My Top 5 Favorite Cloth Diapers 2016

hey Internet this is going to be my top 5 favorite cloth diapers so far I'm a cloth diapering for almost 7 months now and this is what I have found to be my favorites well we'll start with number 5 number 5 is the Grove via diapers and these are a hybrid system there's like a just like a two-in-one um type deal which means the Soaker on the inside snaps out so if baby pees and you don't want to replace the whole diaper you don't have to you to stuff out the show take a new one and snap it in place just like that and reuse it again and again to a point you eventually got to wash them obviously um the back of the soaker is waterproof so nothing gets through the back there obviously a baby poops and comes up really close you have to replace a shell as well um but that is our number 5 we use those a lot when we're out and about um you don't have to carry as many diapers with you I just put three or four soakers and an extra shell and my never bag and I'm good to go for most of the day I'm so those are that grow me is my number four favorite cloth Eifert are the ruffle Roos I really like these they've got some really cute prints um I like them because of the double gusset you can see here there are two not my Romanian diapers if any other ones have these and these are really good for her big poo explosions especially as a newborn and Sheila's breast exclusively breastfed both for the first six months we just introduce solids recently um and these were perfect for those because it helped them and I didn't get our local she's never had a blowout so neat Robert Roos I'm ready I very much like those ones um number three number three is actually a new diaper we just got this one not too though when we used it a couple times but it very very quickly became my one of my favorites it is the bum genius free time we've been using the bump genius 4.0 for a long time two of those would be in this place if I didn't have this one so this one I think it's Clementine I'm really bad at their colors I never remember what they're called to me this is orange um this is the bumping is free time and the reason I like this so much is it is an all-in-one system I should mention or peruse as a pocket diaper you gotta stop it at the bum genius free time is a all-in-one there's a mirror behind my cameras what I keep looking to see if I'm in frame and there are two flats like so that you don't have to stop it you don't have to unstuff it with the wash it you just yeah there you go I like it because if you look closely you can see there are these lines here where you can fold it in so if you want more absorbency in the front you can do that and put this on top you got extra absorbent seen before same thing in the back or you want it even like that there's so many possibilities of this diaper it's ridiculous my daughter is a very heavy front wetter so I definitely always do the fold over and then just like that so there's more absorbency in the front that is the bum genius freetime probably gonna get some more of these is the only woman I have because I wanted to try it out and very quickly became one my favorite diapers the number two is my is definitely up there in my favorites this is the Thirsty's all-in-one one size and this cute little birdies and trees it's probably called something more complex than that but I don't remember um and this is an all-in-one as well the tongue style insert a tongue it's all attached so especially drying drying time is very very quick because it unfolds the ones that I've tried that are all sewn together take forever to dry and I line dry mine on outside or inside of it's raining obviously because ring Kaitlyn Rosa this is a things called a ton style all in one but it unfolds just like that and it hang dries I usually hang them like this just because if it dangles too far it looks kind of silly to me anyway so this is my number two on my love of these my husband really likes these cuz he doesn't have to stuff them he doesn't have any work he has a do to him he split some honor it goes so this is number two and number one would be my Charlie bend and Ed was this super cute print probably on something different but I call it my girly print we bought most of our diapers before we knew if he was a boy or a girl and because she is our our first baby you may want more babies we didn't want to get all girly diapers they wanted to get a good mixture of general neutral boy fellers for horse whatever um but this almost so cute I could not resist I obviously had to get this one um and Charlie Banias are really good I'd like them because it's super stretchy I can get a really good fit around her middle and she's got really chunky legs and a little skinny midsection so I really like the way these are and the whatever this one called is super narrow so it fits are very very well they're probably one of my more trim diapers so she doesn't had a huge fluff but when she has these but I do really enjoy these diapers here and it's just your basic pocket the only difference that this pocket is it stuffs from the front up here and people were like oh my god touched a key pin is in bubble battle-ax know me don't it's it's not that bad every time people ask me oh you plot I bread Matt disgusting no ever tried it anyone I'm a little rant so number one will beat my charlie bananas um I'm not sure foes are in any particular order I definitely the all-in-one and Charlie banana are definitely the top free tie for first I guess and in tie for second would be the row vias and rubbers I like those equally as well if you have any suggestions on other cloth diaper videos you'd like to see let me know in the comments below and I will talk to you next time thanks for watching bye


  1. Great video!! It’s not a billion minutes long, but full of good info! I have all of these on my to try list. Yay!!!

  2. do you have a written list of these?? currently trying to entertain my LO and missed the last 3 lol

  3. This video has to be my favorit top cloth diaper video! You are extremely funny and make watching the video super intertaining along with being educational!! Thank you for this video. Definitely will be watching more of your videos.

  4. I'm currently 34 weeks pregnant and already building on my Charlie Bananas. Those are the only cloth diapers I have. I was holding my breath and getting worried without the mention of Charlie Bananas until you get to your #1! Imagine my relief! Lol. Thanks for this review, really helpful! 🙂

  5. In planning on trying cloth diapers If you could make a video about your experience and stuff you need extra that would be great

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