Mystery Wheel of DUMP IT Slime Challenge!!!

Hey guys, this is Karina
>>and this is Ronald from SIS vs BRO.>>And today we’re playing
Mystery Wheel of Slime Challenge But this time
the wheel is different. We have a new option
on the wheel. It’s called “dump it”. So if you get dump it, you have to take your bowl
of slime and just dump it into whoevers
bowl of slime. Starting from scratch and the other person gets all
of your ingredients.>>Yes.>>And also we have
no activator on the wheel because at the end
we’re gonna put activator on both of our slimes
so it’s fair. So both get activator.>>Mmm-mmm-mmm.>>So at least we have
some kind of slime if we add glue as well,
but yeah. All right.
So let’s begin. Rock, paper, scissors,
who’s gonna spin? Rock, paper, scissors,
shoo! [gagging]>>All righty,
I’m gonna spin first. For my spin number uno will be the most
amazing thing. [wheel spinning] Glow in the dark pink.>>All right.
That’s this.>>Ooh la la. I get roasted
on my luxury drill.>>I wanted that.>>Bwa ha ha ha ha Three, two, one.
Da-na-na-nan-nat na-nat.>>Okay guys, now it’s
my turn to spin the wheel. Three, two, one. [wheel spinning] Pink glitter. Ooh.
I got pink glitter. Thank you. Three, two, one, poof. Very glittery.
>>Yes.>>All ready guys,
now it’s time for my spin
number dos.. Hopefully nothing to get
dumped in because I don’t want Karina
to get this. I kinda want that. I kinda want that though. So make sure
you get dump it.>>No.>>Ha-yah. [wheel spinning] Purple glue. Ooh yes,
the pink-purple theme. We are sticking
with the theme here. Ready, crack this open. Three, two, one, go. Da-da dana-nana
dana-nana.>>All right.
Now, my turn to spin the wheel once again.
Go number two. All right, three, two, one. [wheel spinning] Fish beads. Fish–
No, It’s supposed to be fish bowls not fish beads
but okay. I got plenty fish bowls.>>Go with the flow.>>All right. So far,
I don’t have any glue. Ronald has two glues. I only have glitter
and fish bowls. Which is very interesting. All right, three, two, one.
>>Whoo… Alrighty. Now aside from
my spin number three. We are speeding through these
and by the way guys, we’re gonna have
10 spins in total. So be aware.>>Yeah,
just be aware of that. [wheel spinning]>>Red glitter glue. The theme is adding up.>>Theme? I’ts not gonna
go mix well because like,
this shade of red… But okay,
if you say so.>>I say amazing things. Five, four, three, two, one. We’re going on a trip in our favorite
rocket ship going through the skies. Little Einstein. Climb aboard, get
ready to be born. There’s so much to eat,
little fat T’s Little fat T’s.>>This is hard
to squeeze. [grunting] Wait a minute.
Tan-dadan-ten-ten. Wait, but first,
let me take a selfie. Um, er, ah, ahm, er.>>So far,
I don’t have any ingredients to make actual slime. I only have
decorative items. So I gotta get
some kind of glue fast, or else
I’m not gonna have any slime. All right, three, two,one. [wheel spinning]>>Yellow glue, Ooh la la.>>Yellow… Okay… I got my yellow glue here. I’m gonna
squirt it out. Three, two, one. Squeeze.
Oh.>>It’s stringy.>>It’s a string glue.
Eew. That’s gross. It’s hard to squeeze
out of this bottle, too. Maybe that’s all I need
because I can’t get any more. [grunts]>>All right guys, it’s time for my
spin number quatro. [wheel spinning]>>Fish beads. Fish bowls,
fish beads. Five, four, three, two, one. Dada-da-dada-da
dada-da-eeeh. So…
so far, I got this stuff. I got red glue. I got purple glue. I got pink, blue
and fish bowls. It’s white ones,
clear ones.>>So guys,
I only got a little like, tiny little bit
of disgusting yellow glue and I really need
some more. I really hope it’s a pink glow
in the dark glue cause it will look so pretty. All right.
So spin and hope for the best. Three, two, one.>>Dump it. Dump it.
Dump it. Dump it.
Dump it. Nooo.
>>Purple glitter glue. Ooh, that’s not bad. Let’s squeeze this thing out. Three, two, one. Ooh, that squeezes nicely.>>All right guys, now it’s time
for my spin number cinco. Five.
All right. Five, four, three, two, one.
Go. [wheel spinning] Glow in the dark blue. I almost got dump it. That would have been bad. So guys, this glue is so pretty but it’s not fitting
in my theme of awesome themies. So yeah, I’ll just have
to hope for the best here. Dan dan dan. If it’d come out. Wait, wait, wait.
Potential. Okay, that’s all. Okay.
That’s all I’m gonna put.>>So guys, now it’s
my spin number five and I really need
some more glue cause I don’t have
very much of it. Ronald has like
overflowing of glue. So I need some more. Okay.
Three, two, one. [wheel spinning]>>Dump it.
Dump it. Not switch up.
Dump it.>>Purple glue. I already got purple glue. Let’s add some more. This is gonna match
this pretty well because I already have some
purple glue except this glittery and it says in the box, but this one is just
plain matte glue. So let’s put this in. Three, two, one. Oooh.
>>Ooh-ooh-ooh.>>So guys, four, no, five more spins left cause right
now it’s my spin number seis. Six, seven eight, nine ten. Oh, yes.
I was correct. All right.
Three, two, one. [wheel spinning] Purple glue woo-hoo. So guys, I already have
purple glue but we’re just gonna
add some more because I got it
on the wheel. I don’t want to
waste my turn. So three, two, one, go. Oh, I forgot. This one was already used,
I don’t want to put much anyway, so I’m just gonna
leave it like that.>>Okay guys,
now it’s my spin number 6. Let’s see what I’m gonna get. I don’t even know
what I want anymore. I’m just gonna
go with the flow. Three, two, one.>>Dump it.
Eeh eh eh. Dump it.>>Blue glitter.
Ooh.>>Ooh…>>Thank you. So guys, I already got
some pink glitters, now we got some
blue glitters. Three, two, one. Beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous.>>So guys,
now it’s my spin number 7 and I’m gonna spin. Obviously. So let’s just spin. No dump it. Karina needs to get dump it.
Not me. Pink glitter. Whoo.
Whoo. Get roasted in
my electric grill. Okay guys, my first piece
of glitter of the day. I think that was
five pieces but whatever. Let’s add
the whole thing now. Ooh hooo hoo hoo.>>So guys,
my spin number eight. I really don’t wanna
get dump it cause my slime is
so beautiful. All right.
So let’s just spin. Three, two, one. [wheel spinning]>>Nooo!
>>Oh, yeah. I got some clear glue.>>Switch up is on there too. Thought you will–>>This is a lot more
water than ever. All right, let’s squeeze.
Three, two, one. You can barely see
that at all because it’s
clear glue, obviously.>>It’s like a pool
but not bluish, it’s more clear-ish.>>All right guys,
enough of the boring clear glue for now.>>So guys, it’s
my spin number nine. Two more spins for me.
>>What?! It’s my spin number nine. Two more spins for me. By the way guys we’re gonna have
ten spins in total. So be aware.
Quick map. Go. [wheel spinning] Yes, purple glitter glue. Get roasted
on my luxury grill.>>You have too
many colors, I think. But mine’s sticking
to one theme and it’s gonna be pretty.>>Yes, they stick
to one theme… pink, blue, purple, yellow.>>It’s not yellow on there. I don’t see any yellow.
>>Totally.>>Three, two–
three, two, one. [imitates song melody] Okay,
I can barely get any out. Okay, that’s it.>>So guys, now it’s
my second last spin. Spin number nine.
>>Oohh.>>Let’s see
what I’m gonna get. [wheel spinning]>>Glow in the dark pink.
>>Glow in the dark pink. Oh, I ended up getting
exactly what I wanted. All right,
three, two, one, squeeze. That’s so pretty. Oh, you’re so pretty. Squeeze. Perfecto.>>All right guys,
now is my spin number ten. Crossing fingers that I
don’t get dump it. Three, two, one. [wheel spinning] No!
>>No!>>Why do say no?>>Because it is
gonna ruin my slime. Hey guys,
the rule with dump it is I dumped all my slime into Karina’s slime
and then have ten quick spins. So guys,
I was not expecting this but it has to be done. Alrighty Karina. It’s gonna literally be dumped
and you’re gonna have a slime. This is gonna be
very magical.>>Okay. The red is going in.>>It’s only a little bit.>>Yeah. [evil laughter] I should be sad too. Alrighty, that’s enough. I’m not gonna torture
to you any longer, lucky. So how–
what do you feel? What’s your–
>>Amazing.>>Amazing.>>So guys I had
such a perfect slime and I don’t know what’s gonna
happen to it anymore. You used to be beautiful and now you’re ugly
cause Ronald ruined you. So guys, it’s my last spin
for my slime and after Ronald’s gonna do
his 10 spins for his new slime. All righty, three,
two, one. [wheel spinning]>>Ooh-ho–ho-ho! Oh! Two is back>>Does that mean you’re gonna
have 20 ingredients?>>No, you’re gonna
do the 10 dumps and I don’t need
to do 10 dumps.>>Aaw…
>>Ohh…>>Since Ronald has nothing
and I have all my ingredients we could just switch
bowls instead of dumping. All right.
There you go.>>The slime is…>>Exciting.
>>Traumatic.>>But, yeah. So that means now
I have to do 10 spins. All right, number one. [wheel spinning]>>Don’t make them
so long, please. [wheel spinning]>>Foam balls.
>>Foam balls.>>All right, there you go. All right, number two.. [wheel spinning]>>Oh. Give me your foam balls. [giggling]>>All right, number one. [wheel spinning]>>Uhm…
Uhm… No.
>>Okay, number two.>>Oh, now
you’re still adding. I’m just gonna have
to go with this.>>Purple glitter glue.
Purple glitter glue. Here’s some
purple glitter glue. Purple glitter glue. That’s enough.>>Let’s get another
switch up.>>Nah, I’m good.>>All right, number… three?
>>Yeah, three.>>All right. [wheel spinning]>>Glow in the dark blue.>>You almost got dump it.>>But I didn’t.>>Either you get
switch up or dump it. Both of those
would be amazing.>>All right.
Oopsies. Oopsies. Okay, that’s enough. Allright, number four. [wheel spinning] Red glitter.>>Why don’t she just
get dump it? So guys, if Karina doesn’t get
switch up or dump it, I will lose automatically
because I have no slime. I mean,
I have some foam balls that she forgot to dump
into my used to be slime.>>All right, I am done here. And now it’s number five,
the number five. [wheel spinning] Fish bowls.
Okay. I got some fish bowls… into my slime. All right.
>>Poof.>>Spin number six. [wheel spinning]>>Oh so close.
>>Glow in the dark yellow. Oh, glow in the dark yellow. Interesting.
All right. Thank you very much. We’re gonna put
some of this in. Very interesting. All right, number seven. [wheel spinning]>>Yes! Yes! Gorilla mode activated.>>Okay, do we switch bowls or do we just dump?
>>Yes, I’m gonna switch.>>Okay, I guess we’re
just gonna switch. So guys since I just
dumped my slime, well technically switch
but still dumped and that means
I have to restart my 10 spins.>>And this is gonna
be a huge slime.>>Are you sure?>>Yeah, if you get
dump it again.>>All right, number one. [wheel spinning] Oh.>>You just gave
me one foam ball.>>I was kidding.>>All right, I guess
I’m gonna start again. All right, number one.>>I told you, it’s so hard. [wheel spinning] I swear to God
if you got dump it.>>Purple glue. I got my purple glue. At least I got some glue
so I can make some slime. All right,
3, 2, 1. Beautiful.
Number two. [wheel spinning]>>Oh my goodness.>>I didn’t get dump it.
>>Glow in the dark blue. All right. Come on. Come on. Come on.
>>Five, four, three, two, one. We’re going on a trip in our favorite potato chip
eating through the skies.>>All right, number three. [wheel spinning]>>Oh, switch over, I was gonna say.
>>Clear glue… All right, three, two, one.>>Oof, oof, oof.>>Number four. [wheel spinning] Switch up.>>Ugh, but mommy.>>Number five.
>>Mommy why? [wheel spinning]>>Dump it or switch up. [wheel spinning]>>Foam balls>>At least I’m gonna have
something, I mean…>>Yeah, you’re
gonna have something.>>Yeah.
>>All right. Number six. [wheel spinning]>>Oh mommy, why does she get..
>>Glow in the dark glue. Add some more
glow-in-the-dark glue. [cricket sounds] All right, number seven.>>Now, you have to put
in the whole bottle. [wheel spinning]>>Purple glue. Three, two, one, squeeze. Oopsies.>>Give me these balls. They’re mine.>>All right, number eight.
Almost finished. [wheel spinning]>>Switch up!
Yes!>>Yes!>>What, why?>>I don’t want this.
It’s too big. I want a tiny small slime.>>What? Then I guess that’s what
you’ll be getting then.>>All right, so that’s perfect. So eight–
number nine.>>The nine, nine,
nine, nine, nine, nine. Yes!
Ha-ha. Now, it’s the fight for
the smaller one now.>>Number ten.>>If you don’t get switch up,
you’re screwed. Come on, spin it.
>>I did.>>That’s not spinning,
that’s moving.>>Fine. [wheel spinning]>>Pink glitter.
>>Pink glitter. So this is
the last ingredient. We are gonna be adding
into any of the slimes. All right. There, perfect. All right,
three, two, one.>>Oof. Give me this glitter.
I’m just kidding.>>All right.
So that’s done. So guys,
we are finally finished with adding
all the ingredients except that it’s better
[inaudible] and I got a big slime. Ronald got a tiny little slime.
>>Yay!>>But I think mine
is gonna be prettier. because like,
a lot of colors and glitters.>>Totally, but you said
you wanted this one.>>But I changed my mind.>>Okay. Let’s switch up again then.
>>No. All right. So now we need
our activator. We’re gonna add it in. Ronald’s only
getting a little but I’m gonna need a lot.
>>Why?>>Your slime is so tiny.>>Oh, yeah.>>Did you already forget?
>>Yes.>>All right,
three, two, one.>>All righty.>>I think that’s
enough actually. All right,
now it is time to… mix it! But before we do that, you guys are gonna
comment down below what colors you think
our slimes are gonna be. Ronald,
obviously has purple but mine has like,
so many different colors. I have no idea
what’s it gonna be. I don’t even..
>>It’s pink.>>I don’t even know
what’s underneath it. It’s so big. All right.
Now, it’s time to mix. I’m gonna go first. Let’s do it. Three, two, one. All right,
we are mixing.>>Purple takes over.>>Yes, purple is taking over. Its really watery, like really watery.
>>Oh, I see the yellow. We can cover that. All right. We’re gonna
keep on mixing. There’s a lot
of glitter everywhere. Mmm-Hmm.
That’s for sure. Purple is taking over. There’s a lot of purple
on this slime. So yeah.>>It will take you so long.>>I think It’ll be
a purple slime. There’s a lot
of purple everywhere.>>All right guys, I think Karina’s is gonna be
purple cause I have no clue what it’s turning into.
Maybe a big blob of nothingness. So I’m gonna mix mine,
probably gonna be purple. So we’re gonna
be purple twinsies. Okay, three, two, one, go. Clear glue,
such a person. Clear glue
and purple makes? Can you guess?
Can you guess? Can you guess? Purple…
very obvious. Oh, this slime is
already coming together.>>So guys, we’re
gonna keep on mixing and we’re gonna do a slime
reveal in three, two, one. So guys, these are our slimes. Our slimes look pretty
much exactly the same except mine
has more glitters. Obviously,
I’m gonna win.>>Mine’s more clear,
looks more beautiful.>>So guys, this is
my slime up close. So it is purple and looks
almost exactly same as Ronald’s except it has glitter,
look at all of the glitter. It’s so pretty and of course,
it’s big. Look how pokey it is. Poke and then stretch. Woooh. So if you think
I won this challenge. Comment down below the hashtag
the Slime needs glitter.>>So guys this is my slime and it’s pretty small
and it’s clear and I like that it has
white foam balls, and it’s purple. It’s pretty small,
but I can live with that. If you think I won, comment down below, Ronald needs
no glitter boys.>>So guys, don’t forget
to comment down below who do you think
won this challenge. Me, the beautiful pink
and glittery purple slime or Ronald
with his purple slime.>>This small awesome
purple slime with foam balls.>>Without–
without glitter.>>But I don’t need any glitter.>>Yeah, you do. We hope you liked this video.
If you did, smash that like button
and we’ll see you all next time. Goodbye.

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