My Wife’s Clothes Song

This is a song about clothes for sale. My wife is selling clothes Clothes for sale. Buy my wife clothes for sale. What do we have here? Well.Well.Well Look at those clothes. Clothes for sale Look at the clothes the clothes for sale. This is a jacket. A jacket for sale. Spinning around.Jackets for sale Theres also this. This jacket for sale. Spinning Spinning spinning spinning spinning around. Uh-Oh you caught me changing. Here’s her dress. Her dress is for sale. Well.Well.Well Well.Well.Well It might be ripped when you get it. It might be ripped when you get it. But its for sale! For sale. This is my wifes vest. Her vest is for sale. Well.Well.Well Well.Well.Well Look at that vest. That vest for sale. Well.Well.Well Well.Well.Well Theres also this. Whatever it is. Woooooaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Pants and Shirt. There both for sale. Pants and Shirt. HEY! Look at this outfit. Woopdidido! Hey look at tis outfit.Woopdidido! Woopdidido! This outfits for sale. Woopdidido! This all could be yours. Green and Blue. This could be you. Shorts and a Shirt! Oh way way! Waaaaayy Too Cheap! Clothes these are. Way too cheap. Shorts and a Shirt! These clothes are excellent! And yes there for sale! These clothes are excellent and yes there for sale! This jackets for sale And these shorts are too. This jackets for sale and these shorts are too. How you do? This could be you! Yeeeeeeeeeaaahhhhhhh This shirt might be for sale. But Im not sure. This shirt is for sale. Yeah why not sure. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhhh This one is also for sale. Yeah okay sure. This ones also for sale. Yeah okay sure. Yeah okay sure. This ones for sale! Yeah okay sure. Oh-Uh This hoodie is for sale. Uh-Oh This hoodies for sale. This isn’t for sale! No No No! This isn’t for sale. no No NO He’s my Andy Biersack! no nO NO He’s my Andy Biersack! So now you know! To buy my wifes clothes. YEAH! Go do it! Go Do IT! Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Yeah. and she’s also selling THIS So buy it.


  1. I will have the short shorts and the blue button up but anyways do you have anything . I'm pretty sure we could negotiate right

  2. No I want the black veil brides shirt oh Greg you are so selfish I love the Andy shirt give me The Andy shirt I want the Andy shirt.

  3. HAHAHA! This the funniest, yet weirdest music video I've ever seen!

    Thank you for this, good sir!

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