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hi everyone welcome back or welcome to my channel my name is Lizzie and today I'm making a video that is inspired by Helen and Caroline from the Loftus O podcast because a couple of weeks ago their episode was about or episode 17 was entitled how big is your pattern stash and I just find it a really interesting episode to listen to them chat about how many patterns they have how they store their patterns organizational inspiration and I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my passion stash with you guys first I thought it might be interesting I'm the very nosy person so if any of you wanna make videos about your person stashes I will watch your videos so go ahead and make those videos and I really like seeing how other people organize their patterns just seeing what patterns they have inspires me to think oh that person looks amazing I want to make and buy that pattern too so yeah I think I might take you over to my shelves where I store them to show you where they are stored and then I'll maybe just talk you through them because actually I have a little little baby patterns – at the moment um and I quite like that it's a small patterns – that's not in any way to say that it's bad to have a big patterns – I think you just have to have whatever kind of stash makes you happy um but yeah mine's like little baby version at the movement which I'm sure will change as the years go by so let me show you where my patterns live so this is where my patterns live this set of shelves is currently in our bedroom and because that's sort of where we have storage space really so this is such as shelves in our bedroom this is our bed over here that's where I film and this is where I keep my patterns as you can see I've got my fabric stash below and on this shelf here is where I keep my patterns and as you can see it really must be a baby size – because this is not a very big shelf so this here is where I keep my little stack of printed patterns and I can just grab them slide them out grab the one I want it's nice and easy and accessible and then behind some bigger things I've got some paper chase photo albums which I love I have my stack of PDF patterns in these plastic wallets and I think I'll take them out sit down in front of the camera again and show you kind of how this works and what they look like on the inside so next I guess don't want to kind of quickly explain why I store my patterns that way and on the podcast on the left is a podcast Helen and Caroline we're talking about loads of different storage solutions some people have them stacked in boxes and all that kind of thing and of course luckily I'm lucky in that I don't have very many so storage isn't hasn't become a problem yet but the reason I really like having them stacked on a shelf is that I can see them all like one glance of my shelf I can kind of I've got a mental view of how many patterns I own yeah and kind of how my stash is coming along really I'm the kind of person I'm a very visual person so if I can't see them all laid out then I'll forget what I have and yeah it's kind of lose track but anyway let me give you a real quick run-through of my patterns because it might be interesting for you to see so the first one is the by hand London Holly jumpsuit I've made this in a blue crepe I absolutely love it I made a real pig's ear of making it those I want to make it again and what I have actually done with that one is I've got a post-it note on it I'm a big fan of post-it notes because they're so quick and easy and they're really easy to just change in the future like if I want to change it or write something different on that pattern the post-it note says pieces in clear file so what that means is that I've actually traced this pattern and so the pieces are in one of these like clear files which I'll show you in a minute that's my first pattern I've then got the new look 6 4 4 6 jumpsuit which I absolutely love I've made a bright green version it's a really great pattern and it taught me a few new techniques which is great then I've got the new look 6:09 5 dress pattern and I've made two versions of this shift dress at the top here this was actually the very first thing I ever made in terms of dress making at a beginner's dress making class that was how I got into dress making Alex bought me for Christmas a dressmaking class a beginners dressmaking class but it was to make this dress and with hindsight it was not beginner-friendly pattern like it's only shift dress it's fairly simple but for the first ever garment I made it did have some tricky bits in it like it had an invisible zip it had an all-in-one arm and neck hole facing so it had some things that were really like could have been avoided for a beginner like a pure beginner class but anyway yeah I'm not really that excited about this pattern in general I have to say but I will try and make it again in the future when inspiration strikes I've then got the telling the buttons cocoa which is the my most used pattern it's the second pattern I ever bought so I did the shift dress class then I did the so every ultimate pencil skirt class which I really enjoyed and this was the first pattern I haven't bought and tackled on my own so I love this pattern Tilly's patterns of brilliant and then I have two patterns they haven't sown yet which makes me feel guilty which is again why I've only got a mini pattern because I don't like to buy things too far in advance of what I know I'm gonna use them this is the turning the buttons at a dress and I bought this a few months ago but I just haven't found the perfect fabric for it yeah I'm really nervous about the fabric and I really want to make sure that whatever fabric I choose has enough stretch and enough recovery that I'm not going to be left with a saggy bum because that's what went wrong when I made this so Everett ultimate pencil skirt is they used fabric that wasn't stretchy enough where stretch you didn't recover back again and so I can't wire that pencil skirt because it's just psyche buggy but I think I'm gonna make it with some just black Ponte Roma which i think is again why I haven't made it yet because black just seems so boring but I have to remember that it doesn't matter of his boring I'm gonna wear it a lot and I would wear a black dress like this to work a lot so I think it'd be a really good thing to make so what's this space maybe in the new year I'll make a black at a dress and then I've got the Nina Lee Southbank sweater which I bought as soon as she released I'm so excited about it because I want to make the cropped version I'm not sure if you're going to see that on the back here's hoping yeah me there we go but the cropped jumper is just exactly what I want to be wearing at this time of year I want to be wearing rock cozy roll neck jumpers but I want them to be cropped so that I can wear high-waisted jeans and high-waisted skirts underneath not with any flesh flashing but I've got quite short legs so it's just more flattering on me for my jumpers finish like just below my waist so I've the reason I haven't made this yet is because father Christmas is hopefully maybe going to buy me some fabric that I've picked out to make this with so January is the plan for this one so those are all my printed patterns oh no it's not I've also got the Tilley in the button love at first stitch but I won't go on about it because I talk about it all the time this book is brilliant it's absolutely perfect for beginners because it takes you through step by step I absolutely love it I've got two things left making this but I've made everything else so now I want to tell you about my plastic wallets here so Oh first we have sewing machine instructions Damien days and but these are basically like clear plastic wallets that the crimes that are like opened on one side if that makes sense so you can just swap things in and out really easily so these are the pieces of my holly jumpsuit in here that I've traced off this is my ultimate pencil skirt and pattern and instructions from when I did the class this is my Achtung cami and I think this really showcases why I like these clear files because I can fold the pattern pieces down to a sensible size but I don't have to fold them too small and then the instructions I can just print like the front page of the you know the cover photo kind of thing and maybe the like here I've got the fabric requirements can just pop those on like an a4 page print them off and then it's just so nice and easy to see what it is and I really like that then I've got the Jennifer lauren hunter tank which looks like this then again I've got just a whole bunch of files like this for kind of pattern hacks so when I pack to Pat it and this for example is the I've had to sew over it ultimate pencil skirt to add ruffles and to turn it into a and also when I've worked really hard to hack a patent and like trace off a new pattern piece I want to keep the pattern piece right so just shoving it in one of these little clear files popping a post-it note in there it's so quick and easy don't get me wrong it will be lovely to maybe have the time and the effort to create beautiful labels and stick them all on but it's just too time-consuming I'm just not going to keep that up it's a post-it notes are just brilliant because they're easy they're tracking I can move them you can transfer them you can throw them away and write in different ones your plans change they yeah this is my tilling the buttons Delphine skirt and from the love affair stitch book I've got some of the patterns for that tucked in the back but something they stopped fitting so I'm now transferring them to these clear files then I've got a self drafted off the shoulder top that I made here I've got thin and I'm showing you these ones aren't so pretty but I did the Box cushion class at the village haberdashery because I've got some home sewing plans in my head and I really enjoyed the class and I've got the pattern that I created and the instructions in here chilling the button Meghan dress I kind of have um traced off to the exact size that fits me and made my alterations on it and this is the only other pattern I have I haven't made yet this is the named kunafa button back she's good not skirt conniver button back shirt and peplum blouse um I'm really looking forward to making this and I really wanted to make it this summer but I just ran out of time I've already got the fabric for it I want to make it out of some lightweight crepe um but now it's winter I'm it's just kind of slip to the bottom of the sewing queue really but I do really really like it and it will get sewn in the spring so actually I don't have that many patterns but there's a knee that's currently three that I haven't made yet so I haven't made the canova I haven't made Ector and I haven't made Southbank and that is for me I think my limit of what I'm personally comfortable with in terms of owning patterns that haven't sown I really do try to not let my static out of control because for me and again this is no judgement at all everyone should do whatever works best for them but I just feel guilty to earn things that are not being used I just for me it feels a little bit wasteful so yeah I've got these three that I need to try and prioritize next year to get them so um yeah I mean I hope if I'm not useful do you let me know what you think I know that some of you will have much bigger sewing stash pattern stashes so my method of having these plastic wallets and having them stacked on shelves might not be so practical but I'd love to know what you think let me know if you think my way of doing it is at all blood practical let me know how you do it because over the years my stash will grow and yeah I hope you found it interesting so thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye


  1. Hi Lizzie. I really like your videos. I am the same, I do not like having too much things (patterns included). I love reading sewing magazines but I have decided to stop buying them because of the free pattern (2 sometimes) that are included. What a waste!! Why can't we buy magazines without the "free" pattern???

  2. Your pattern stash is great. Itโ€™s not about quantity..itโ€™s about quality. I donโ€™t have many patterns either but I use them all and thatโ€™s what important! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Like your growing stash, I have been sewing for many years and yes your stash will grow, I also use plastic wallets they are brilliant and I use the ones with the poppers on also very good. Keep sewing and happy New Year.

  4. I think your way is a good way. I have increased my patterns so much in the last two years with Indie patterns that cost so much actually and free patterns mostly from love sewing mag. I bought 2 patterns recently as such a good offer but Iโ€™m trying to curb buying too many more. Also I make several items from the same pattern. Luckily I can store mine but I think it becomes a pressure to make them up.

  5. My pattern stash is a little bigger than yours, but I wrote about how I store things a little while ago on my blog. I use plastic wallets too for almost all my patterns, but I like mine to have a popper so nothing can escape!

  6. I enjoyed your video very much. In fact, I'm surprised how few patterns you have!! You have red hair; so, you would suit gold-coloured jewellery and clothes in warm colours like browns, beiges, dusty pinks, heather greys and such like. Happy Holidays.

  7. You might be able to "fix" your pencil skirt by lining it. You wouldn't have to take the whole thing apart, maybe. LOL I only have 2 pdf patterns and I think your way of keeping them so nice and neat is a great idea, and I think I'll copy you! Thank you!

  8. You have developed a useful method for storing your patterns-using post it notes allows for more sewing time than making fancy labels ๐Ÿ™‚ I think it's wonderful that you're doing what works for you. When I learned to sew (40+ years ago), my mother would take me to a fabric store and I would select a pattern, fabric & notions to make a garment and I still do this. I prefer patterns with multiple views and will use them more than once. I'm in America and have taken advantage of pattern sales and purchased several recently but only have three I haven't used yet. I, too, love seeing videos of large pattern stashes.

  9. Thank you, that was really interesting. I have the coco, the named Kanerva and the Etta dress patterns, I've not yet made! Please don't judge me! ๐Ÿ˜ฑhopefully next year, I'll get them done! Happy Christmas. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐ŸŽ„

  10. I am the same way with my books. I guess the saying is true: Out of Sight, Out of Mind. If I can't see what I have, I often become forgetful. My PDF patterns are all sorted neatly into files and folders on my laptop, but I easily forget to look to them when I'm contemplating a make. My printed patterns (and a few PDFs that I've printed out and taped and traced) are still out of sight, in boxes that I think are meant for storing photographs. But as they are stacked up beside my sewing desk, I see them more frequently, can open and sort through them as and when I need. I also have folders in my DropBox where I catalog my printed patterns (photos of the front and back) and fabric (with notes like knit/woven, yardage, color, etc). Super helpful when I go shopping, to know what patterns I already have, how much fabric is called for, and all that.

  11. Very nice stash! It will grow as you continue to develop your sewing style, plus you hack patterns,so it will really grow ๐Ÿ˜„. I have a video showing my pattern stash and organization if you want to check it out

  12. I love the way you store you PDF files. I currently use a binder and envelope system that I saw Erin from Style Sew Me use for her stash. I have a separate binder for pdfs and I fold them into sheet protectors after I use them. Your method makes them more visible. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have too many patterns un-sewn for sure! And yes I do feel squeemish about it! The reasons are multifaceted. One is that so many indie pattern companies actually stop making printed patterns (By Hand London for example doesn't sell ANY printed patterns anymore and many others are going in the direction of PDF only as well and I'm NOT a fan of PDF :)). The other is because the big 4 often run these insane sales ($2.99 – $5.99 for Vogue) and I just find them impossible to resist. I've also been researching the BEST pattern for a particular garment for ME (meaning I will try a few to see which one suits me the best – ie Tees, jackets, knitted pants, woven pants). I think the last reason is because I'm so used to buying RTW clothes for so many years that when I wanted something I just bought it so when I see a pattern I like I just buy it forgetting it's going to take me a LOT more work to get it to a place where I can actually wear it ๐Ÿ™‚ Love your clear plastic holders – someone else showed her clear envelopes that came with snaps that I also thought was useful to keeping all the pieces neatly together.

  14. Hi Lizzie, I'm a big fan of the post-it notes as well and do the same thing as you with them. Like you say, you can change them so easily if you need to. Great video and love to see how people store their own patterns and what they have ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜˜

  15. I have hundreds of patterns, which is easier for Americans to do because we get them for a dollar or two. I don't mind having so many; I love to go through them, like you would a book or magazine. I store them in vintage suitcases. It can be a bit overwhelming to wonder if I'll ever get them all sewn up in my life, especially since I like to sew multiple views from the same pattern. My Indie pattern stash is much smaller, because they are so expensive. I probably have around 40 of those.

  16. I don't overly see the point in having loads of patterns stashed if you're not going to use them….. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Re: Etta dress, I saw a version made up in my local sewing/material shop yesterday and it was made up of (non stretch) cotton!! I must admit I've always liked the Etta dress but I've been slightly put off as I thought it would be a "bit hippy" (it wasn't) and i wasn't sure of the look in Ponte Roma/Jersey. I have to say it looked fantastic!! So much in fact I bought the pattern there and then. You've made up the Megan dress and to be honest I don't THINK it's very different (I stand to be corrected as I've not made Etta yet), different darts at the bust (open v closed) a collar and a vent at the back….. But why not try it in a similar material as your Megan? (Which was beautiful btw)…..

  17. I feel I'm on a similar sewing journey as yourself. I too love TATB and her book is so good to have; it's something I often return to. My sewing patterns stash is relatively small and I'm not sure how I'm going to store as it gets bigger. Like you I want to make things that I'm actually going to wear. My fabric stash is small too in that I only buy fabric for what I'm about to make. As a matter of interest what do you do with left over fabric?

  18. Where did you get the clear folders for your patterns? That does make it easier to read. I currently use a binder and sheet protectors.

  19. Love the Tilly book!! I'm going through mine now and just finished the Megan Dress. Her patterns are so nice because one of her sizes fit my measurements exactly….not the case with other patterns I've purchased. It's hard for me (in the US) to get my hands on her patterns because no shops close to me supply them. I did splurge and order a Coco pattern from Texas (haven't made it yet). =)

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