Mystery box: Unboxing toys and amazing clothes from Adam and Eve

Hi dolls, it’s Shelby Cinda here. I am back with another video that again is
a little bit different than what I usually do on this channel. But, I’m super excited about it. So, I hope you are too. First of all, what do you think of my matching
purple everything? I was really into a purple vibe today kind
of witchy purple vibe. So, I thought why not vamp it up for you guys
especially since this video is super, just exciting. I’m super excited. And then, women and ladies alike can enjoy
from this so let’s get into it. What is this video Shelby? You may ask. Well, I’ve partnered up with Adam and Eve. We have a box here for you. I’ll unbox it today. They are a great company that sells amazing
quality lingerie outfits. They also have sex toys, they have dvds you
can buy. They just have a lot of great stuff. So, what I have in this box is called the
Adam and Eve Mystery Box. So, I have opened it just for the sake of
convenience for this video. But, I have not looked inside so I’m really
excited. I will repeat this again at the end of the
video but, I have a special code so that you can get yourself something wonderful or your
lover or your best friend if you like that or whatever. So, my code is Shelby it will be down below
in the box. That code gets you 50% off almost any one
item and free shipping on an entire order at With that said, let’s get
into the box. So, I’m really excited about this, I love
doing unboxing for people. I love my bath page. I unbox all the time with the stuff that I
buy. Oh my, this is awesome. So, (okay, that’s going to fall). So, first thing open it up, there’s some catalogs. There’s a catalog in here (I guess I can’t
show them). When I first open it up I can see there is
a catalog. This has you know all the great stuff in here. Lots of dvds, lots of toys, stuff for men
on here, there are flashlights, there are lots of good stuff. This is a thick catalog. So, that’s the first thing. Next, so it looks like these may have melted
in transit a bit but, holy, moldy do these smell good. So, these are… What are these? You may ask. Brutus, he’s meowing outside the door, I’m
sorry. This is a three in one massage candle and
there is three. So, let’s see. I have dream sickle, skinny dip and guava
lava. Oh, you made it inside, don’t mind him cause
I know he’ll jump up here. So, dream sickle. Oh yeah, it definitely melted. That smells really good, that smells like
an orange. Guava lava (oh I got some on my nose) but,
oh my gosh, that smells amazing. If you know what guava smells like, it smells
exactly like that. Hello Brutus. Okay, can you go out of the camera now please. And then, skinny dip. Oh, this smells really good. I can’t put my nose on what it smells like
but, it’s kind of flower, kind of fruity, it smells amazing. So, there are those. I think the guava lava is my favorite that
smells incredible. (Hey you got to go buds, stay over there)
So, next up is something, clothing. It’s super soft, what is it? Oh, it obviously comes with a little thong,
is it? I don’t know what this is. This is a very weird thong, okay, it just
move, okay cute little thong. It’s really actually cute, got to say. Then, it’s just like a little tie-around,
that’s really cute. Okay and it’s got a cut-out in the back. That’s adorable, so it goes like that and
then I guess it ties up here. Oh my gosh, this is so freaking cute. And it’s so soft, you guys like…. it’s really
thin, it’s a little stretchy but it is oh my gosh it is so freaking cute. Look at how cute this is guys. I love it, okay. Oh, my subscribe button. If you haven’t already. This is so cute. So, I’m really feeling this, like I said the
material is so nice it’s soft, it’s, I don’t know what else to say about it other than
its got this beautiful looks like a cherry blossom design. I love how it has the little matching thong
with it, that’s really cute. I love matching set. This is so awesome, I love it. So cute. I’m going to keep smelling those they smell
so good. Next, we have the Adam and Eve Blue Diamond
rechargeable bullet, you can see that. So, this baby has five years warranty. It’s rechargeable, powerful, discrete bullet
vibrator. It has ten unique vibrating speeds and function,
easy grip, handy one button control, made from velvety smooth abs plastic with p.u coding. I don’t know what that word is but something
and latex, waterproof and submerge-able, okay so you could take this in the bath with you
or in the shower with your boo. Have some good alone time in there and it’s
rechargeable, usb cable included. So, let’s open this baby up (if I can, oh
my gosh, really bad at opening this, so bear with me) I keep smelling those massage oils. Comes with a little usb. Let’s get this guy out of the package, oh
my gosh, it’s so small. I don’t know why this box made it feel like
it would be bigger than that. But, anyway, this is so tiny, this is so cute. This is so small I can literally like hide
it with my hand. This is adorable and it feels really nice,
it definitely has that velvety smoothness to it, the grip is really nice which I really
enjoy. I don’t think it would side around which is
nice. I don’t know if it’s going to turn on. I don’t know if I can do this on YouTube,
turn this off. But, that’s nice, it wasn’t too harsh a vibration. Think I would really like this, I recommend
this I think for ladies if that’s what you prefer. I mean I obviously have to give it a go but,
at another time. Okay, next up we have The Adam and Eve Intimate
curves rechargeable one. So, that looks really nice. This looks like more of my style toy I would
have to say. Five year warranty on this guy as well. Ten intense vibration functions including
speed and patterns, ultra smooth silicone, the head flexes to target your hot spots,
stylish chrome detail, ergonomic shape for comfort, latex free and waterproof, fully
submerge able as well. Holy crap that is awesome. It
is 7.75 inches. Let’s open this one up. Okay, so there is the charger. Alright, so there is this guy that is really
nice actually silicone feel I like it way better than the bullet. This is really nice, I really like this. I will say the ergonomic, it’s legit, that
is a nice feel, I’m down for that, that was really nice. That’s really sleek, that’s really cute. I love the pink color, I love the shape. That’s a really nice vibration I really like
that. Overall I really like it. It has this really cute little grooves in
it. It kind of reminds me of something I don’t
know whatever that’s what it makes me think of or fairy I don’t know, I’m getting cat
hair all over it, that’s disgusting. I really like this guy. I like the look. I like the shape. I like the feel. Yeah, I like that one. Moving on, oh my gosh all I need those massage
oils definitely. This is the Adam and Eve’s Magic Massage Dilux. Holy shot! There is that guy, massive. Massive magic indeed. The first thing I think of is the hitachi. Obviously, this is Adam and Eve’s version
of it. It has eight… Oh, I never read the things on the back. Oops, sorry guys. Okay, eight speeds and functions, silky smooth
silicone controls, reliable super strong vibrations, flexible ball string head, long handle for
easy manoeuvring. It’s got a 5 1/2 feet long cord. It’s a plugin so it never runs low obviously
it’s like the hitachi ones as well. Bottom button cycle through all eight functions. Also a five year warranty on this guy as well. This is really soft. This is really comfortable. This is nice, one of the things that I love
about these ones is that I feel like definitely would happen with this guy and the bullet
is that your hand gets like really sore because it’s like constantly vibrating. I don’t know, it just sucks unless you’re
a girl and you’ve done it, it’s not fun. Similarly it reminds me of when I’ve been
using (forgot what it’s called) So, similarly when you’re using an orbital sander all fucking
day and it’s like you go home and you’re not sanding but it feels like you’re sanding,
that’s what these do. These, no, no. So, that’s really nice. These are nice to use. All of these I should say aren’t just for
like alone time which is great fucking love yourself. I love it. They’re also great for partners. So, experiment have fun. That’s the great things about these mystery
boxes, you can try stuff. Moving on, last item. This one looks like fun. So, this is A Weekend In Bed Game Kit for
Lovers. All fun. So, this is an eight piece set. It includes 36 activity cards with his/her
die, ten sex scenario cards, a feather tickler, a blindfold, a paddle, floater, massage candle
and travel bag. So, that’s that guy right there. Have a look, see. I’m also going to open this up, cause why
not. Let’s see what you get inside of there. This looks like this could be really fun. Okay, I did it. It’s all in the travel bag already. Oh no, this is the state of my massage candle. That’s unfortunate. Clearly that one did not work. Oh yeah. Here are the rules. These are like the scenario cards. So, like rule play, stripper and a customer. Do a dirty dance for your special client using
blank, if your dance pleases let them reward you by stuffing blank in your blank. If it is not pleasing then they may use blank
on your blank. Okay, so there are those. Here is the die, just one, so it’s his and
her die. So, it’s her, him all over. Let’s get into the travel bag see what’s
(there is wax falling all over). This is a really nice bag, it’s kind of silky. So here is the flogger, smells nice and new. What else we got in here? We got a blindfold, blindfold people. Both of these are really a nice not suede
but kind of suede material, really soft, really nice not too rough or hard. This is a feather tickler, oh my gosh it’s
so tiny. That’s really cute. Sorry, this is the paddle, I’m an idiot. This is the flogger and the handle has the
same material which is really nice. This is kind of the obvious fake leather but
it’s still soft leather, it’s nice, got a handle, little hanger, really cute. I like that it’s all black. Okay and so that’s all there, really cute
and all of this fits in here, put the cards, put the die. Then I could put these massage oils cause
they smell freaking so fantastic. This one guava lava, I’m not over it, like
this smells so good. So, I could put those in here. Put my little panty and there we go. Game to go. Weekend in Bed Kit Lovers to Go. So, guys that is the mystery box. It’s clearly got some amazing variety of stuff. Obviously, I’m sure yours will be a little
bit different. But this is fucking awesome. These are some great things, some new stuff
in here that I have yet to try that I would like to. I’m so excited about these honestly. This outfit is just so cute. I’m obsessed. So, anyway guys, thanks for watching. Again this is a partnership I’ve gotten together
with Adam and Eve. This was called The Mystery Box. Again I have a special code for you. That code is Shelby, it gets you 50% off almost
every one item in there and free shipping on your entire order at So,
make sure give that website a look, see and do some shopping. Find something for you or for your boo and
let me know. Leave me a comment down below and let me know
if you get anything and what you have tried and if you like it. So, anyways, don’t forget to like this video,
subscribe if you haven’t already. I love this subscribe pillow. Click that bell to get a notification whenever
I post a new video and once again thanks for for joining.


  1. Just when I thought you couldn't get any more beautiful or sexy,you prove me wrong!!!! My God you're amazing!!!!

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