. Questi sono 7000" mi piace" per un paio di tette senza reggiseno😲😲
    Nessuno sa che cazz…hai detto e soprattutto nessuno crede che sia un caso

  2. Eat what you want, but how obsessive-compulsive must one be to have their favourite diet printed on all their jerseys?

  3. Мужчины совершенно не обратили внимания на обновку, одежда нас не интересует. Веганство тоже, велоспорт так же не вызывает отклика…

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