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Stupid Kylo! Why won’t he listen to me? Maybe if I figure out where the vision is coming from, I could figure out how to stop it! To the bat cave! Duh na na na na na na na, Bat Man! Okay! Now that I’m at the bat cave, I can get to work! Okay, I’m calculating the pixels and the megabytes and the software (The note says, “Find vision source, press here to hack.”) Everywhere to everyone. Okay, it’s calculating. So this is the person that gave me that vision. In order for the mutants to fully use their powers, we need to activate the idol. How do we do that? I have a very secret, ancient activation ritual we need to complete. (typing into Google search, “How to activate ancient artifact.”) Okay, it says we need milk, cinnamon, gold fish and a bongo drum Bat man! I am the darkness. Jean Grey, I have come for you. Me? Why? My computer told me that you were the one that gave me the vision. Vision? What vision….. We are done. Nothing is happening. We missed an ingredient. We did? We need a hair of a mutant. Will yours work? I don’t think it will because I was experimented on. Hmmm, I think I know just the person. But I don’t know how I… It doesn’t matter. A lot of bad things happened to a lot of good people. And I need your help to stop it. Let’s go! Duh na na na na na na na Duh na na na na na na I need this. Duh na na na na na na Are you coming? Oh right yeah me? Go on, move the cup. Uhhh Go on, just do it. Hmmm, it’s not working. See I told you I couldn’t do it. Try again! She’s never going to give it to us. I have an idea. What the? Hello ladies! What are you up to? I’m not a lady. You know what, you have really pretty hair. Do you mind if I can borrow some? Uh sure? Get it, grab it! Yes, yes, yes! It’s working! That frog! It was in my vision! What’s happening? Hahaha! You’re welcome! Mutant!

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