My Mom Buys My Fashion Nova Clothes! || Jayden Bartels

what's up it's Jayden so I've seen a bunch of these videos where it's my mom picked out my outfit for a week and I was like I'm doing that love that thought just happened anyways so my mom is behind the camera right now and me and my mom decided to put on a little spin on it my mom actually ordered a bunch of different outfits from fashion Nova and I haven't looked at them they arrived there in this box right here and I'm going to be opening them seeing what they are no clue what you got you told me that there's some are related mom are you excited very we're gonna see my reaction I'm gonna try them on we're gonna see if I like them my mom actually used to pick out all my outfits and I was like obviously younger okay let's get started I'm nervous okay here we go oh my gosh okay so I feel a lot of color we're just gonna get started first up I don't know what this is it looks pretty small it's a bathing suit oh my gosh so we have these high-waisted bottom and this long-sleeve bathing suit top that looks like it has a tie okay so this seems really cute and colorful I again I haven't tried it or seen any of these so I'm going to be trying these on right after this and you'll see more of my reaction on how I think it actually looks when it's on me but when I'm first seeing this it looks really cute I've never seen like a long-sleeve bathing suit but I'm excited to try this on okay so this is so cute I love the tie it's so cute mom next we have plaid pink okay oh there's a matching scrunchie oh my god oh it's a plaid pink dress these are so cute and in style right now I love pink I love plaid and oh my god mini dresses oh my god with the matching scrunchie that's gonna be kewda cannot wait to try this on okay so this dress is absolutely adorable I love it and the scratchy with it is super cute I love it next we have some I'm seeing some camo I think another bathing suit okay high-waisted shorts I love high-waisted baby shorts I think she knew that about me a short sleeve top weight mom this is so cute thank you oh my god you did so good and a little tie in the front I can tell I'm are you gonna like this Wow so are you doing great so this bathing suit is so cute I love the camera I love the tie I love that it's short sleeves I've never seen a short sleeve bathing suit loved it okay next I've changed some blue some pastel blue I love hot so blow another bathing suit a lot of bathing suits high-waisted bottoms love this ooh this is so cute mom yeah I will you know I was a little worried about that one yeah we'll see small them yeah yeah that's cute though I love the color I love the color and it is summer that's why I got a lot of summer stuff right such a muffin next we have something very bright and colorful oh my god what it's a bathing suit cover it's tie-dye it's so cute oh uh well Coachella just baths no that is so cute to wear to the pool under one of your bathing suit it's over right it is pretty cute but we'll see how it looks on okay so I actually love this baby so much hello dog and this cover-up it's actually really cute I actually like it I didn't think I would but I like it next as you plaid black and white another baby Z this is a really weird mature know for a bathing suit high-waisted short you know normal tank top is this is gonna be really cute I love this okay so this bathing suit is super cute it's simple its basic but it's really cute it fits me perfectly love it ooh ooh jet okay I can't I'm gonna like this oh this material Oh mom I am in love okay genom shorts with little silver hoops this is this is with a little tube top I thought cuz it's got the silver buttons on it that is so cute I hope you fit me right because I am in love with these okay work you really great okay good I'm on so if I you're doing great okay I don't think this is a bathing suit this is a strapless white top that buttons up this is gonna be cute I love tube tops so once it buttons up though obviously cute okay so super soft and this tube top is hyouta not my favorite not my style but I still like it super cute yeah next mmm this reminds me pink lemonade it's another bathing suit some regular bottoms for once not high-waisted and okay it's just you know simple glad top you know I like flat right that's why you got so much flat stuff okay so this is the next bathing suit it's plaid pink lemonade I love it so much it fits really well and I paired it with some cute sunglasses so I love it a male in it you are nailing it a camo jacket this is kind of cute and light for some like you could wear up heavy yeah some denim is just so like that that's why I liked it this is super super cute I love this next we have some great jeans not sure about that one all the clothes we crashing over are cute but like sometimes not my style you know what I mean these are tiny mom those are your size we'll see how they fit but they're light gray there's skinny jeans I'm not sure about these skinny jeans from the era hit or miss usually only like denim or black from the outside they look cute I just don't know if they're my style okay so I tried on the jeans and me camo top and they actually fit perfectly and I actually like them so great fine mom ripped denim shorts with something under it something red I don't know what that is yet but we'll see are those so cute look at the fourth of July it's got little underneath for fourth of July these are cute I wouldn't wear these day-to-day we'll just say that these are cuter because like the red white is like more discreet I like the Stars these are much better if not my style but maybe I'll put them on and be in love with that these are the shorts and I don't like them like if they didn't have the Stars and the red on them I love them it's just not my style they're festive for fourth of July whoa denim and neon never seen a comma before that is so cute not sure about this one oh come on that is the door very bright and you do have to it just have to be like paired with something more chill correct and this is sweat pant material right that's kind of cool right again I just had to see how these look on me because I know you'll see something like that's exactly how I picked him I go she's gonna look at this and think this is crazy and then she's gonna put it on and be like it's so cute yeah I think boxes uh-huh did you get shoes maybe I'm very grateful guys that my mommy got these clothes for me she did a great job but you know some things are just not my style but I am grateful for them oh my god oh my god oh my god mom first of all you know I'm obsessed with platform chunky shoes exactly do you like them I do like them but I mean I you know they're interesting I am in love with these maybe they don't make any sense they're almost on the verge of ugly and that's what makes them so perfect Wow okay so these shoes my favorite thing ever I'm in love with them they're platformed they're chunky and they're crazy I love them and this jacket is super bright don't know if I'd wear this like on a day-to-day basis but I like it okay guys I had so much fun unboxing all the clothes my mom chose for me trying them on telling you what I thought Thank You fashion Nova for sponsoring this video I love your clothes so much thank you mom for picking out those clothes high-five you did great bathing suits were perfect those shoes were I love them amazing thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys next time

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