1. all these pieces are a straight up LOOK. I'm so impressed this is the first clothing line i've seen where e v e r y t h i n g is so cute

  2. I love the style of clothing but I'm not sure how it would fit on a curvier girl because then I feel like I'd actually purchase everything because I just love you that much, but I'd like to actually purchase something and love it on me as much as I love it on you

  3. The peek-a-vu dress is my absolute favorite, Its so clean and elegant but also very playful and doll like!!!

  4. use my code “STARTYNIGHT1” to get 5% off and 2% on your further orders on yesstyle (and you can combine it with another code to get more discounts)!!


  6. When Jessica mentions 4'11 for her blue blazer I was so happy! No youtuber ever mentions my height when it comes to clothes or pictires. 😭

  7. I freakin' want it all! This collection is so cute and I've always been an Eggie fan! I think you guys are THE collab

  8. Not that theres not alot of business outfits for the younger generation and this is perfect 🔥

    Just started watching her and i find her so entertaining so different from what other people post ♥️

  9. I recently discovered your channel and I wish to be just like you when I have the chance to! I really admire everything about you ❤️✨🍁

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