MY WARDROBE BASICS – Best Jeans, Shoes & Clothes on a Budget!

hey babes welcome back to my channel as
you can see behind me I have my brand new clothing rack that I got from Ikea
so today I’m gonna be showing you my essentials my basics in my wardrobe I
have been wanting to do a video for you guys like this for the longest time but
I wanted to wait for a couple more pieces to come in before I did it I
think that once you have all your basics and your essentials that you need in
your wardrobe you don’t need all these other little unique pieces I find
personally every time I buy this unique piece and I’m like oh it’s so cute I’d
love to wear it I wear it once it’s a really good way to budget your wardrobe
and to kind of save money if you guys are wondering what top I’m wearing right
now it’s actually my favorite 21 top that I showed in one of my first when I
went hauls that was a turtleneck before I found that again was one of those
pieces that I just used ones and then I didn’t really use again so what I did
was I completely cut out from shoulder and shoulder and now it’s an off the
shoulder top if I do find the top that’s similar to this one and you guys are
interested I will leave a link down below if you guys enjoyed this video
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guys want to keep up with all my fashion looks okay guys so let’s start with the
first piece so my first basic that I absolutely have to have is a black tank
top I also have the bodysuit version that I got from forever 21 this tank top
is also from from 21 so both of them are from there I think it’s super important
to have a plain black bodysuit I love to tuck these in inside of my
truck pants as well I find with the tank top I like to tuck it into my sweat
pants or over leggings whereas the bodysuit I find is just so much easier
to have it nice and snug inside of a pair of jeans so these are definitely
must-haves I have two of these tank tops I think that you can’t have enough of
black tank tops the next essential is this old Navy tank top I love this tank
top because it has a square neckline when you put it on it is super square
and I just love the material in third tank top IFI and extra small that’s what
I thought because they’re sizing I find it’s bigger than other sores so this one
is an extra small I love love love this tank job actually showed got two or
three of these because I find with white ones my tan ends up staining them no
matter how much I believe to them right underneath the arms there they do find
that my eye will definitely pick them up and these are also also really really
cheap to get this well I think I’d be like 6 bucks for this sometimes you can
actually find oneself like 350 and I’ll either throw on like a cardigan over top
a sweater or a hoodie this tank over here I got on Amazon I bought a size
medium because I went by the size chart I really wanted one in noon and I just
found it so hard to find one so I finally found one on Amazon and I got me
and Amy a couple of them I love using this one this color is so pretty and I
kind of like sometimes for thicker straps over the thinner ones so I got
this one as well I also tuck this one inside of truck bands – this is one of
my newer pieces this is the top I actually wore it in Amy’s video where
she transformed me into her this one is from H&M and in this one I have a size
small I think I paid like fourteen bucks for this shirt but it definitely
definitely is one of my basics that I love to have but these I will put these
over leggings or I will talk them into char pants right now I am living for
track pants you guys it’s funny because this piece actually it kind of dresses
off the track pants a little bit it’s just super classy and sleep with the
high neckline so I just really like this and I wish I had one in white as well
but when I do find one I will be sure to pick it up and also greater than like
green would be really cute I will be linking also as many of these pieces as
possible you guys some of them might be sold out but you know me I’m like the
Semler Queens or I like to find similars so don’t worry this one is actually a
body super a pretty little thing I love it because it’s in the color stone and I
love stone so much and this one I bought and actually assigned us six if I were
to get one now I would be getting a four just because it is very stretchy and I
find that I still have enough room in it so I would get a tighter fit I love
putting this inside of track pants so cute or ripped jeans I feel like for me
you can never have that many mock neck tops because mock no tops are just super
classy I just love this look at the top here I actually you should be so
bothered by turtlenecks or anything like too close to my knife but now I just I
love it I really appreciate that sort of neckline kind of
as you can tell by tops I have my pants then I have sweatshirts I’m like
outerwear okay guys so these are my ultimate favorite leggings from from 21
I’ll tell you why specifically from my body shape actually for Amy’s body shape
she doesn’t really like them but if you are a little bit more curvy like me I
don’t know what it is I love this really thick elastic band at the top she gave
me hers and I was so happy that she gave me them because I actually discovered
them that way these have a really thick band over here
I find that they just hug my waist and just hold me in I just love that about
them if you guys are wondering the material they do feel like a cotton
legging and this one I have a medium if I were to buy them today I would get a
small the medium is still a very comfortable fit it is still fitted it’s
just not super stock I want a super snug fit I will get a size small next time
these are my favorite legging sue bags I love them so much every time I see them
I first went one I’m like put it in the bag and they’re actually really
affordable I think if I’m not mistaken they’re around seven dollars also from
forever 21 a pair of black track pants to be honest with you guys a lot of my
track pans are men’s so this one is from forever 21 this one is a size small
every time I get a pair of track actually this one’s a medium it’s a
medium normally when I shop their men’s collection I have to get a small in
their pants but with this one I think that they were more of a slim tight fit
so with these ones I had to get a medium they give me a little bit of room
they’re not super loose so with these I would tuck in the black tank top I would
tuck in a body suit I would put a t-shirt over it there’s just so many
things that you can do or you can wear with a plan hoodie the next item is
these really light heather gray track pants from urban planet I got these in a
size small again these are also men they’re just really plain on the back
and just have the two pockets on the front I love the sort of color and I
love how it matches with the hoodie that I also got from them so I got the hoodie
and I also got the pants the bunny is just like literally two percent off in
the pants but I really really wanted a matching said I really like how you can
just put these two on together and you haven’t helped it and you just put a
trainer with it and just look super do this is something that you guys see Kim
wearing all of the time the gray sweatshirt and the gray sweat pants I
really really love to have both of these together I definitely
this weekend so much I really tried to pull out as many colors as they had in
my wardrobe you guys you know we have a little bit of stone here we have some
gray some black some blush you know a little bit of taupe like that’s you know
look color look this is white color I don’t that’s my color palette to me this
is color you know this is a very wide range of color everybody means are
really good cool tone blue pair of jeans I love this one
these jeans are from sirens oh my god and love them so much I mentioned before
in one of my other videos that sirens is the only place I can really say I have
the most jeans from them honestly I love their jeans love them so much these ones
are in a size 5 you guys if I want to snuff it from sirens I have to get a
size 5 if I want a little bit more of a comfortable fit I get a size 7 which I
will show you a pair that I also have from them I love tucking in a bodysuit
underneath this you can put a white loose tea over top super cute you can
even use the honey with this if you guys wanted to just because it’s so hard to
find jeans I think that once you find the perfect jeans you need to at least
have one good pair I don’t have that many pair of jeans to be honest with you
guys but this one ever is in love so these jeans are also shown inside of
my Valentines Day haul I love this guys so much these are so so so pretty
these ones are also from Simon this is the size 7 so this will be a little bit
more of a comfortable fit on me it’s also a stretchy fit I was looking for
the perfect pair of these and when they sent these to me I was like I hope they
fit I hope they fit and they fit perfect again with sirens they just oh I just I
can’t like say anything else about their jeans other than they just fit me so
well they fit my shape so well again bodysuit
a tank top with this I’ll hoodie so super cute my sister looks so good in
these jeans especially just a little bit more her a little bit more edgy I do
like to use this every once in a while but I like to sometimes do full black or
maybe add a little bit of new it as well with this one but they just look so good
on her now we’re going to get into a little bit of our sweatshirts I love
this one from pretty little things as cronic it is in like this I don’t know
how to describe it like this stone beige you sort of taupey color I love it so
much this one I actually have it in this small fine now I want a little bit more
on a snug fit but a more comfortable fit I don’t want to go with the super
oversize I was into that like a month ago I think as I’m losing weight I just
don’t want I mean I’m losing weight to feel petite think that this corner comes
in many different colors so make sure you guys check it down below as well
this zip up sweater you guys it is the most basic thing in this entire rack I
think I found this one funny enough at Costco I was just walking by I always
find closer I don’t know what it is whether it’s like a sweatshirt one time
I found like an Adidas sweatshirt I don’t know if I bought this from like
the girls section like the younger girls because it’s an XXL and I’m sorry this
just doesn’t look like an XXL to me I will leave something similar down below
because I have a do I’ll find the exact length of this one it’s so many
synthetic I’ve been wearing this the gym I’ve been wearing this out to breakfast
on the weekends I just think it’s such a really really good basic to have as well
has a hoodie as well I love just wearing the sweater with leggings and running
shoes and it is really really warm so this is another one of my favorites this
one is the plain black hoodie that I ordered off of Amazon and actually by
Hanes and I got this one in a sign the large on the Amazon I really really like
this one I was so basic such a good thing to have I did get an oversight to
fit in this one if I were to get one now I had to be honest with you I’m get a
small it’s very similar to the grey one that I showed you guys over here okay
guys this next piece so excited about it I showed it one of my latest videos as
well very plushy coat jacket that I got recently from chien I love it so much I
have been looking for something like this ever since winter came around and I
never really found it anywhere in stores and I was looking online and a lot of
them were super super expensive and I think with she and it was like 30
something dollars I got this one in a size large from them again I wear this
all the time during the week I go grocery shopping with it
I go to breakfast on the weekends with it I go to the stores or ever need to go
I use this guy all the time I love these pockets nothing will ever
fall out of these pockets because they’re straight up they’re not angles I
love it so much I just want to talk about it for like five hours this next
piece I love a lot as well this one is from urban planet I thought this go for
$15 you guys I’m baack because it was mostly for the gym I
wanted to get a medium just to give me some room as well it’s a really super
trendy right now it’s a plan on the back no hood and it has a high collar as well
I just love it okay so this piece is if you do need to
dress up for something like if I needed to go to a dinner I absolutely love this
waistcoat with this one I think I paid $89 this was from H&M to be honest with
you a lot of my coats I found on H&M it’s so funny every single winter or
fall I’m looking for a coat even spring actually I’ve gotten a couple of coats
from them I don’t know what it is I just do well with their coats they are a
little bit more on the pricier side but let’s be real this is the classic pieces
the basic I’m not gonna get rid of it next year and I’m probably not gonna get
rid of it the year after and this one I got a size 6 so that’s what it looks
like you guys it’s just so classy like how can you not want a coat like this
and have a black coat inside of my closet so I knew I really needed one
this thinks allows me to still get a sweater inside of it
this next piece I’m still obsessed with it is from forever 21 it is just a very
chunky knit cardigan I have this one in a size large you guys it’s super warm I
actually love this for spring this is just warm enough for that type of
weather I love how you can open and close if it’s too hot you just open it
it’s too cold you can close they’re super super cozy I own like three
different ones of these but this one is my favorite basically because of the
taupe color and actually still in search of a chunky black one just like this I
tried to order one off of boo boo but it was a little bit more of a tighter fit
but I just really wanted this sort of material it feels like a very folk and
of wool I love it so much though you guys sometimes I wear it around the
house because I just want to be super cozy it’s just a really super quick
piece to just throw on over anything that you’re wearing so I just love it a
lot and it’s a longline cardigan as well last but not least for sure is this fur
coat thing off refurbishment when you guys oh my god I love it so much it is
just an open coat there’s no zipper there in the little hook here where you
can close it but there’s no button or zipper I love it so much it’s in like
the perfect taupe with the light a little bit of a blush undertone this one
I got a size medium believe this one was $60 it’s like such a good price for a
coat like this honestly from 21 is always super affordable this was a
really there are people from 21 so if it is
sold out I will try to find you guys a very similar one I don’t really get to
rest up a lot but I feel like with the black trenchcoat and with this fur coat
I definitely think you should have one of each now I’m gonna show you guys all
my basic shoes about to wear because of course with this clothing you guys need
a pair of shoes to wear shoes are definitely not my favorite thing what so
ever that’s why I try to find the basic shoes that I can use with mostly all of
my outfits so the very first pair of shoes is this combat inspired boot from
ancient em and they were around $60 or $69.99 and then I use their coupon and I
think I got 20% off of them it’s like yeah I love these guys I use them all
the time they are still very casual you can dress them up a little bit as well
which I love about them they also come with a really warm interior you guys
they’re super super warm I wear these guys mostly with leggings you can also
wear them with you ripped black jeans as well super cute with a bit more for an
edgy look so these trainers are my go-to for
everything I can wear these all weekend long all week long every day all the
time so the adidas xpl are always trying to
search for the link for this you guys but they’re always sold out these are
actually in kids boy sizes I can fit into kids size five in these I
definitely think everyone needs a pair of black running shoes in their wardrobe
so these are the Nike Air Presto’s I have it in noon and I also have it in
white this shoe is so comfortable if someone asked me what’s the most
comfortable trainer you have ever worn your foot is this guy that’s a close-up
of the nude one as soon as mean Amy saw this at the store we’re like oh my know
if you were wanting the most perfect nude shoe and I love this one so much
absolutely love it I love the side detail as well if your taste is very
neutral and you have a very useful wardrobe like me I think you just need a
black or white a nude okay guys this basically is for my entire basic
essentials wardrobe I hope you guys enjoy it don’t forget to give this video
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subscribe please forget to subscribe that’s that’s a good way to put again
yeah because we’re trying to loosen scrubbers


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