NBA 2K16: New Jersey Nets Replica Jerseys and Arena Tutorial

hey what's going on everyone it's Jack Hill here and I made these New Jersey Nets replica jerseys think they were pretty good I know you can see Derrick Rose in them this from a my league that I'm doing I'll be making some videos on that and basically I'm gonna be showing you how to make them how do you how to make these jerseys basically and all right so for the away jerseys you're gonna use the same settings except the front text or the that says Nets as you can see here this one you're just gonna want to search up my name this is for ps4 by the way I want to start off my name when you look your logo you don't want to go here it adds I'll go search the username extract it to let X and then you'll find these logos that you'll need these two this one and these families these guys some other logos on here you can use them just one change the colors to red as the main color and I'm gonna pick yeah the side stripe of the Jersey in this short strike the same color it's just the next stripe and shoulder stripe our navy blue and white and jersey number on the back white blue and red instead of whatever it was before I forgot what it was and yeah so there you go same settings with the images as well for the NBA on the left shoulder and right short side and the New Jersey Nets logo on the shorts and yeah so now I'm gonna be showing you guys how to make you New Jersey Nets arena so let me go there I'm not gonna do a speed thing I'm just gonna talk through it so this would look like at the end thing looks pretty good so your beanie type will be bring a 13 you can make whatever name you want I trust the Izod Center because that's what the Nets Nets alveta was before one of their penis they had Jumbotron for and doesn't matter what package I chose package one scores table Table three it doesn't matter advertisements to chose I chose eSports Spaulding Anita's ESPN and NBA we're amazing happens I had these on the community uploads so you can find like a ton of stuff and ps4 word and stuff and footlocker seating the CD in color will be just black baskets we would choose basket one with a navy blue mats then you can make whatever sound effects you want and show you so you can put either New Jersey or next basketball both I decide to go with New Jersey Nets basketball the original supposed to be New Jersey Nets best of all on the whole thing but it doesn't look as good so I just separated it I put at nets at nets or sideline text you can find this image for the record my search yep my name x-ray okay Lex to find these logos and everything that you need the size of the center logo of e97 secondary logo is where's it this logo right here and that size for both of them will be 85 they breeding a name I also posted yeah I posted them you're the ice outside attorney logos so can use those or you can use whatever you want on those besides also 85 and yeah it's about it I'll go through sound effects you guys wanna use these these are what I just use for all my arenas that I make and yeah that's about it hope you guys enjoyed I'm gonna be doing a my league like I said before the New Jersey Nets / Brooklyn Nets you can see here and yeah


  1. Can you upload the logo's to Imgur. The ones on twitter make a white background for the logo. It has to be clear or it looks like crap. Thanks!

  2. Loved the video, come check out my channel, if you like what see please subscribe and email me if you want to collaborate.

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