[Music] hey friends I have another motivating video for you today this is an extreme whole-house and nighttime clean with me some nights I can get it done and other nights where I don’t but tonight was one of those nights where I was able to get it all done and I went to bed with a clean house I put my kids to bed and I got move in ice tackled my to-do list so I want you to put me on your TV put me on your tablet let’s do this together let’s get our houses clean we can do this [Music] let me know you wanted to [Music] we [Music] I’ve talked about this before that I strive to get my house cleaned up every single night that would be ideal in a perfect world I would go to bed my house would be perfectly clean but it’s not a perfect world and I’m not perfect so it doesn’t always happen this is what real life is like but tonight it was one of those nights where I had the energy I was feeling good feeling motivated my house was pretty messy so I was ready to clean everything up so I started out in the main level in the kitchen and then I went on into the living room and I just started out by turning on the fireplace so I could kind of set a cozy atmosphere and mood lit some candles wrote out my to-do list turned on the Christmas tree blasted some Christmas music and got moving I started out by decluttering and putting things away in the kitchen and I’m kind of showing you my nighttime cleaning routine now of course all of this doesn’t happen every single night when I clean I would be completely lying to you if I said that I did all of this it doesn’t happen all all of the time but at least in the kitchen what you’re gonna see me do in the kitchen if I have time to clean this is what I like to do every night in the kitchen it’s kind of my kitchen cleaning routine now I’m gonna be cleaning a lot of the upstairs and most of the time I don’t do that but tonight again I was able to stay up late I had the energy I was motivated so I did a lot of cleaning tonight but normally I’ll just kind of wipe everything down declutter put things away make sure the dishes are done load the dishwasher put things away in the bathrooms just those basics and of course there’s some nights for nothing gets done but tonight I was able to get a lot done [Music] you to know I’m also going to be sharing a cleaning tip a cleaning hack with you it’s one of those hex that will help keep your house smelling fresh and all night long and then when you wake up in the morning so make sure you stick around for that hey big girl you’re gonna be crawling hey big girl hey big girl Edison you’re silly [Music] if you were just stumbling across my channel thank you so much for checking this video out I am Jamie I’m just a mom of three girls that’s pretty much my life right now I have a four year old and then twin girls who are eight months old I’m very passionate about a clean and organized home as well as just trying to stick to my routines and keep afloat while raising up my children I would love to have you subscribe and join my journey I make videos every single week here on my channel please please think about subscribing and let me know if you’re new by saying hi in the comment section if you’re not new you know I love it when you say hi to me so say hi either way down below let me know how you’re doing this holiday season [Music] keep it do you think something I’m super curious about is when Mike and I got married and then more so when we had Avery you know we have ultimately two families two family traditions merging as one so something that we’re kind of divided on when it comes to Christmas is how many presents to your kids gettin who are they from so I’m gonna be kind of cryptic here because I don’t want I don’t know who’s listening and I don’t want to give anything away if you know what I mean so this is what I’m gonna ask you specifically when you give presents to your kids on Christmas morning who do they come from do they come from you do they come from you know who growing up in my family we had three presents from you-know-who and the rest were from mom and dad for my husband all of the presents were from you-know-who so I’m just curious how you guys do things how you divide them Mike and I still really haven’t decided so let me know we’re trying to figure this one out [Music] it’s something else I’m curious about we are in the thick of watching Christmas movies around here in our household what are some of your or I guess what is your favorite Christmas movie let me know down below because we’re trying to find some really good Christmas movies to watch with Avery so let me know some of your favorite family Christmas movies [Music] [Applause] [Music] and [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] if you want to see more cleaning videos from me maybe some older ones some different types of cleaning and organization and bit cluttering videos I’m gonna put a cleaning playlist right here also I will have it linked down below at some of my latest and greatest cleaning videos that you can check out and I don’t know if you guys know this but it’s really cool because you can save a playlist to your YouTube account so you could save my playlist so whenever you’re cleaning if you need some Jamie motivation just put me on your TV put me on your phone and we can clean together it’s really cool so again I will have that linked down below the slow heartbeat [Music] I have been loving this vinegar gel for my sink specifically I get it from Grove collaborative it’s the mrs. Meyers brand and I also love the baking soda cream cleanser that looks just like this but I’ve been using this gel cleaner a lot and I’ll have the link of where I get it from Grove and it’s just if you’re not familiar with Grove collaborative it just you can order cleaning products online and it gets shipped to you but I really like this stuff because after I deep clean and really scrub out my sink I use it and kind of buff up my sink and it makes it shiny you know the vinegar is an added cleaning powder power and it just it makes my sink look really shiny and extra clean [Music] Oh hot be make sure to stick around for the nighttime cleaning hack that will help keep your house smelling fresh even while you sleep and I’m also going to be sharing some cute baby clips of the girls in here before they went to bed who doesn’t love seeing a cuddly baby before they go to bed [Music] [Music] [Music] I just wanted to pop in the powder room / bathroom off of our kitchen and just do a quick wipe down with some Lysol wipes and I don’t know if you saw the hand soap that was sitting on the sink but it’s the new mrs. Myers hand soap in snowdrop so I typically get my mrs. Myers and Method products from Grove collaborative so they just come shipped to me and it’s easy but I haven’t been able to find the snowdrop on their website so I don’t know if it’s there now but I haven’t been able to find it previously but you can get it from Target so that’s where I purchased it and it smells amazing so if you want to try a new scent out go check that out I will have it linked from Target below so here are my girls they wanted to say good night to you I took these clips right before I started cleaning and they always get so sweet before bed it’s like around 7 o’clock I’m like ready for them to go down to bed but then when I lay them down they look so sweet and they smile up at me and it’s hard for me to put them down am I the only one that’s like this [Music] [Applause] [Music] did ha I’m tired today [Music] oh and make sure you come over and find me on Instagram you know if you’re here for some cleaning maybe you want to get to know me a little bit better maybe you want to see more of my personal life more day-to-day stuff more of my kids and stuff so if you want to see more than just cleaning definitely come over find me on Instagram because I don’t really show much cleaning on Instagram it’s more of my personal life and my girls so come find me it’s jamie-lynns dot journey the lens has an S on the end I will also have it linked down below in the video’s description but I love it when you message me I love it when you tag me and say you’re watching my videos or your cleaning along with me that’s my favorite part it always makes my day when you guys tag me on Instagram so come over and say hi [Music] [Music] you gotta know I care I just try not to show before I headed upstairs I wanted to prep my coffeemaker for the next morning so I can literally press the button when I’m super tired so I just added some coffee and water in there and I also wanted to make some of my natural calm which is just a magnesium supplement so I just add it to a hot water and I make it every single night so I just finished up the downstairs a portion I’m sitting here finishing my natural calm Mike is in the kitchen if you guys hear anything but I’m just kind of relaxing before I head upstairs and finish up for the night there’s something so peaceful about cleaning at night it’s just quiet I can’t hear anything I don’t feel like I’m in a rush necessarily I mean I want to get to bed but I don’t feel like I’m in a rush at all because I’m not trying to meet a deadline before a baby wakes up or before we have to go somewhere so yeah I’m gonna go ahead and finish upstairs just kind of relaxing sitting by the fire just enjoying the Christmas lights and all of the decorations sometimes especially around this time of the year I just like to sit in the silence and listen to and just take in all of the Christmas decorations it’s kind of calming but I’m gonna go I’m gonna finish and that way I’ll have a clean home I was pretty surprised that after I sat down for a little bit I was able to get back up and keep moving and I was feeling really good tonight so I want you guys to know that there’s gonna be some nights where you’re gonna be dragging and you’re gonna get nothing done and then there’s gonna be nights where you’re feeling it you’re motivated and this was one of those nights for me so just know we all have all of the kind of nights around here so I just kept going and I wanted to vacuum the stairs I just love when our stairs are really fluffy and I don’t know if that sounds weird but you can kind of see the vacuum lines in there and it just makes the carpet on the stairs really fluffy so super weird I know but I wanted to do that I also wanted to dust the banister which is something that I probably don’t do as often as I should but I wanted to make for sure I did that tonight [Music] hi [Music] Oh [Music] then I got started in the upstairs on our master bedroom and I wanted to clean the master bedroom master bathroom the girls bathroom and clean up the hallway and I also had laundry to fold two loads [Music] time away from you I didn’t think I’d make it without you by my side let me feel love again just the two of us and we could stay up all night with Christmas here in a couple of weeks do you have your shopping done most of my shopping is pretty much done I guess we have some gift cards we need to get and the little stocking stuffers you know like the little stuff but I want to know from you if your Christmas shopping is done I’m one of those people that likes to get their Christmas shopping done pretty early I’m not it’s not like I’m one of those people that gets it done like in October or anything but I do like to get it done I do most of my shopping online and I do a lot of it on Black Friday so I will spend most of the day on Black Friday getting deals and do a lot of my shopping and I just like to take advantage of the good deals and shopping from my couch so that’s what I do a lot of my shopping and then about early December I like to start finalizing everything and getting the gift cards and all that little stuff so it can be done and I can enjoy the season as much as I can but let me know how you’re doing with shopping if you’re all done and if you have more to do [Music] what I do I wanna be wanna be with what I feel is wanna be with what I wanna let me be the star [Music] [Music] so I’m sure you saw my cleaning to-do list that I made and I want to be honest with you I was not able to finish that list most of the time if you’re watching my videos and I make a to-do list for the day for the most part I will accomplish it because I think I’m really good with being realistic about my to-do list and I know what I’m able to accomplish I don’t put a ton of things and then I’m disappointed when I can’t finish it so most of the time I am able to accomplish my cleaning to-do list but tonight was one of those nights I wasn’t I didn’t get to the basement but that’s okay the basement was a last on my list and even though I didn’t finish it I was still happy with what I was able to accomplish [Music] Nazi pizza now safest [Music] sometimes when reason about us annoy it got me it’s so is back we would carry doing [Music] this time we not safe and sound now safe as I [Music] what if [Music] [Music] you don’t even want to know what’s in that other room that’s our extra room that we’re not using as in it’s not a bedroom and it’s kind of become a catch-all room for everything like the things where I’m like I don’t really know where to put this or it’s temporary I’m gonna put it in the room to be honest it personally drives me crazy to have a cluttered room but a majority of the stuff in there is baby things so there are things that we will be using soon and it’s not like they’re just in there for years and years and years and so I just kind of have it all in there and so my goal is maybe in February or March when most of that stuff has come out a lot of its baby toys that the twins aren’t into yet I’m going to be bringing all that stuff out I want to go in there and win a declutter redo that room maybe decorate it so stay tuned for that but right now it is a mess [Music] [Music] the last thing I had to do was fold another load of laundry so I’m just gonna go ahead and do that before I get to the cleaning hack so make sure you stick around for that but yeah there’s always laundry to be done these days so now time for the cleaning hack at night I like to have my house smelling nice and fresh and even if I can’t clean up at night I want to wake up to a fresh smelling house so do you ever have a garbage can that smells not the greatest because you had some old food in there or something spilled after I take out the garbage out in the garage I dump some baking soda in the bottom of the trash can and then a few drops of my favorite essential oil this is a lemon essential oil so it’s nice a fresh kitchen scent and then I’ll even drop some more drops into the fresh garbage bag for some added scent the essential oils and the baking soda work together and leave my house smelling fresh and the essential oils have an antibacterial properties so everything smells good and it helps clean [Music]


  1. We do mama and dad give 4 or 5 things or stuff he needs then Santa 🎅🏼 dose the rest like what he ask for!

    Christmas movies my favorite is all I want for Christmas the one from the early 90s! Grinch Rudolph the Santa clause tim Allen!! Elf those are my favorite!

    I’m done expect for my dad father in law and nephew! I shop Black Friday night and get most done!

    Merry Christmas 🎄

  2. You know who brings only one gift to our house. It's usually the gift he wants most. We have our son pick out the wrapping paper he wants the big guy to use and we leave it out with the milk and cookies.

  3. Oh my goodness Jamie I absolutely love you and your channel, your kids are so adorable and you are just so inspirational. Btw we do one big/ expensive from you know who and 1 big/ expensive and 4-5 smaller presents from family. I’m only 13 and I am on school holidays so I am staying home alone and you have inspired me to clean the house and surprise my parents 🤩

  4. Hi Jamie! Loved the cleaning motivation as always. Our gift tradition with my kiddos was one big present from Santa and three (like the three gifts for baby Jesus) from mom and dad. Funny how they carried that same tradition to their kiddos! We would always have to watch Rudolph, all snuggled up together, then Christmas Eve read The Night Before Christmas, miss those days!! For my Christmas shopping I use to go on a week night around 2am to the 24hr Walmart, but now I shop online a lot easier! Wishing you and your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  5. Hi Jamie!!! You are so awesome. I love the cleaning motivation. Santa gives our kids one very special present. They get the rest from us and their grandparents.

  6. So at our house we do the majority of gifts or expensive gifts and simple things like books and cookies and whatever come from Santa because one we work hard to buy them what we can get plus not all kids that our kids go to school with are going to be able to get something expensive from Santa so we try not to make other kids feel like Santa doesn’t like them by making our Santa gifts a little cheaper if that makes sense

  7. When I was younger they all said from… "You know who." But ive heard of the child getting the one or 2 presents that they really want the most from "You know who" and then the parents get the rest.

  8. We got one expensive present like a bike or record player from you know who then the rest was from our parents. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer, the Original Grinch, Charlie Brown Christmas and all the Rankin-Bass animation shows were our favorites.

  9. Hi, I am Grace from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. When my daughter was small at least three were from Santa. At least one is a practical gift like pjs. Then I would give a practical one like socks. As for movies Dusney's Prep and Landing, Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer (usually for older kids) a cute, funny one. This year will be my first without my mom. She died in September after a long illness. Hard to get in the Christmas spirit. Have a Merry Christmas!!

  10. Our kids get one, big unwrapped present (plus the stocking) from Santa. All the wrapped gifts under the tree are from mom and dad. Santa isn’t taking all the credit.

  11. Main presents are from you know who. Then some from mom and dad xx Christmas movies are my favourite I love santa Claus :the movie, home alone, elf, polar express, call me Claus, the snowman, die hard, national lampoon's Christmas vacation{the first one} gremlins, miracle on 34th Street 🎄🤶🎅😘😘

  12. My kids get one mid price range ($20-$30) gift from You know Who. The rest are from us. We live in an area where the poverty level is pretty high, so I don't want my kids going to school and talking about allll the things You know who brought to them, while another child only got something small from him. If that makes sense.

  13. When I was younger we would open presents from our parents on Christmas Eve and open presents from santa Christmas morning

  14. It's not completely all bad but I think you talk too much in the vids and barely give us any music. I don't know who is 'you know who?'

  15. Wow – you exude so much energy it's beyond unreal, and I can see why you'd say that was not a nocturnal event, that said, you do motivate me to do a routine daily, thus removing the need for it to al pile up in one hit, I find if I spend 40 mins a day doing my routine, I can relax mentally and physically as I know it's done. I am so desperate to find that Mrs.Myers on-line, we don't get it in The UK which is a pain, I do use Method Bathroom, but ours is Blue and not foaming, we get the anti-bacterial one and the regular one, I prefer the regular one as it reminds me of Midsummer night by Yankee Candle, it has that cologne type fragrance. Another great motivational vlog, well done. I enjoyed watching.

  16. We only had one big gift from you know who lol rest from family i love ablert finny christmss carol but the grinch is my childrens fave

  17. Heyyyy =) I love your three adorable girls they are so cute <3 its been a while when i ant got to watch your videos my mom had gallbladder token out and i been by her side helping her threw it i had my gallbladder token out march 8 and she had hers token out 21 November and now shes feeling better and getting around better now and i love your cleaning videos its so much cleaning motivating

  18. All of our presents were from "you know who" & they were not in boxes or wrapped like they came from the Toy factory… My parents would give us one or two usually on Xmas eve. It's all personal preference I guess… 🎄

  19. Growing up we also had 3 presents from Santa. I think it’s a great topic of conversation to have with your husband because I know a lot of other families gift their children with really expensive gifts and have them come from “you know who” and other kids can feel very left out

  20. We don't believe in Santa. Our parents didn't either. We tell our kids what Christmas is really about and gifts are from mom and dad and siblings. We also teach that God blesses us with everything we have. Great video!!!

  21. Now that your twins are 8 months old could you do a video of the baby supplies that you found the most useful and other ones that you didn't like or didn't find useful?

  22. My husband and I always got our daughter the big things and let Santa handle the smaller things and the stockings. Santa has a lot of kids to bring presents for, so smaller things fit into his sleigh better 😉
    My favorite Christmas movie is The Family Man with Nicholas Cage and Tèa Lioni. So great! If you guys haven't seen it, you should check it out for sure.

  23. I'm like 75% done with shopping, but fell behind because we were at Disneyland during all the shopping days so I'm struggling to catch up.

  24. Answering your question about presents our stockings where from Santa then big presents where from mum and other family now i just get presents from our mum my sister who lives with mum gets a stocking and my other sister who has a learning disability still believes in Santa she gets a stocking that is from mum but she is told Santa personally think it is easier if just stocking is from Santa isn’t such s big difference when there older

  25. In our house we have been giving a few from "you know who" then some from us. We love watching the classics …..Rudolf, Frosty the snowman, The Grinch, and Mickey mouse Christmas, Santa Clause.
    I LOVE and could watch all the time is The Holiday. Your girls are just the sweetest.💕

  26. Ima gma to a 2 year old but for my 20 year old daughter and my 15 year old son I would make MOST from me and a few from "u know who". Dang if ima let u know who take ALL the credit when "I" struggled to get the things I could. I love watching Dolly Parton coat of many colors

  27. My parents were real good about making "you know who" a fair person. Meaning that we got one thing from him and it was usually a lesser value item. My parents explained it to me by saying "not every household can afford the big items that children ask S for." And they did this not to make S look like he loves one person more than the other. If that makes sense.

  28. We always just kinda put some from us and some from Santa. There wasn’t a whole lot of thought behind it but I did try to label anything in their letters from Santa.

  29. Lol….In my house ALL the gifts come from 🎅 Santa and my kida are 21, 17. & 10yrs old so I always wanted to keep that part innocent and just fun. Even tho they grew up on me … And also I never put presents under the tree until Christmas Morning!👍🎄🎅😁😁

  30. All of the presents were from you know who. We didn't have a lot of money so it wasn't a lot. I saw friends and cousins get tons of stuff and I knew the truth early on because of this. I think only a few should come from you know who and the rest from you.

  31. Hey Jamie! This might be a weird question, but where did you get your bed frame from? Would you recommend it? Thank you! ❤️

  32. All presents are from mom and dad. You know who is a fun character for the season, a “mascot” if you will, but that’s it.

    We just watched beauty and the beast Christmas and enjoyed it. Of course you can’t beat home alone (true 90’s kid here).

  33. When my daughter was young, I made up the name for myself and I was "Santa Mommy". I never really liked the whole thought of telling her Santa brought gift. When thanking me she'd say thank you santa mommy…. 😁

  34. May I ask where you got the candle stand from. Not the one from bath and body but the white one that looks like a mini cake stand. I have looked EVERYWHERE and can not find one! I love watching your channel ❤️

  35. Our stocking was from Santa. Presents were from Mum and dad. We always found our stocking at the end of the bed on Christmas morning.

  36. Our Christmas shopping is done… now wrapping them is a different story 😂 I can’t wrap to save my life, so my husband does the wrapping! As for as kid Christmas movies, we love a Charlie Brown Christmas and the classic Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph! Can’t go wrong with them ☺️

  37. It's hard to believe but Christmas is ALMOST here! I🎄I hope you are almost done with your shopping and ready to celebrate! I was just reading through all of your comments and 1. I love how we are sharing our Christmas experiences/traditions! It's truly helping me see how others celebrate as well as give me some good ideas for our family. 2. So many of you have commented that you enjoy seeing the girls! That truly makes my heart happy! 💖There's a lot of unknown happening with Youtube and family channels here in 2020, so I've scaled back my content featuring the girls But i love showing them in my cleaning videos. If you need some DEEP CLEANING MOTIVATION, check out my latest deep clean with me! –

  38. We always got one big present from Santa, (like a bike or a play kitchen or something) and the rest of our presents were from siblings/mom and dad. I think I want to keep that up! Our little girl is only one month old so we probably won’t start that yet though 😂

  39. Okay I haven't watched this video yet but I had to come comment that I just now saw one of your cleaning videos from 3 months ago has OVER 581K VIEWS!!! 🎉 Like wow chick!! Honestly don't know why you dont have over 100k subbies yet!! You definitely deserve more!! 👏
    ETA: as a child mine and my brothers were never from "you know who", but my cousins would get from both. We knew young there wasnt a "you know who". I think that comes from us being raised by my dad & grandpa. They didnt force any of that on us and honestly i dont think my grandpa believed in all that commercial stuff. I do let my kids have a few presents from "you know who".

  40. I’m cleaning and putting up my Christmas decorations! It feels so good to get everything done! Thanks Jamie for your inspiration! Your girls are adorable! My granddaughter is so excited about Christmas this year, she’s 2 1/2. So she gets presents from you know who and grandma and papa.🌲

  41. I love watching your videos, they are truly satisfying and motivating to watch❤️
    One of my favorite YouTubers, have a nice day ❤️

  42. My partner and I have talked about (even though I’m not even pregnant yet) that when we have kids we will save the big presents from us. And one smaller present from Santa so that when our kids go to school and talk about what they got from Santa the kids from “less-fortunate” families don’t feel bad about their presents from Santa 😊

  43. For school/friend reasons I’d suggest doing one or two gifts from Santa to each child. The rest should be from you and Mike. The reason for this is if any of the children have a friend who doesn’t get as many gifts- maybe the parents can’t afford more than one- it’s not like “Santa came to my house and gave me 8 gifts, not sure why he only brought you one”. Hope that makes sense

  44. Hi, Jamie. Loved the video. I was cleaning along with you, its better at night. I have a almost 33 month old she keeps me very busy.
    Best 🎄 movies for me are 1&2 Home alone and Miracle on 34th Street😍
    Jamie your. 3 girls are getting so big and there so beautiful😘
    See you on your next video.😁😘

  45. Honestly alot of my family and friends get offended that I dont do santa with my children. I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old. And me and my husband agreed not to do santa. We feel its unnecessary to lie to our children about what Christmas is really about. We just tell them gifts are from us and other family. Doesnt effect them at all and were more comfortable doing it that way. 😊💛

  46. Haven't even started Christmas shopping yet. Even our tree isn't up yet – hopefully tomorrow or next day?
    Last week of school of the year for my youngest (we are in Australia), so I really should get hopping, otherwise I'll have trouble hiding stuff from her.
    This year is testing me hahaha!
    Oh… and my hubby got all his presents from you know who… whereas I received some from you know who, and some from Mum and Dad. So, because I pretty much typically do the shopping and planning my kids get it my way. It never made any sense to me why your parents would not give you at least something at Christmas time.

  47. All our kids gifts come from mom and dad except one that comes from 🎅. It us usually something small and it is always waiting for them under the tree when we get home from church. My girls all love Grinch but my husband and I love Christmas Vacation.

  48. Hello from Ireland my favourite Christmas movie is Elf and in both my husband and my family all the presents came from Santa. So we kept it that way.

  49. When I was little it was always the one big thing that I’d been asking for all year that Santa brought, and the rest were from my parents. As for Christmas shopping, I’ve gotten all of mine done! Such a relief 😊

  50. When my kids were younger than school age it was all from Santa. But now that they are school aged I’m trying to be very aware of where he thinks higher ticket items especially come from. He has friends from families of all backgrounds and it just doesn’t feel right if he thinks Santa got him a PlayStation, while one friend got an iPhone pro and another friend only got a pair of mittens. So we have told him that Santa doesn’t do expensive gifts (too much work for the elves to make) and then we buy one or two things from his list that are from Santa. We also don’t wrap those couple gifts because he’s been asking so many questions I think he would realize if Santa magically used the same wrapping paper that I use. 😂 my oldest is 8 and has been asking a LOT of questions. My youngest is 5 and hangs on his brothers every word. I just want the magic to last a little longer, so far this has really worked well!

  51. Man i love American houses. So big and beautiful.. im in Australia, 4 bedrooms, 1 ensuite and 1 bathroom. My house isnt small, but my dream is to have one as big as yours!! Merry Christmas ☺️

  52. Hi Jamie. I'm a new subscriber. Just stumbled across your video. Merry Christmas, all the way from Namibia – Windhoek

  53. i’m a 15 year old girl who has ocd, i’m ill right now and whenever i have spare time i love to watch cleaning videos. i’m so glad i stumbled across your channel all i want to do is get up and clean but i sadly can’t. i’m from england but when i’m older i wish i could live in America because it seems like lovely place. thank you for inspiring me!

  54. Hi. I will rather say me then that person because what happen when the get older. Movies on Netflix a Christmas prince. They are 3 of then. BTW I love your videos

  55. When my children were young and also when I was a child all presents were from you know who unless they're were sent from family. My favorite Christmas movie was Frosty the snowman. My birthday was last week and my Daughter got me the Dyson stick vacuum, I've told you before I'm like you with the vacuum lines. I'm going to try the hack with the garbage can. Thank you for all your hard work that you put into making these video's❤❤❤

  56. I’d really like to know who goes around disliking these videos of these moms who are simply cleaning their houses and trying to stay organized. Like…really? Lol

  57. I wont be able to clean at night cause my floor is loud and we live in a flat and don't want my baby girl to wake up from the vac noise 😭🤣 oh fav movie must be Training places 🤩

  58. I don’t have children BUT I did read an article recently that basically says to be very careful/mindful of what gifts come from “You know who”. Kids will go to school & say “oh Santa bought me this new bike for Christmas” but the kid next to them might not come from a very fortunate family and they reply with “well Santa only gave me socks for Christmas”. So naturally the kid who got socks from Santa is automatically thinking about what he did wrong to not deserve a bike from Santa. So in my opinion, smaller/inexpensive gifts should come from You know who & the cool gifts should come from the parents. Just think about the kiddos who aren’t as fortunate as your kids & you don’t want your kiddo to brag about what Santa got them.

  59. We used to do all the presents from Santa. But my kids were going to school saying to kids they got these big gifts that are kinda pricy from Santa.
    I know not everyone is able to afford gifts like this so i thought maybe my kids going to school and saying this to kids who may have only gotten colouring or something small from Santa was not the best. Santa thinks all kids are special and equal. And i just don't want any child feeling like they were less good or less important and didn't get big stuff others may have from Santa. So now we just do bigger gifts from us and then Santa does our stockings and small wrapped gifts put in the stockings.
    We also only get our kids 4 gifts each. Something they want, something they need, something to wear and something to read. And then just little toys and chocolate and stuff in stockings.

  60. I'm glad you're putting thought into the "you know who" gifts. My thoughts are this. I don't remember who gave me what growing up, and my husband doesn't either so it was up to us to establish our own ideas and traditions from scratch. We have 4 kids to buy for, but the oldest got you know who gifts at her mom and stepdad's and we never got a say in how that went. But we were so incredibly strapped for a few years and we needed help to give our kids Christmas at all. Having that experience for a couple years, I'm a HUGE advocate (I guess that's the word I'm looking for?) for a small gift or two from you know who, and any spoiling you're capable and willing to do, should come from Mom and Dad. Why? Because Little Suzy at school who got a stocking cap from you know who, doesn't understand why you know who gave your kids a new bike and a gaming system and a Barbie Dream House and clothes while he only gave her a stocking cap. My kids get a new outfit or a small toy or book from him, and four gifts from Mom and Dad (we do a want, need, wear, and read).

  61. Growing up I would open all gifts Christmas Eve after church. Only one would be from you know who. My kids would open family gifts on the 24th and then the 1 or 2 gifts from you know who on Christmas morning.

  62. Love this video! Congrats on OSU making the college playoffs! My Terps only won 3 games, so no bowl for them. But Pitt is going to the Quick Lane Bowl! Great video! Our Christmas growing up was like Adam's. But I bet you can come up with a compromise, it's both hard and fun to start new traditions by combining what you each grew up with. I am cleaning the kitchen along with you! Why does it take so long just to clean the kitchen, then by dinnertime it's a mess again! Haha!

  63. I love Mrs. Meyer's Peppermint, but I wish the scent would linger like Lilac and Mint. It's one of my favorites!

  64. My favorite Christmas movie is Claymation Christmas! It used to air on CBS every year along with Rudolph when I was little. Now I have the DVD and my kiddos watch it with me.

  65. I did one present and our stockings from Santa and the rest were from us. But now that my kids are teens they're all from us.

  66. Hi from Belfast!, the presents come from Santa even get the oldest girl a Christmas eve box with some stuff from mum and dad but all the toys on Christmas morning are from santa, that's the magic of Christmas the innocence of the children who still believe. Xxx

  67. Have you ever considered wearing gloves or even those disposable ones while cleaning? (Especially the bathroom) 😊 I find that it keeps my nails from chipping and because I have sensitive skin, the gloves keep my skin from getting irritated from all those cleaning chemicals 💕

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