New Jersey judge, 69, receives death threats after saying rape suspect, 16, deserved leniency

good morning guys let's start this with Judge Napolitano and he says that former Vice President Joe Biden's release of his personal tax returns would put pressure on President Donald Trump if Biden were the Democratic nominee in 2020 he says I think it probably if he's if he's the nominee he would put some pressure on president Trump said Napolitano you know something judge you are just pissed off because he didn't choose you to be on the Supreme Court you want to be on the Supreme Court you didn't get to do that and so now you're trying to get even and you know it's just not gonna work if Trump was gonna release his tax return and oh by the way judge they've already been released remember when China when when that famous time when Hillary says hey China if you're out there listening we really would like to have Trump's tax returns then next week boom there they are you know so pull your head out judge get over it kid creep these people you know Brenda just yes Brenda's out of bed now and you know like she said these people are chewing their own leg off I said actually they've already chewed it off already they're just they're just digging a deeper hole they're just trying desperately maybe to put the leg back on and they can't they can't do it they're done they've done the crimes they don't want to do the time well they're gonna have to they they got to figure it out it's like do I commit suicide and some of them not only are they worried about do I commit suicide or do or do I go through the trial process and take my chances there but some of them they're not going to have a choice like like Little Debbie she knows that whole separate story they're trying so hard to pretend it and WikiLeaks I guarantee you that the last thing they want is for Assange to come over here and release all that stuff that he's got on the dnc on Seth Rich and everything else because they know it's going to take him down between epstein and Seth Seth rich you know something and and Julian Assange they got that they're going down hard now imagine all the other scandals included I mean we haven't even begun anyway so Chicago fire confirmed plans to play outside Bridgeview it says here an amended lease from the southwest suburb allows a team to play its home games in the city potentially at Soldier Field and so the Chicago Fire have struck a deal with Bridgeview today for those of you living in Chicago area and you may want to go see them play and it says Major League Soccer franchise had taken steps to buy out of its Ridgeview deal the fire today announced they will pay the village sixty point five million over the remaining term of the lease which runs through 2036 including an upfront payment of ten million so anyway for those of you in the Chicago area there you go and the New Jersey judge 69 receives death threats after saying rape suspect 16 years of age deserve leniency because he is from a good family and gets good grades you know something the people of this country we have had enough of this crap we are fed up and then some Judge James Triano 69 years of age refused to allow the teenager to be tried in adult court he assessment sent threats of rape and violence towards him and his family Triano his wife and son have all received the threatening emails and calls one letter says they hope a family member is raped you know something I am NOT for that I am NOT for threatening his family you go after him leave his family alone go after him he after him hard I don't care I don't care about him but leave his son his wife alone that's my attitude leave him be and so yeah people people we are fed up that's all there is to it and then who are we really at war with it says here's something that someone sent me about the California earthquakes are they simply random events or something other than random as we know the HAARP machine can do all kinds of things they're capable of doing anything and everything with that thing and it says here that – it says as you know over the past five or so years I've tried to so connect the dots as to what we may be facing in this evident war of good versus evil we presently are in including the war in heaven the fall of the angels and their incarnation into the earth plane with the sole goal of enslaving all those who worship God destroying any worshipping of God and the replacement of God and us having to worship them as the only God and that's that's exactly what's been going on you know these people you know Brett another one night it just hit me right between the eyes these people actually worship saying they they actually they really believe that when they croak they're gonna get to go up there in hell and play around with Satan it's like yeah we're gonna have us a good time you know we're gonna continue with the child pedophilia and all the rest and and so anyway I mean these people are so screwed up and and that's just how they believe yeah there's all kind we're really in a spiritual warfare here and but it's it's all coming out things are coming to a head and you know it's gonna slowly reach that crescendo and then BOOM and I've said for a long time for many years I've said when the crap hits the fan there will reach a point when we implode and explode all at the same time things are going to go in and out and it's going to be it's not just going to be one major implosion and explosion it's gonna be a bunch because what's going to happen is one scandal after another is going to be exposed you know right now we got Epstein we've got Seth rich we have so many that are gonna be exploding in the face of this of the people of this country and as well as the world it's not just this country it's everywhere anyway that's all for now god bless y'all have a good day where's my arrow there we go and I'll talk to you soon bye guys


  1. Martin Brodel; I'm confused??? Wasn't Seth Rich the person who was murdered by The Clinton Cartel to keep him quiet about what he knew about the Clinton Cartel? Are you saying he was the evil one who will go to hell, please clarify this for me, please.

  2. One of the problems is that you didn't read the case file there might be something in there that compelled the judge to make this statement what if the judge thought the kid was being falsely accused oh maybe I'm wrong because female never lie. Luca

  3. I would like to see two lists. One with unjust judges and one with. Or somebody name one just judge if you know him.

  4. Cain was from a good family! But he still murdered Abel ! God gave him a life long sentence! ………. Satanists will burn with fire and brimstone on judgment day!!!!!!! No everylasting life!

  5. napolitano has lost his mind and appears to blow with the wind in response to where the money is. What he is saying is left give America some protection but like with everything there is always some risk involved so we are just going to have to leave some holes in security in the interest of serving the money people. Its true that rich parents often have kids who are at extremes in their practice of drugs and sex. We go easy on them and leave big gaping holes in the security network against rape. I dont think so- the answer must be no napolitano.

  6. You can't give leniency to a kid based on his family or his grades. Most psychopaths ARE extremely intelligent & come from good, ordinary families.

  7. So they think satan is in charge of hell & their afterlife will be a party?
    They’ll be tortured in hell WITH satan for eternity!!! They really don’t know that?!!!

  8. Teenage boy accused of rape? When have we been hearing this before? Has #metoo be at it again?
    Judge recommends leniency… There may be more to the story then we are being told.
    A LOT of "rape'" charges today are feminist attacks to outlaw (male) heterosexuality ("toxic masculinity") altogether, and have nothing to do with actual rape, .

  9. I want to see Biden's tax return,I bet it will never happen for a lot of money laundering will be exposed.

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