NBA 2K19 MyLEAGUE #2 | Ultra Realistic Expansion | OUR FIRST GAME | City Edition Jersey Unveiled

all right what's up everybody welcome back to episode 2 of the Louisville Badgers my league and so what I'm gonna do today like I was telling you guys before from this point on you guys are basically gonna get everything wrong so it's not gonna be a whole lot of meat editing stuff out so I mean there's gonna be some editing but most of what you're gonna see is just us going through this journey but despite the fact that I did figure out how to fix the issue with this the statement jerseys and everything like that I decided to go a different route with with the whole thing and like I said in the last episode because I do want to have the option of going to a alternate court when we do our alternate jerseys because I see a lot of immediate teams to do that so I think that they're really awesome I think they're really cool you guys can tell me in the comments what you think about them but here is the alternate right so this is gonna be our city edition Jersey right here boom you see jaren Jackson modeling that thing like like he does and I love it I really like it a lot you guys can tell me what you think it's kind of a it's kind of like an exact replica of the net sold alternates they had an alternate like this I believe and I think cuz that that's kind of what brought it to memory but I love the army green with the black I love the stripes I love everything about it it's another kind of simplistic minimalist design I thought about going to Ned and like stripes to the shorts or whatever not not the least but then I just figured like it just looks good the way it is I really I really do think that but you guys let me know you think I'm gonna use that for now so yeah I do like the way that looks but and then the away is gonna be what we would consider like our earned jerseys quote-unquote this is what I went with let me get his arms on cross there so ya did this is what I went with what is that at the time is that Louisville up there see this so this is where those glitches come in sometimes you'll see that my NBA logos are just not looking right it'll fix it up front looks alright this little thing that at the bottom on the left side of the shorts there his left our right is just a logo that I kind of made up for like the alternates it really doesn't mean anything it's just up my made-up so and I thought it looked cool to just kind of add something unique into the Jersey that was at the time just all off white and pure white so anyway we're gonna keep the changes and exit this so we'll go to that whenever we want to use our alternates and then you and I'll show you guys the arena so this will be the arena when we use our alternates and we can even use this arena when we do our or this court floor I should say when we do our our earned jerseys as well but honestly the earned jerseys can go with any court floor because they're just white so they'll look cool either way so I think we'll just do the regular court floor we use our earned and we'll do the or we might even be able to do that honestly either way this will be mostly for the state the city jerseys the city of the addition or the statement whatever you want to call it so yeah actually yeah that's how it's gonna be I'm sorry I messed that up so we're gonna have our association on icon jerseys which are the regular ones and we're gonna have our our statement will be the the white one and then the city edition will be our green one yes that's how that's how that'll go so the first thing I kind of want to do before we play our first game is I want to try to trade Landry Chabot I was thinking about trading Moe vogner as well but maybe we won't do that but sham it he's a guy that just doesn't I don't think he's really gonna have a home on this team honestly we got Bryn Forbes and and and Danny Green yeah see that's the thing like he he's a rookie that needs to be developed and I'm not gonna really want to give him a whole lot of playing time over either one of these guys so I think he could serve another team a lot better than he can serve us a first round pick and Alex Flinn that's something we're gonna go back to because that's something that is extremely intriguing to me actually a 22 unprotected first-rounder in Alex Len I think is going to be the call and I like Alex Lynn and we've got him for two years he was a high draft pick the gave up on him it was it that gave up on the sons gave up on on Lynn this is a guy who can rebound his ass off not exactly a guy who's gonna stretch the floor but he is great defensively great at rebounding smart player he's got potential yeah yeah I think I think we want this guy and you know what else that does I'm gonna tell you in just a second so we're gonna do that trade and we save real fast what else that does for us is that allows us well mate we're gonna make one more trade we don't want our chemistry going down too much but in light of the fact that that we just made that particular trade we now have the ability to trade either I mean we can we could conceivably make Len I don't want to have these all three of these guys 77 overalls at center for the simple fact that I'm not gonna have enough playing time for the three of them and so let's sit here let's see what we get offered for either Hernan Gomez which I think will get a lot more offers good offers for him then we would homes so let's uh let's try that let's see what we get offered real quick here Simmons against no alkanes Dellavedova we're looking for a shooting guard to replace backup shooting guard to replace sham it all right so we got him to at rate agreed to a 2023 second rounder which doesn't matter too much for us because didn't we pick up yeah we've got the thunders first-round pick in 2022 so we ended up with an extra pick anyway mm-hmm on the out of the Landry sham it deal right okay oh the Hawks had the thunders pick okay and that's what they gave us so I should have paid closer attention to that but doesn't matter anyway all right so we're gonna go ahead and simulate the first two games and then we're gonna play our first game against the Cavs our first home game and but before we do that let me make sure that I've got our rotations set the way I want them Lana's gonna start for us actually but I'm gonna leave it so that I'm gonna leave it so that Holmes gets plenty of minutes I think I'm gonna have yeah we'll have Danny Green starting for us but working at Forbes 20 more minutes than what he's got I'm gonna book him 20 and small forward okay so Sogeti will start for us like I expected however will give Road Ian's some more minutes here all right so that's how I want the rotations so now the time has come for us to play our first game we're gonna simulate through these first two away games we have a lot of away games to start off I mean I guess it's kind of a good thing we are in a tanking season here but we're gonna play our first home game our first of only two in October and then to start off the month of November it doesn't get much better eight games seven of them are away no big deal we'll make it work so let's see first game boom we won Wow okay check that out so what happened Karen Jackson with a double-double same thing to Lin it was just kind of like an all-around effort it looks like low-scoring game but we will take it seems as though we did really well defensively jaren Jackson oh four five four three Wow well we definitely want him shooting and we want him to be you know you know making those mistakes I guess and learning from him so I'm perfectly fine with him doing that will simulate this game Augustin and spring right – mm-hmm so let's adjust the rotation manually hmm should we put Simmons at point guard I don't think so we'll just do will have Shaq Harrison come off the bench that's what we have in for however Morris will play more minutes in wake of this and so will Jerry jacks so there we go Cemal that we won again oh my god so we've won the first two kings of the season in the tanking season but it's just two games out of 82 Gordon had a good game so did Trey young jaren Jackson 28 9 & 1 1 steal 3 blocks only one turnover extremely efficient three offensive rebounds only one foul wonderful game exactly what we needed from you know the face of our franchise moving forward so yeah we won our first two games of the year now we're gonna play our first game as the Louisville Badgers our first home game so let's see how we do here we go it's the 2k sports pregame show so we will real quick here what Ernie and the boys have to say about our games I'm Ernie Johnson here with Shaquille O'Neal and Kenny the jet Smith for tonight's game will be watching Louisville as they go up against the Cavaliers for the Cavaliers coming off a loss in the first game of the season they'll no doubt be anxious to put tonight's contest in the win column and avoid an Owen to start some teams fast out of the gate others nuts are lucky Kenny for the teams that have started slowly how do they turn the time you know what about a week ago I was talking to a friend of mine about this and that's like when that happens you can't panic this season has just begun identify the real problem before you start tinkering on things sometimes a lot of change can help things may just have to work themselves although time now for tip-off we get it to Kevin Harlan he's got hello basketball fans you've got it on 2k sports as we get set to bring you an exciting NBA basketball game hi everyone this is Kevin Harlan with Chris Webber and Greg Anthony our sideline reporter David Aldridge alright so here we go tipoff is finally here so most of what I'm gonna give you here is gonna be like you know a lot of the offensive highlights of this game and you know just different things that happen in the game that I thought I should kind of highlight you know throughout a couple defensive plays the start of the game here as you can see we started with the ball but Danny Green missed the three as you can see you'll see by the score we started off terribly see Jeremy Jackson doing his thing from outside there but we did not start hot like we were really cold to start the game off you see here at 17 to 8 it was 17 to 5 at one point spoiler alert we do closed that lead we close that gap quite significantly you see couch green light from outside and he was a revelation in this game and I'll tell you that like you guys will see like I'm gonna be giving him some more minutes here moving forward because he was just I mean he was phenomenal in this game and I was I was really pleased with the way he played but you'll see you'll see here that we play some pretty good defense we're still down by 5 here in the first quarter we make him use up all their shot clock get a long rebound get the long rebound and then were Sean Holmes who was another sort of a revelation in this game a guy who I really you know I knew I wanted to give minutes to him but I didn't know that he was gonna be as good as he was or ended up being in this game seeker ooch again making some plays in transition but and then at the end of the first quarter here you'll see we had it within two points so after being down by as many as 12 we in the first quarter we we took it back to just a two-point game going into the second quarter so that was an accomplishment in itself I think it just took me some time to get you know this was obviously I mean I didn't practice at all it really took me a little bit of time to get things down with the team and figure out how I was going to you know to run the offense with this particular unit which which is normal see a nice little flashy pass there from jetty jaren Jackson man he was just he I'm so happy with him and the way he plays and I think he's gonna really he's gonna really make some some pretty big strides this year he was also like oh that was a nice dunk he was crazy with the assists this game too as you you see the replay here of that just slamming at home every time I had the ball in my hands with with jarran Jackson I just felt like something good was gonna happen whether I put it into a little post with him whether I had it outside on the perimeter with him it didn't matter what was going on I felt good about what was going on or you know I felt good about having the ball in his hands as you see jetty with a nice and one there a really nice crazy circus shot almost to get the to get the hoop and the foul so we're actually up by two here which is pretty big considering we were down by 12 like really early in the first quarter you know they had us they came out with the momentum but like I said I mean we kind of we took it right back Danny Green with a deep three and he hit that thing from forever out but for some reason that just felt right it felt right to take that shot there jaren Jackson with the steal he tossed I accidentally tossed it out to Danny Green there but I got it right back to Jackson which actually might have been a better play because it kind of took the defenders off of jaren Jackson for just a split second and gave him a little bit of room to get back up court in transition what's phenomenal now they're in good position to win this game large in part because of those assists and this is the thing Ernie when you win as a team you feel better about everything that happens looking at Cleveland Shaq your thoughts the three-point shot has really really helped them out I always like to see teams around the three the one is dropping like that I say you roll with it as you see at halftime we're up by four and we're shooting the ball really well really efficiently and we're beating them in almost every category except steals jaren Jackson 15 four and three in the first half really happy with the way what he did did his thing to see here but one of the things like like I've mentioned earlier already I have a plan with this team jaren Jackson knocking down the three pointer I have a plan with this team and really it is we're not gonna really be competing for the playoffs for the first two years at least we're not gonna be we're not going to be competitive like playoff run competitive until I would say probably the 2021 or 2022 season and that's going to be because you know one of the biggest parts of of the series is gonna be dick Harrison but just a nice just making plays there I've really was pleased with him this game too with the DJ Augustine being out with that spring toe anyway yeah but like I was saying especially given the fact that you know our one of the biggest priorities is gonna be drafting a guy high next season or you know next next in next year's draft in the 2019 draft we're gonna have to develop that guy to jaren Jackson from outside so yeah we're gonna have to develop that guy too and so it's gonna take time but I do you know between getting free agents and developing these young guys that we have I do feel like it's it's something that you know we will be easily watchable this was a weird play here but we'll be easily watchable and I think our fans will be invested in us you know by that third fourth year so that's gonna be our plan moving forward I know it's a very vague plan but it's one that I'm gonna stick to and it's but it's all gonna hinge on getting high draft picks over the next two years and we want to at least be in the draft lottery over the next two years and next year in particular I want to be pretty high up I mean I you know we we want one of those Duke boys and preferably either Zion which will be that'll be a stretch but preferably either either him or RJ Barrack I know John Moran is definitely a guy who you know I'm sure a lot of people are gonna say yeah you know try going with him I'm gonna think about that but we're gonna see also what we might be able to get in free agency over the next couple years as well so I'm just kind of recapping this because I don't think I really played III didn't really go over it too much in the in the first episode but you see here column Sexton player of the game I think he dropped like 28 or 30 on this man so I mean he was really doing his thing he was getting the assists he was getting inside he was just just really wreaking havoc on us and so you'll see here under two minutes we're down by seven this is kind of like you know we can cut the lead down here I decided to go for a two pointer kind of go with the short thing to try to get us just get us within two possessions and then from that point on it really fell apart so we lost our our first game of the season the first game we played and the first game that we've lost this year so we're 2 and 1 which you know – what does it matter but either way I almost feel like it's bittersweet because this is the start of our tanking right here we had to start losing so and here it is you know I'm definitely never gonna lose a game on purpose but if it happens then you know what I mean that's uh we'll live with it but either way like I said I mean it's definitely bittersweet because of the fact that I feel like you know we definitely got to get a feel for our team now and I really was happy with the way a lot of the guys played especially some of the guys that surprised me like couch homes even Alex Len but yeah so anyway got a really cool surprise in the next episode I know I was going to set I was gonna show it to you guys in this episode but you know with the gameplay and few of the other things that I wanted to do I didn't get around to it but definitely definitely stick around for episode 3 because I'll definitely be showing it to you guys then I think it's something you're really gonna like something you'll be excited about so yeah hopefully you'll be back for that and if so I will see you then


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