New Jersey Healthy Corner Store Initiative

he used to go at least 10 miles to get to a good grocery store to get good fresh produce generally in these areas you have to go to a major chain to be able to have access to the things that are healthy that you know your kids should be eating but you're just not able to get to them the New Jersey healthy corner store initiative was established in five major cities in Newark New Brunswick Trenton Camden and in violent and it was established because local community partnerships wanted to find ways to come back childhood obesity and one of the strategies that we chose was food access to ensure that families and children were receiving affordable healthy food there's a network of about 5600 corner stores in New Jersey so using those to promote healthier food it's a cost-effective way to get healthier food into the community and provide food access for everyone the Food Trust works with store owners to help them stock and sell healthy foods we do this by providing store owners of free training and marketing materials to guide customers to new healthy products introducing to the store before the healthier corner stores initiative we're gonna have any of the healthy items well I do you know myself you know a lot about a lot of healthier foods and stuff like that before you know I didn't have like low-sodium beans only have regular be nah got low sodium no saw before it produce was like frozen now they actually have fresh produce before Andy started offering more healthier options and we would have to drive to somewhere like quick check or the local grocery store to get her the healthy snacks my daughter goes to school right across the street I think the location where the fruits and vegetables are are great because as soon as you enter the store it's right on the left you can just grab it and go to the cash that some people your food some of the free marketing materials that we provide our recipe cards shelf talkers and shelf runners and new signage to help guide the customers to the new healthy items inside the stores we do cooking demonstrations in our corner stores we've seen clients come in and actually taste what is being made in the cooking demonstrations and then go buy all the ingredients instead of getting a junk food whatever to come get an apple or banana something like that so people I guess they realized that healthier is better for you my kids and I love it we always make fruit salads every time the kids love bananas with this cereal the grapes the apples to oranges and I guess equality it's not just having them here if they don't taste good everything Trish public funding is a smart investment for New Jersey because the healthy corner store initiative can help reduce obesity by improving eating habits in the community but it's also important to economic development because it keeps retail dollars in the community I think it should be expanded because it's a is a different quality of life for the people you know it's an opportune time for the state to provide funding for this program as we all look at the consequences of obesity public education is important certainly the education around healthy foods and nutrition is important and we can demonstrate success statewide at this point public support will help us expand its initiatives to reach new stores and new communities across the state this type of initiative is necessary to bring about change in the homes and in environments of our community that they could be able to have access to healthy eating but most importantly have a quality of life the way this store has changed my life is the fact that I see I don't have to travel 10 miles three times a week to get our produce everyone else has all snacks and all this we're right here you can just read the fresh fruit and you good I food because it's you see and is young


  1. Owner Andres Torres and customers from Andy's Food Plus in Trenton featured in this NJ Healthy Corner Store Initiative video.

  2. Great video giving an overview of the impact that the NJ Healthy Corner Store Initiative is having in NJ communities.  It's improving access to healthy food and keeping retail dollars in the local communities.

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