hey guys welcome back to my channel and welcome back to another try on home video this one is going to be an active wear athleisure country haul in collaboration with one of my favorite clothing like apparel companies which is in new apparel so we've had a few other items for about probably going on six months now but they recently sent me a few new items so i thought that i would do a little try on haul video to show you guys there's these items because they're honestly the most comfortable active wear that I aren't like I absolutely love everything about them so if some of these as I said I've had for about six months so I have already tried them on but half of them are new so I'll start with the older stuff first do a Tryon talk about each individual one some of them I love more than others and then I'll start with new stuff I do double check on their website as well and you can still buy all of these outfits a source talk them in every size in every color and every style so if you do want to grab one of these for yourself definitely go check them out there I'll put like all the links to all the different items in the description box below like always if you enjoy this video please give me a thumbs up and make sure you subscribe because I upload channels quite frequently and I should have some more meal prep videos coming out shortly as well okay so the first set way to start with the very first set that I ever got from them and this set is called I've got all of their outfits on my phone here just so I know which one what the name of each of them are so they are sold individually but you can mix them I think I have a deal on the mum wears like you mix match three items and you get like a discount so the top here is called the luxe tonal racer back sports crop and it's $27.99 pounds which is probably roughly I think it's got 50 Australian dollars which is quite normal for a sports bra and then the tights are the luxe tonal ultra high-rise leggings and that's 38 pounds which is maybe like 55 Australian dollars which is really really best shape for the tights and this is I when I first got the set I was like oh my gosh I got actually love this set like I love everything about it the ties are super high waisted which I absolutely love it sucks every and and the topic is like a really nice unique cut it's got a quick obviously quite low at the front and in the back it has like a band here and so that is a bit open there so you breathe as well the fabric itself sorry is probably what I love the marks it's like and the other polyester or polyester blend but it's super thick but at the same time it's really breathable so sometimes when you get like a poly-cotton blend you just don't breathe as well I don't know why it's fine I sweat a lot more on those but this just it's it's super breathable and they're tight enough that you can do a lot of high intense workout and they're not going to go right down and then I'm gonna fall down you're not gonna have to hike them up which is one of the most annoying things I find the gym when you're trying to Train you're doing squats or you're just you know doing like box jumps or peas or something and you're tight and constantly falling down but it sucks everything can't like literally everything I feel like that super flattering let the cut themself it's just really really flattering and I love the fact that new powered never go crazy with their leg or their branding either and they sort of got that triangle yeah a little longer down hangout and the logo I think on the side here as well so I love minimal branding as well the top it's a little bit looser than the pants so if you were if you were quite small in the chest I would be a little bit cautious about buying this top because even I am nervous myself that I don't really wear the tops I'm doing high intense or if I'm doing like chest or straining train chest or something like that because I don't want to pop it to dad but overall I really really love this set like it's it's still growing my favourites I'm just fine under couple and you stop yet but that stuff I have soaked but this is definitely my favorite set so the next set I have to show you guys is this leopard print set now when I got this I was like oh yeah it's very bold and out there so it's not something that I would wear all the time because especially in the gym you can stand out like a sore thumb but I do think it is cute so I haven't wanted like a wore it every now and then if I'm feeling quiet like I guess confident that day or I just want to be out there I do like the top I think more on the pain because it's a little bit more subtle and I think it's just a good normal I guess that normal kind of cuts sports bra and then it's like a plain crossover back back there as well but they caught up in exactly the same other salad sorry I'm tight same style as the other types very high waist which I love socks everything in the material or on birth of these is different than the loss so that was probably the other thing I didn't like as much about this set as the previous is that it's not the same material so I'll have a look I'd rather completes what to say what these are called so this is a Venus Sports bride in Safari and these are the Venus leggings in a safari as well they reach out the same price that was $25.99 and 36 pounds so the material let me just pull it up to show you guys okay it does actually say what it's made of but it definitely feels more like a cut poly-cotton blend um yeah I just don't like it as much but it's deliver all I'm pretty cute set so this is the next set that they sent me I actually got this in the exact same set in a baby pink as well um but I get which one I friend teachers I don't really wear baby pink acted by that much in I don't really wear shorts I'm actually do in my purse out of my tights but what did you like about this shirt so that they are really high waisted and the cut of the front actually crosses over so it kind of dips down a little bit so I thinks like a really cute feature but I do love the top I just think the way it's cut is just so nice like it's so different from you know motion Eric kind of sports bras so it's really cute it's played the back but yeah the front is crosses over so a little bit of cleavage and it's pretty supportive as well which I love as well so this set is the– when my phone wants to load so this is the empowerment black cross over bra and the black booty shorts so the brow same price as the other ones $24.99 pounds and the booty shorts are only 25 99 pounds which i think is a really good price for those as well the fabric it's very similar to the first that I showed you guys so yeah like a really nice soft smears sucks everything it's not as tight the shorts I find that are suck everything in as much but they is so fantastic fabric and also if anyone's wondering I have a size small in all the tops and bottoms all everything that I'm gonna show you guys okay so moving on to one of the new sets that I got from them which literally arrived this week I am so excited about this set I wanted a pair like a white set for so long and why are you in the past once or I was like oh my god I'm so happy so this is the Venus sports bra in blank and the Venus Lincoln blank as well so same price as the other types of cropped so it's 25 99 pounds 36 pounds I love this set it's a very faint cut as the leopard-print set so the tights are all the same even the new month in the cut the top here so it's a little bit so it's like the little mesh here at the back super cute and I think is it the fabric feels different again sort of like that a leopard print fabric or it's a bit more of a poly cotton that but it's what the thenar so I do like it better my only thing is it's very see-through so I'm wearing like lacy nude undies and you can kind of see them so I think if you're more like what oh why oh like a non seen nerd you could get away with it but I probably wouldn't wear these on like day they are really cute even if you're going out to brunch or something like that I may be really cute with like either the crop or you could wear like a normal t-shirt or a cropped t-shirt over this pot but yeah I would wear them on my day so just you careful wary of that if you were planning on wearing them they're not the thickest fabric so they are sending one of their like crop sweaters which I'm obsessed with oh my gosh not enough like apparel company do cropped sweaters like this so I'm actually sad that the summer like I'm sweltering right now it is but when winter comes back around I'm so excited to wear this so this is they oh my god there it is it's the game changer super cropped sweat in maroon so it's literally just a crop sweater like it's super thick it's so comfortable like I might even just wears better have the aircon on it like that comfortable so this week happy one like you're going to jam and you know when you you just have so hot training you don't wear long sleeves so it's a side way like before and after gym you just chalk this on and he'll be right to guard oh so cute it doesn't for a very big branding yes I think this is one of the first items a kit bag earlier release now doing like a lot bigger brandy but now to kind of fold it down a bit sorry I don't mind I haven't kind of one big brand news okay and it looks like one with the white it would look good with a pink ofoh because the actual print is slightly pink not my Ryan so normally like pink in my room will probably clash I think he could probably get away with it with this set but I think it's really cute I like it look at a lot and so the last that I have to show you guys is this gray set yeah so this is the Iroquois there it is the double-up gray mesh cotton mesh bralette sorry and they get to go highways crazy my leggings now the top is $25.99 Panther 34 pass this set is definitely more of a lounge kind of yoga set it's made from cotton so it's really lightweight it is quite breathable for what it is there's not a less important the top hence why I said it with more just like a lounge kind of set the pants are really high way so they have a realistic band at the top which I really like there is like the bottom here they've got that a log retinue of Herald like text along the bottom there on the top itself at the time to apparel liquor here which is really cute is really comfortable I really do like it the top I didn't think I'd like it first when I first put it on I know about the mesh all like mmm now I don't mind it like it's cute it's bit different I would wear it every day I probably the pants more than the top anymore I probably just had to talk around the house and then maybe occasionally if I was doing like yoga one day which I occasionally will do I said wait train but I do trying to like a stretch in time fish but overall I don't mind it's what it is quite cute and it's on sale at the moment zobelle I think it's half price that's why the original ranges and then lastly to really go with this set they sent me the get it girl oversized mile great sweatshirt this one it's not a stick of the other one because it's not like that they could he come a material this one's a lot thinner so I mean it's still too hot right now to wear it because summer but it is a lot better if it was like spring or autumn and you wanted to wear something like this sorry it's yes it's really nice like like great mom categories pants you could wear it with any murse the other outfits the white outfit would look really good this as well it has a small bit of site at this time you know the new apparel text alone there as well and this one is I don't think I said the price 28 99 pounds sorry Australian not too bad it's not it's good longer the crop on this but I think it's finally I really like a cropped kind of sweatshirt I don't like one that her yeah so that is the entire new apparel haul that I have for you guys I really hope you enjoyed it like I said they're one of my favorite apparel company it's like I absolutely love them and I'm not just saying that because I sent me these I wear I've been wearing of three sets like since they said that like I really love them they're way better than no offense like Lorna Jane and a couple of other ones they are way way better and they're cheaper which is the best part of that it like even when you convert it and get it sent from all the way from overseas it's still so much cheaper so definitely would recommend a go check them out anyway guys thank you for watching if you made it to the end I know this is kind of long if you did enjoy it I do have a bunch of other travel videos and of course on my meal prep videos which is why I really started this channel in the first place to share my sort of fitness journey and story so if you do want to see more of these kind of active wear try on haul or any other type of active wear videos please drop me a comment the comics below otherwise I'll catch you guys on my next video


  1. l think you are the best moda youtuber but your videos are very low quality…please make a new videos 4k or 1080p 60fps…l am sure you will be watch more..and please more haul videos…specially jeans and more gym wear please…because you are very stylish

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